Everything our heath officials did was wrong.

They collapsed our economy for nothing.

They mandates useless masks after lying about them.

They shut down the schools and isolated children until more kids killed themselves than died of COVID.

They increased the mortality rate of every other disease, including alcoholism and drug addiction, but stopping treatment because of the worry over COVID hospital capacity.

The New York Times has to sell this bullshit because the alternative is admitting that our government health officials are just as corrupt, self serving, partisan, and incompetent as all of the other feckless bureaucrats in our system.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Oscars were more honest than this crap”
  1. Thought at first it mea satire, then I saw it was the “NY Times,” not the “Babylon Bee.”

      1. The difference is, the Babylon Bee knows it produces satire and doesn’t pretend otherwise.

        The NYT(&TS) is still operating under the (demonstrably false) premise that they produce actual news and journalism.

        What I wonder is, are they honestly mistaken in that belief — IOW, are they so out of touch they don’t realize their “reporting” is so extremely one-sided that it strongly resembles actual satire? — or are they intentionally selling a product they know to be little more than blatant propaganda?

        Inquiring minds want to know!

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