San Francisco: This is what violence looks like.

The following video should be educational for those who have not seen true violence. There is no outright display of uncontrolled rage by the attacker, just a determined and concentrated effort to inflict damage. Initially it looked like just another tussle and tumbling we are tired to see in YouTube videos, but it then turns reality-of-life ugly. Good bits begin at 1:30

The manhunt for a suspect wanted in a brazen beating near Union Square ended Sunday with his arrest just blocks away from where the crime occurred, according to San Francisco police.

Police identified 25-year-old Oakland resident Melton Earl Kelly as the suspect captured on video punching and stomping on a victim Friday near a crowded intersection at Cyril Magnin and Eddy streets. Police arrested Kelly at 7:19 a.m. Sunday on the 300 block of Ellis Street.

Later Sunday, Kelly was to be booked into the San Francisco County Jail on 11 felony charges, including attempted murder, robbery and mayhem, police said in a statement.

Suspect arrested in brutal San Francisco attack caught on video

Even the mugshot is informative: There is no regret, no repentance, no “Oh crap, I am in trouble.” He looks simply bored, like another day of the week outside rather than being booked for attempted murder. I would not be surprised if the city has previous booking photos of Mr. Kelly.

And we can debate the attitude of the onlookers, but it would be a waste of time: It is San Francisco, live and let live and get the shit beaten out of you, right?

(Found video over Wirecutter’s)

9 Replies to “San Francisco: This is what violence looks like.”

  1. “City” rhymes with “shitty”, and that also goes for all of the self-absorbed amateur journalists who watched a guy get beaten close to death while doing nothing.

    Sometimes I seriously wish the Chinese or Norks would just drop and EMP on us and end cell phones.

    1. What do you suggest a person do? It’s not like they are in the state of CA or anything; a state renowned for their respect of the individual rights of the common hard working person, their not at all insane progressivism, and the absolute fact that they would never happily ruin a person in the meat grinder of the justice system. /sarc

  2. Why doesn’t anybody know how to record a video, and — I’d say why didn’t anyone pull a gun and stop this guy, but, hey, San Fran, right? Good thing someone with “certain skills” didn’t show up, or Mr. Kelly might have ended up himself woke up dead. What a pathetic piece of shit excuse for a human. Even dogs know when to let the fight end.

  3. Check back in six months. My prediction,

    Melton Kelly pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge and was released after time served. We attenpted to interview his victim, who said, “Whaaa happ? Gurgle, gurgle.”

    1. And in three years he will be dead, or arrested for finally killing someone else (hopefully only one).

      “They were arguing over a blue tooth speaker they had stolen from someone else.”

  4. Let’s be fair here:
    This was two thieves fighting over who got to keep the loot (as you can learn in about a minute on the ‘net, but not from the video).

    The only tragedy here is that one of them won, rather than them killing each other mutually.

    And intervention? Why on earth would you want to?

    This is one of those cases where the cops should’ve shown up and hosed down both parties, but it’s Frisco, and I’m not sure they even let their cops have bullets or guns any more.

    One can only hope that amidst their capering, the both cretins rolled onto some human feces and infected junkie needles.

    “Forget it Jake, it’s Sh*tholia.”

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