If you are not revisiting your plans after what happened in France, you better get start doing some.

First, let’s revisit a video:

Now, I do believe in recording for posterity events like this. But I also believe that we are better served if we do not need to do so because we had a long gun instead of a smart phone. So, if you don’t have a rifle, get one. It does not need to be a fancy four-figure AR, it could be a plain used Savage bolt action (good rifles for a decent price) but have one, have it sighted. Just hitting one of the two jackasses above would have cut a lot of the grief and chaos we saw on TV.

But what happens if you are not at home and you see this crap happening from street level? (We are going to dispense with the “My first duty is to make sure that I am safe and I get to run away” chat for this post and we are gonna be thinking Urban Encounter)  Here is where the concept of a Truck Gun comes into play.

First of all and I forgot to point this out on a previous post: Make sure you have a way to secure your Truck Gun in your vehicle. Let’s go above and beyond on security and not just the bare minimum even if it is legal.

We will be needing a portable gun (Non-NFA to keep both cost an rectal pains down) that shoots a caliber that will deliver enough energy up to 100 yards. In my opinion, the bottom of the list would be the .357 Magnum followed by .44 Magnum. Yes, both are pistol rounds but both will get nasty out off a long barrel with the .357 Magnum behaving almost like a .30-30 which is not something to sneeze at. The gun for this two calibers? Either a take-down lever action (If you could find one not so damned expensive) or the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol.

Next, any of the Pistol version of the AR or the AK. Even with a shortened barrel, they will be delivering plenty of power.

The ballistics of both are well-known and capable for the 75-100 yard range even though we would probably be shooting at lesser range. 20-round mags on both for ease of manipulation.

Last, a shotgun: Mossberg Maverick Over/Under Shotgun.

Mossberg Maverick Over Under Shotgun

This would be the longest of the guns but still shorter than any other shotgun (unless you go NFA), it has only 2 shots and you better be using slugs. Mostly for those who feel comfortable with a shotgun than with anything else. And in the hands of a properly trained person, nothing says better “Hey, Johnny Jihady, stop your crap!” than a one ounce slug at 1,000 fps.

I already heard some morons experts popooing the idea of civilian schmucks facing “highly trained” terrorists like the Kouachi Brothers. First, anybody looks professional when nobody is shooting back and second civilian schmucks can and have faced trained killers before. Don’t forget that Texas Clock Tower shooter was Former Marine Charles Whitman had three rifles and 700 rounds of ammunition when he killed 14 people on August 1, 1966. He was not able to increase that tally even having both the means and the tactical advantage because of the shooting coming from Civilians and their personal long guns that kept him harassed enough and distracted enough till Austin PD Officer Ramiro Martinez was able to reach the top of the tower and take him out.

And it goes without saying: Always carry a sidearm with plenty spare ammo. Might not be a rifle, but it there with you and it is better than saying “Please don’t shoot me.”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Revisiting the idea of a truck gun.”
  1. I think my 2 “shortest” long guns are my Hi-Point 995 and my Marlin 1895.

    The Marlin does pack more punch than the average shotgun, though I’ve yet to fire a slug out of one.

  2. I was thinking AR pistol too, cheapish and easy to operate.

    I like how these goofballs all think none of us civilians have training. I enjoy the classes as a hobby, so I’m taking as many as I can afford.
    Come try that BS in my AO, jihadi dirtbags!

  3. Mig, what’s your thoughts on people saying the officer wasn’t shot and this is all staged? If you watch the video right as Johnny jihady shoots the cop one theory is that since there was a) no blood, b) the dust was up and away from the guy . The narrator shows a video of someone shooting an ak at a watermelon and how it was blown to smithereens; my thinking is that a watermelon isn’t hard as a skull and a human shot doesn’t have blood and guts spraying all over the room like Hollywood portrays it, proof is on YouTube many videos of people committing suicide*, also the dust is caused by the angle of the gun.

    * apparently there’s a dark side of youtube, and I had the misfortune of finding it

    1. I have seen people shot and one of the things that you learn quick is there is little blood and/or how slow it moves. I have a video of a Mexican cartel guy being executed by a shot in the head and it takes a while for blood to be seen flowing. At the distance and camera quality the video was shot, I am not amazed we do not see more gory stuff.
      Plus there are always idiots that need to come up with conspiracies….

      1. Well, one can see the AK cycling… so it was either a real round or a blank. And a blank at this range is pretty dangerous, too.
        And if they had blank firing adapters – with what did they shoot the “real” victims? 😉

        Just the first thing that came to my mind.

  4. The ideal truck gun for me remains the Savage 99 in .243 with a fixed scope. Fast, flat, accurate, reliable and shooting expanding Bambi slayers, not FMJ hole punchers.

  5. I would DEFINITELY NOT use an AK. When the cops roll up, having been called to “shots fired,males with rifles” call, the first thing they see is, not only a male with a rifle, but a male with an AK. (You know, like the terrorists in Paris used.)
    I’m thinking the best way to go might be a bolt or lever-action rifle. It doesn’t look like a terrorist weapon to the responding officers.
    And when the cops yell, “Drop it!”, DROP IT. Don’t turn toward them with a gun in your hand.
    Think this stuff through, and have a plan, based on reality, not Hollywood fantasy.

  6. Lever-action, pump-action, or semi-auto rifle, but NOT an AR or AK pattern. I like the bolt-action, too, but I’d want more rounds on board, and I’d like to get fresh rounds chambered between shots more quickly than most bolt-actions can do.

    Especially in gun-UNfriendly areas, you want it to be innocuous. Not just for “political correctness”, but for the reasons Old 1811 described: you don’t want to inadvertently self-identify as a bad guy, and the bad guys are unlikely to use a “traditional” looking gun.

    Plus, lever-guns are slimmer and lighter than most AR/AK patterns, have fewer moving parts, and cost around half to replace if it gets dinged/damaged/destroyed in the truck.

    Most importantly, for any “truck gun” … know how to use it, at distance.

    1. Glad to see someone agrees with me.
      I prefer a bolt to a lever, because I have more experience there.
      If you can find one at a decent price, an SMLE is considered to be the fastest-cycling bolt action in the world, and carries 10 rounds in a detachable magazine. And .303 is nothing to sneeze at, as two generations of Germans can attest to.
      If you can find one, the Ishapore SMLE in .308 has the same characteristics, and uses more readily available ammunition.

  7. A .357 out of a 16″ barrel gains several hundred feet per second over a pistol-length barrel; that makes a significant difference in energy, not to mention having a longer sight radius and a stock. You get the same kind of boost in .41 or .44 Mag; makes them true 100-yard-effective platforms.

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