So, where to begin?

Many/most/all of us in the gun rights and concealed carry community already believe that concealed carry is a Constitutional right.  It’s right there in the text of the Second Amendment, ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  The operative word being “bear” meaning to carry them around outside of our homes.  This was the decision that the 7th Circuit came to in Moore v. Madigan.  We’ve been waiting for the Supreme Court to affirm that.

We hope that the Supreme Court decision will override many state and local restrictions on the ability to bear concealed arms in public because they are overly onerous and excessively restrictive of the right.  This is exactly why the Supreme Court exists.

“Democrats now have a clear choice between two concrete options: Allow SCOTUS to knock down state and local restrictions on concealed public carry in the midst of endless mass shootings, or expand the court.”

This is the part that should shock the shit out of everyone.  This is an admission that the entire reason to pack the court is to put a bunch of partisan justices on the Court to vote exclusively in ways that the Democrats want, with no consideration for the Constitutionality of the law.  Just four rubber stamps for Biden and the Democrats in robes.

We all knew this was the plan but he admitted it out loud.

Moreover, what does “endless mass shootings” have to do with concealed carry?  Which CCW permit holders are out there committing these mass shootings?

“There has been more than one mass shooting per day in the U.S. in 2021 so far. Yet the Supreme Court seems to think this is a good time to expand concealed carry—which is associated with higher handgun homicide rates—and it’s not hard to guess why!”

Again, what does concealed carry have to do with mass shootings other than act as a tool to prevent them.  And what association is there between concealed carry and an increase in homicides?

The 30% increase in murders going on in this country is happening in the Blue City urban hellholes that don’t have concealed carry.

Every assertion he makes about concealed carry in this thread is wrong and the only way he sees to stop the Court from affirming a right is to have the Democrats go full tyrant and upend checks and balances of our system.

And God knows what will happen when that Rubicon is crossed.

I really, really, really want the Supreme Court to affirm that the Second Amendment means the right to shall-issue concealed carry.

I’m sure that Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett will come down on the side of the Second Amendment.  Justice Alito is the make-or-break, is he a real Conservative or not.  Chief Justice Roberts is a fucking spineless worm and I don’t trust him.

My only hope is that Alito and Roberts both were in the majority for Heller v. DC and McDonald v. Chicago.

If we’re lucky, all the Leftists in New York, California, and elsewhere will be so triggered by the idea of shall-issue concealed carry that they all have aneurysms and strokes.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Slimy sh*t weasel writer for Slate says all the quiet parts out loud about SCOTUS and gun rights”
  1. You notice that the writer sneakily used the word “homicides” in his accusation “which is associate with higher homicide rates.” It is indeed, as killing someone in self-defense is considered justifiable homicide. He didn’t say it’s associated with higher *murder* rates.

  2. I would guess that this particular weasel would not by any stretch of imagination be considered a journalist, a term formerly used to denote professionals of honor that reported facts not opinions. He represents the current meaning, a paid reporter of whatever fiction reflects the agenda of today’s political hacks and / or powerful elites

  3. As if they’re not going to pack the court anyway. This is just a mouthpiece trying to set the narrative that they have no choice and it’s all our fault, as though the option of effing off is never on the table.

  4. 120 mass shootings so far this year…… WHERE??? Chicago??? Again fake journalists just make shit up and print it… dumb people masquerading as intelligent…if you step back and LOOK you can see the democrats agenda sinking in a sea of reality.

  5. I wish we could get rid of the phrase ‘carry concealed in public’ They are NOT in public view but that is the false news they are pushing

  6. You’re wrong about Alito.
    Alito has not only joined with Thomas in his dissents from cert denials and mootness on prior 2A cases, he’s on the record as being pro-machine gun, in his dissent on US v. Rybar, before he served on SCOTUS, at a time when the 2A was effectively unexplored judicial ground. He’s got his flaws, but his stance on RKBA isn’t among them.
    Roberts is a known squish. He’s not going try overturning Heller, but he’s sure as heck going to make the squishiest ruling that he can figure out.

    Kavanaugh and Barret are the ones to watch here.
    Kavanaugh is Kennedy’s handpicked replacement, and as such is not the most conservative justice to begin with, and while he’s issued some pro-RKBA rulings in the past, his interpretation of Heller was… interesting. How he’ll rule, when he has the chance to be the one setting precedent, instead of being controlled by it, is open to debate.
    The same can be said of Barret, although she’s likely more pro-RKBA than Kavanaugh is.

  7. I expect Sen. Whitehouse and his fellow totalitarians to issue another order to SCOTUS, as they did in the previous NY gun rights case, to “rule the right way or face consequences”. That time Roberts rolled over and played good doggie; perhaps this time around there will be a few actual justices around to tell Whitehouse where to stick it.

    1. RI Senator Whitehouse’s led extortion of SCOTUS may be the most disgusting political moves in my political lifetime. And I’m almost 60yrs old.

  8. I Don’t want “shall issue” concealed carry… I want “shall not be infringed.” constitutional carry.

  9. Next, we need a ruling to eliminate “Gun-free Zones.” As we all know, and has been pointed out myriad times, almost all lunatic mass murders have taken place in those places where law-abiding CCW citizens are disarmed.

  10. The problem for us is that there’s only one outcome: the Supreme Court declaring that there is no right to concealed carry or carry at all outside the home.

    In the literal one in a trillion chance that they actually rule that United States citizens has the right to carry a firearm open or concealed outside of their home the ruling will be so narrow it will be worthless.

    I don’t have any faith in the courts. And I believe every judge to have the same opinion of eric swallwell when it comes to dealing with private gun ownership and what to do to gun owners.

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