The Times of Israel has reported on a Bernie campaign ad that made blood squirt out of my eyes, until I started reading the comments.

Here is the ad:

This is disgusting pandering, slanderous lies, and complete disinformation.

Bernie, who says that he is “proud to be Jewish” has never identified with his Judaism in any meaningful way during his tenure in Congress.  Bernie has admitted he is not a practicing Jew, he is a “secular Jew,” which I have said many times, is a bullshit non-existent entity.

Bernie has been antagonistic to Israel and pals around with Islamist Antisemites.

Lastly, this blog has documented over and over again that the overwhelming majority of Antisemitic violence and rhetoric has come from the Progressive-Islamist Bund.

That Bernie featured a clip that shows him speaking before J-Street is telling.  J-Street is a Progressive “Jewish” group made up of mostly “secular Jews” that is anti-Israel and sides with Progressive anti-Israel groups like Students for Justice in Palestine.

At the end of the day, the simple fact is Trump has Jewish grandchildren and Bernie does not.

This ad is clearly cover for the fact that Linda Sarsour is his proxy and Ilhan Omar is one of his most vocal supporters, and they can’t open their mouths without revealing their contempt for the Jews.

I was about to have a stroke when I started reading the comments from the Times of Israel Twitter feed on this article.  There is hope yet.

Oh, hell yes.

That zaftig Bernie Bitch in the video who looks like everything I hate about historically illiterate, “that wasn’t real socialism,” pro-BDS Jewish Progressives, packed into derma like an over-stuffed Leftist kishka, notwithstanding.  Real, proud, patriotic, religious Jews hate Bernie’s guts, and that’s a good thing.

They won’t succumb to Trotski’s law: Jews who support the Leftist revolution are killed by their non-Jewish co-revolutionaries when the revolution is over.

I have hope for my people yet.

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By J. Kb

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