The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is an American PAC that lobbies for American support of Israel.

Agree with them or not, they are Americans.

But “muh principles” Massie seems to think they are foreigners.

Massie’s “muh principles often puts him on the side of Jew haters.

He was the only Republican to not vote against the Iran deal.

He also voted against the “Never Again” Act to have the US Holocaust Museum prepare educational resources for schools about the Holocaust in 2020, during a time when anti-Semitic violence was skyrocketing and Holocaust denial was increasing on college campuses.

If you go into the comments, many of his followers and supporters really up the anti-Semitism, with comments about Jews taking American money and dual loyalty tropes.  It gets ugly fast.

And if this couldn’t get worse, you underestimate politics.

Eric Swalwell is a piece of shit.  And while he’s right about No. 2, he diminishes that point to nothing with point No. 1 referring to the totally disproven Trump/Russia interference conspiracy.

This is one of those things where everyone is a complete and utter asshole.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Somehow the Libertarians just sort of accidentally find themselves on the sides of the anti-Semites”
  1. I’m not sure why you think of Massie as a libertarian, rather than as an idiot without any functioning principles.

  2. We need to stop sending any money to the all mighty nation state untill they pay for our border wall, just like we paid for the one around them. Why are we sending money to a country thousands miles away that has zero effect on my our well being and day to day lives? Do they for some reason not have any money unless it’s given to them by the USA?

  3. Here’s a question: Can Israel afford the Iron Dome without our support? If so, then why are we sending them money for something they can do themselves? Israel is a rich country with a strong footprint in IT (and defense). I can understand sending defense experts or computer scientists to help with AI and design of the Iron Dome, but in terms of funding the dang thing, let them fund it themselves with their own money. Honestly you also need to stop labelling anyone who is against sending Israel bundles of cash an anti-Semite, or even implying it by saying “look at who they are voting with!”. Dude, seriously, just stop. It’s MAGA, not MIGA.

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