I had the chance to play with this Turkish puppy yesterday.

K-12 SPORT X – Sarsılmaz Silah (sarsilmaz.com)

Right out the gate, it felt great in my hand. The trigger was goldilocks and breaking clean with a nice reset. A bit heavy, but I got used to it pretty quick because it was a very comfortable weapon.

Nice checkering gives you great purchase and the aluminum grips have what they call “cooling channels” and are smooth, but my meaty hands felt secure and comfortable with them.

Sights are adjustable front and back, but my only complaint is that front sight is black, and my old eyes sometimes had issues acquiring.

I only experienced a malfunction, a failure to reload but I am undecided if it was a low powered cartridge, or I limp-wristed like a baby. Probably the later. Other than that, it ran beautifully.

Reverting to my old IDPA days, this is a great ESP gun. Very much fun gun to shoot.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Sarsılmaz Silah K-12 Sport 9mm pistol.”
  1. My eyes have the same problem picking up black front pistol sights. I took a bit of white model paint and just made the back of the blade white.

    No more issues. I have replacement sights, just never got around to installing them

      1. If I dont install Fiber, thats my goto.
        They do decent shotguns to..when they want too. Haha.

        I am currently Transitioning to the Dot.
        Don’t discount it, its a Learning Curve.
        And the Battery excuse is no different than paying attention to your Gas Gauge before or during a trip.

        Unfortunatley Trijicon RMR is the way.
        IF, your doing more than backyard fun. imo.
        Pricey BUT BOMB Proof or damn near.

        I would direct you and Anyone Considering it to SageDynamics Videos (he abuses the rmr to a stupid unrealistic level and it just keeps going) and his White Paper.


  2. CZ clone?
    Turkey has been putting out some nice firearms of late. I had a chance to handle a Canik TP9 SF Elite the other week. For a striker fired gun the trigger was very nice, I thought, and it fit well in the hand.

    1. Yep, thought right away I was looking at a CZ-75 SP01. The Canik is a great gun for the money, and Turkey makes great shotguns. They have some good stuff coming out of there.

  3. Nice. Another CZ-ish knock off, and for good reason. Very reminiscent of my EAA Witness in 45 ACP. Another all steel CZ clone, a bit heavy, but you can shoot it all day.

    Lots of good guns coming out of Turkey, just got my self one of these–


    –my first ever plastic fantastic Tupperware pistol. Have only had a chance to shoot it once so far. My range report to a shootin’ buddy–

    “Very comfortable to shoot. Flawless function, decent trigger, VERY short reset. I watched some older YooToob
    vids that talked about stovepipe malfunctions, mostly with 115 gr ammo, and upgraded recoil springs that could
    be had for the asking under warranty.

    Shot 19 rounds in an effort to conserve my store bought ammo. Loaded mags full –well, 17 rounds as it was obvious I would have to speak sternly to get the 18th round in. One mag full of CCI Blazer 115 gr., the other topped off with
    4 rounds of Remington Ultimate Defense (Golden Saber) 124 gr. (from Midway). Shot 5 off the top of the first mag,
    4 off the top of the second. Then, downloaded to 5 rounds of CCI each and shot that. All at 7 yards. The CCI shot
    about 1-1/4 inch group, the Remington were all touching.
    Alrighty then.”

    Happy to report that having had cataract surgery/lens replacement, I can still

  4. Oh no, if they make one of these in 10mm I’ll be out money.

    Darned if they aren’t out here making attractive pistols too!

    May I ask the MSRP and how the controls felt?

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