He’s right.

It’s not just wind power.  The amount of African jungle that is destroyed for the elements to solar panels is outrageous.

Ultimately all this “Green energy” bullshit has nothing to do with protecting the environment.  The people screaming the loudest about how we have to mandate it to save the planet are the people most financially invested in it.

I swear, if I ever run for office, one of my platforms would be that the executive management of any green energy company would be held personally liable for every endangered or protected animal that they kill.

If a wind farm chops up a bald eagle, the CEO, CFO, company president, and every board member gets to do the one year in prison and pay the $10,000 fine for it, no different than if they shot it.  And every subsequent eagle chopped up will be another charge.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Remember “it’s for the environment” (graphic video warning)”
  1. Fun fact: those wind farm companies get waivers against killing birds that no other company gets. None.

  2. I gotta great book recently, called “Inconvenient Facts”, by Gregory Wrightstone. A well-researched book in an easy to reference format. There are 60 specific subjects listed, with summaries and references, debunking the made-up global warming hoax.
    At your next cocktail party, you can wow ’em with rebuttals on every Green talking point.

  3. Today’s WSJ has an op-ed about the fact that the left really likes windmills — provided they are far away in flyover country. Any attempt to deploy them in “blue states” is fought with massive resistance.

  4. That’s truly a heartbreaking video.

    Another excellent reference is Apocalypse Never by Michael Shellenberger. He was a big name environmentalist and bought most of the BS until he started traveling the world to help people. He saw that most of the crap about “carbon neutral” and “renewable energy” was bad for the people who lived there but was to keep the land the way the Rich White People funding these organizations want those places to look. He became an advocate for nuclear energy, which made him a non-person to those RWPs.

    When you become an advocate for the people and not keeping the land looking like the Rich Liberals want, they hate you for it.

    I think it was the Congo that had several waterfalls which would have been good for hydroelectric power, but the greens wanted to see the waterfalls and blocked the progress for the people. So the locals have to burn charcoal for cooking, without the hydro power, they don’t have electricity and refrigeration so they have their food stolen by the monkeys living in the protected forest.

  5. One thing the environmentalist seem to forget is that humans are part of the environment. The human race did not suddenly appear one day, we were not deposited on the planet (as far as I know) by some other intelligence. (Religious arguments aside.) Why is a “natural” thing that much more natural than humans’ altering their environment?

  6. I really, really, really hope that eagle and separated wing were props.

    And the wind turbines kill millions of birds. Daily.

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