I, like many people, believed that the purpose of public school education was to provide equality of opportunity to young people and improve the quality of our nation by giving each and every child a good academic foundation on which to build their future.

Perhaps, half a century or more ago, that may have been the case.

Fundamentally, I still believe that this is the ideal and how public school education should be.

Now I recognize that the schools have been taken over by groomers and ideologues who are only interested in destroying healthy children and civil society.

Year after year the news from the schools of that reading and math scores are falling.

Here is a report from last year:

The rate of Austin ISD students who failed to achieve a passing grade on state learning comprehension tests has seen a noticeable increase over the past two years, according to new results from the Texas Education Agency.

In several cases, the percentage of students who failed to meet their grade-level learning goals doubled from spring 2019 to spring 2021.

At AISD, the percentage of students who did not meet the grade level on the assessments was higher than the state average in many instances.

If a student receives a “Did Not Meet” result, it means the student “doesn’t have enough understanding of the material and did not meet the grade level learning goals,” according to the TEA. It is not a passing grade.

AISD performed worse than the state average for “Did Not Meet” grades across the board in mathematics, according to STAAR results. The rate of students in third to eighth grades who failed to reach grade level was higher in every grade compared to the state average.

Reading, math, and science proficiency is down.

But guess what is up?

The number of kids identifying as LGBT.


For a long time it was known that people who identified as LGBT were around 4% of the population.

This class is 62.5% LGBT.

I don’t care of you day “but J.Kb, are they really that or are they just claiming to be.”

It’s irrelevant, they identified as gender and sexuality diverse, along with all the implied victims status, and that is the first step to sucking them deeper and deeper into the cult.

It’s no coincidence that so many kids identify as LGBT when AISD puts on events like this:



They don’t have time to teach math and reading because they are too busy with Pride parades and drag shows.

Kids with a strong education and grow up to be economically successful might turn into conservatives.

Kids who can’t read do math or have any useful skills but do identify as LGBT are more likely to grow up and be Leftists.

According to the numbers, the only thing that Austin public schools have successfully taught is gender and sexuality confusion.

They are not education centers run by teachers.

They are indoctrination centers run by groomers.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The only thing our schools are successful at teaching is mental illness and degeneracy”
    1. Wait. Drag goes straight, and NASCAR goes LEFT???? Now I’m getting ‘racially’ confused!

    1. Slow idle. Makes it last longer. My Morbark will happily convert fuel to noise at 800 engine RPM all day long. The chipper drum is about half that speed…

      1. Indeed; last year there were some stories about the far left infestations in some NYC fancy private schools.
        I suspect parochial schools are the most likely to contain sanity.

  1. The ONLY action that stops trannys/pedophiles/demoncrats Evil is driving a wooden stake through their blood pumps (they don’t have a heart). Anything less and they go into hiding, only to re-emerge later, like locusts. If I remember correctly, in the End Times they come out and attack non-Christians, never killing them, just making their lives even more miserable.

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