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5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Mr. Poitier”
  1. And, to my knowledge, never publicly went to the Left side (unlike many of his Hollywood brethren).

    I torn between “In the Heat of the Night” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.

  2. Nice little trivia item I learned within the past year or so: Sidney Poitier was, in later life, referred to as “Mr. Ambassador” because indeed he was.

  3. “ If you apologize because you are afraid, then you’re a child, not a man.”

    Poitier’s entire career is filled with fantastic film after fantastic film, but I’ve got a real admiration for To Sir, With Love. A bit too bowdlerized from the novel, due to the puritanical UK censorship boards of the mid-sixties, which means some of the darker subject matter they deal with in euphemism and innuendo gets lost on modern audiences… But, damn, does Poitier deliver a hell of a performance.

    I’d actually really like to see a modern remake, with the censored bits returned to what the novel had. Give the starring role to Idris Elba.

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