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Allow me to say the strobe light mode is something I will not use unless I am stranded somewhere and want to signal for rescue.
I swear I saw an unnatural shape in the kid’s right hand during one of the first flashes, then it goes dark and “BANG!” My brain truthfully registered a possible weapon when it was probably just a sharp shadow of his fingers, but I could not make a proper identification in the video because it went dark before I could decide. I am not going to say I would have no shot because simply I don’t know.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “The Shooting of Adam Toledo by Chicago PD.”
  1. Yeah – strobe is great for disorienting someone but horrible to use to see what’s actually going on – using it in this situation is a poor choice IMO.

    I thought I saw something and expected a pistol on the ground after he was shot but didn’t see it anyplace. Maybe because it wasn’t there…

  2. I viewed the video and didn’t see the gun come up. Could be because I couldn’t get my computer to show it full screen.

    But I just saw this hit my news feed and read the statement by the Chicago Mayor:
    Quote: …But I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that Adam Toledo shot at the police.

    What the F???

    It doesn’t matter if he shot at the police.

    The mayor wants her city to burn. That is the only reason I can come up with for using language that is designed to insinuate that the shooting was not justified.

    We are no going from: He was unarmed (except for the knife, bat wrapped in barbed wire and brass knuckles) to “He hadn’t actually shot at the police (yet).”

    What cop wants the rule of engagement to require that he let the bad guys shoot at him before he can shoot?

  3. The strobe is terrible for target identification. I wish tactical flashlights didn’t have this feature.

    Can’t say for sure what I’d do.

    Can say this is why I absolutely won’t let my kids play airsoft or anything like that.

    I love guns. Real guns at a range. Real looking fake guns in a yard? Fuck that noise. Thats how kids get killed.

    1. I let my kids play Airsoft when they’re old enough … at a dedicated, indoor Airsoft range/arena. The ones that have their own Airsoft guns, transport them in enclosed cases.

      One way I determine if they’re old enough for Airsoft is that they’re old enough to understand and follow the Four Rules, AND old enough to understand the Tamir Rice incident, and why you should NOT go out in public with uncased Airsoft guns.

      There’s no way I’d let them play Airsoft outside around the neighborhood. Nope.

  4. Matches what I saw. It really looked like a semi-auto handgun in his right hand when it came up. Viewing it again, it still looks like that … but pausing that frame you can kind of make out it’s an illusion of shadows.

    But the officer didn’t have the benefit of slowing it down, pausing, or reviewing a hundred times. He got one chance and had to react in real time. So I feel for him.

    OTOH, didn’t we just hear from Officer Tatum that men under arrest should not under any circumstances resist the police? This kid didn’t appear to be resisting — he stopped, brought his hands up, turned around (hands already up) — yet he still got shot.

    It turns out it’s not nearly so cut-and-dried, how to avoid getting shot by police.

    The failure in this whole thing wasn’t the kid’s actions, or the officer’s temperament or perceptions under the circumstances, or necessarily the officer’s actions. The biggest failure was the use of that damn strobe light, which altered the officer’s perceptions and made it appear as if the kid had a gun.

    We could also make the case that a gun pointed up and away (the direction the kid’s hand was pointing) isn’t necessarily a threat and so the officer fired too quickly — merely having a gun doesn’t equate to brandishing or threatening — but that’s just more armchair quarterbacking.

    I’m not sure what I would have done or not done in that situation, except that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have used the strobe. (My EDC light has the feature, but it’s the LAST mode of the four. The first is High, which is what I’d want here.)

    1. “It turns out it’s not nearly so cut-and-dried, how to avoid getting shot by police.”

      Let’s start with “Don’t run around at 2:30-3AM with a gun in hand shooting at cars.”

  5. It looks like he only turned on the strobe after hearing “Police! Stop!”Another martyr for the cause. This should service as an excuse for another inner city pogrom while Joe & Nancy pack the court.

  6. My thought
    It looks like the felonious teenager stopped with his back to the cop and as he was turning and raising his hands, he muzzle swept the cop.
    Felonious teenager tested positive for GSR.
    Thought I read that 9 mm cases were found at the sight where the felonious teenager was shooting at cars and they matched the Ruger at the scene

    1. Going to correct myself.
      The video of the high school parking lot is pretty good.
      Felonious teenager appears to dump the Ruger behind the opening in the fence.

  7. 13 year old out at 2:30 am with a known gang member, shot spotter recorded 8 shots fired within 2 minutes of the police arriving, this kid is one of two people on the scene, runs down an alley. He is shot as he turns toward the cop, 0.8 seconds between video frames. Attorney for family throws gas on fire with her comments. Trouble tonight.

  8. What I saw was that he did have a gun at the very start of the encounter, and he chucked it behind the fence right before bringing his hands up. The gun thing in his hand later that everyone is talking about, to me looks to clearly be a shadow.

    In terms of reasonable-ness, while we all have the luxury of watching, rewatching, slow-mo frame by frame rewatching, and watching the 2nd point of view video from the building, the police officer just had that one fraction of a second…

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