For centuries, people were terrified of the mentally ill.

The history of asylums and how the mentally ill were abused is one of the great shames of civilization.

Only in the last few decades has the study and treatment of mental illness caught up with other areas of medicine and the mentally ill can get effective treatment and be treated with dignity by the medical establishment.

That changed in the last few years.

Now, the mentally ill abuse the rest of us.

I mean that sincerely.

Miguel posted this video already:

Then there is this one:

And who can forget this gem:

This is not normal human behavior.

This is a neurosis.  These people are driven by fear and paranoia to react in absolutely unreasonable ways.

Then there is the mental illness of the new LGBTAI+ internet community.

I love Silence of the Lambs.  Both the book and the movie.

In Silence of the Lambs, the main antagonist, Buffalo Bill, believes himself to be transsexual or transgender.  He’s not.  He’s filled with nothing but self-loathing and misery and thinks that if he changes gender, that will fix him.

It won’t, and the proof of that is that he’s a serial killer who wants to make himself a woman suit out of actual women.

I feel like Thomas Harris was a prophet for what we are seeing today.

These people are not actually trans anything.  They have a lot of unresolved emotional problems and are full of self-loathing, and by glomming on to the LGBTAI+ gender identity trend, believe that they can create a new and more interesting personality for themselves.

Have you ever wondered why so many of them have garish tattoos and piercings, wear clown makeup, and have bizarre hair colors?  This is why.  They are trying to create a new persona, and this is how it manifests before they go all bespoke pronouns trans.

And like Buffalo Bill, they are utterly destructive.  They don’t murder women and skin them, they murder people’s livelihoods with internet canceling.

The most amazing video I’ve seen recently from this Twitter user is this one:

This girl realizes that something is wrong with her and is on the verge of realizing she needs to do something about it.

I know we like to joke “Liberalism is a mental illness,” but clearly each and every one of these people have something emotionally wrong with them.

I sincerely hope this last girl gets help and is able to overcome her paranoia and live a happy, healthy life as a fully functional member of society, not being crushed down by her own internal demons.

But the problem with society is that the people like those above are the ones who are setting the social norms.

There is power in catering to the most COVID paranoid.  The old, fat, vaccinated teacher in a mask and face shield who demands toddlers be masked so that she doesn’t catch COVID should be told to get the fuck out of the school system and retire on disability.  Instead, she is made a hero.

When a morbidly obese person, living in squalor with no job, with dozens of face piercings, and an aposematic hair color, not being a productive member of society, demands that you call them by some gender-neutral neologism they just made up, starts making demands about society should behave to conform to people like them, politicians and corporate America should “no, you sick fuck, fix your own shit first.”

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Modern politics and corporate America cater to these individuals and their neuroses and normal, healthy people suffer accordingly.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The inmates are literally running the asylum”
  1. Sorry to say, the woman with the rolling enclosure at the grocery store is being quite adaptive. I’m reminded of the enclosures that you can get for snowblowers. Sure, she’s overreacting, but she’s clever.

    I find the last woman (can I say “woman”?) quite attractive. Maybe if she can resolve her anger…..

  2. Now, I partially disagree with this:
    “Have you ever wondered why so many of them have garish tattoos and piercings, wear clown makeup, and have bizarre hair colors? This is why. They are trying to create a new persona, and this is how it manifests before they go all bespoke pronouns trans.”

    That is the outward manifestation of their issues. Not the issue themselves. There are too many people out there that are doing exactly the same thing for it to be just that.

    Here is a theory: They are lazy.

    See, people crave notice. They crave praise, and a sense of accomplishment. These days, that is measured by likes and shares on social media. What is the easiest way to get shares? Be a freak show.

    Add to that a more “real world” sense of accomplishment. They are “raising awareness.”

    Raisins awareness is a code word for doing nothing, but claiming success. I am raising awareness about climate change/transgenderism/COVID vaccines/fat shaming…. whatever. In reality, if you are not already aware of a topic, odds are you do not care. But, lazy leftists think they have accomplished a noteworthy goal by “raising awareness”

  3. Forgive me if this sounds like a Groundhog Day loop, but all of this, every bit of it, is attributable to the culture’s abandonment of God. There are literally dozens of studies, valid scientific ones with control groups and peer review and the like, proving that people of faith are happier and healthier, both physically and mentally, than those who profess no religious adherence. This permeates every aspect of life. There are no guarantees, of course, but when people of faith encounter mental or physical illness, their faith helps them, along with modern medicine, to reach recovery or remission and to be better able to deal with the difficulties they experience.

    Once we kick God to the curb, we are left with a huge void in our heart (or soul, or persona, or consciousness, whatever you want to call it.) Modernism and post-modernism both claim that this void can be and is filled by exaltation of the Self. Since these creeds (and that’s what they are) reject not only God, but also the very existence of ineffable truth, the Self is declared to be whatever the person wants it to be, and it is declared Good. Not everyone can handle this total behavioral license, and the result is what we see all around us: a sick and dying culture, with ruined lives everywhere.

  4. Heard a comment in a podcast recently, to this effect: folks out in the world actually having sex with other people, aren’t confused like this.

    Has maybe a ring of truth about it. I’m not going to test it.

  5. Hanlon’s Razor, refined 2021: never attribute to malice or incidental mental illness that which is adequately explained by stupid AF.

  6. My mom is like the first person. Not quite as neurotic but in that territory.

    The girl who realizes she has a problem will never truly understand what that problem is. Because the problem is is that her viewpoints are literally embedded into her psyche; they literally define who she is. And if she realizes it’s a bunch of bullshit than who is she and was has has to ask herself what has she been doing with her life. Even if she does she will push it down as it will make her question her very existence. Something like that is too hard for people like this. Simply telling her won’t work because it makes the so uncomfortable to think about it it is akin to literal physical pain. They subconsciously react to it like literal medieval dudgeon torture.

    However the first step to knowing you have a problem is admitting it. But they have years of programming to overcome.

    But maybe she will figure it out but the likelihood is very slim.

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