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12 thoughts on “Prison Pocket Carry”
  1. A Kel-Tec (P32 or PF 9) or a Ruger LCPmay be a piece of shit to you, but do you want to be on the working end of one?

    I thought so. It’s why I own and carry either one regularly.

  2. I guess his plan … backfired?
    This is a justification for stainless slides (now there’s a relevant phrase).
    Seriously, just wow. I don’t think there’s a sufficient quantity of clp for this. Maybe an overnight soak in 90% isopropyl followed by Ed’s Red.

  3. In defense of the police officer, at about 0:33 he does say the word pants. I kind of suspect the use of the word “ass” earlier in the video was not a 100% accurate description.
    And, given the relative ease with which they extracted (what looks a lot like) a Sig 238 or 938, I would hazard a guess it wasn’t completely inserted where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Thanks CBMTTek, for that “in depth”, “thorough examination” of the “sensitive internal workings” of L.E.s secure-weapon extraction. I for one, was “greatly relieved” by your “insight”. Very cathartic…….and “moving”. 😁

  4. That looked like a Sig P238 (as CBMTTek suggested above). There’s not a practical way that something of those dimensions and construction could be fully inserted in someone’s rectum.

    (Obligatory ‘damn near killed him’ comment.)

    Relating to what Tom from WNY said: The Ruger LCP (old style, not the II) is a serviceable firearm. It’s what I carry when I can’t carry a gun, such as when I may or may not travel to a non-permissive environment.

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