I have written about this before, but the Taliban is actively proving it on the world stage right now.

The predictable collapse of the Afghan Air Force is happening in real time

About one-third of the Afghan Air Force’s 160 aircraft can no longer fly because they lack spare parts since the United States withdrew its contractors from the country, Afghan lawmaker Haji Ajmal Rahmani reportedly said during a recent webinar sponsored by the State Department Correspondents Association.

The Afghan Air Force has also run out of laser-guided precision munitions, Rahmani said.

The Taliban has also launched a concerted effort to assassinate Afghan pilots, potentially depriving the Kabul government of the one military advantage it has.

So the Taliban is not shooting Afghan jet fighters out of the sky in dogfights.

They are shooting pilots and trained repair technicians on the ground when the planes land to rearm.

Also note the lack of parts available to repair the aircraft.

So extrapolate that to the US.

Those parts are made in factories in America and shipped by truck to Air Force facilities.

Those are supply lines that are vulnerable to sabotage and attack.

So are the pilots and repair crew.

America has not fought a war since 1865 where our domestic military manufacturing capacity was vulnerable to attack.

The generals and politicians are saying they can trounce us because they have drones and jet fighters and tanks, and we don’t.

At the same time the Taliban is defeating the US military supplied Afghan Army with AKs.

This is why we lost Afghanistan after 20 years of combat, our military leaders are arrogant  morons.

Which, honestly, is good news if they ever decide to turn the US military against us (and don’t say that won’t happen, just look Down Under right now for that).

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “The Taliban is actively proving why our anti-gun Generals are idiots”
  1. The other angle in the Afghanistan case is that the “army” is largely ineffective. Why precisely that is I don’t know, it would make a great story if an actual journalist wanted to do his job. But it’s clear that Biden’s claim the Taliban is in trouble because it only numbers 1/3rd of the Afghan army is absurd nonsense; the army (judging by results in the field) may be only 10% effective, if not less.

    This may well carry over to the US armed forces, especially now that the forces of woke are in control from SecDef on down. When parasites like Buttigieg can purchase a commission via the back door as a resume polishing exercise, one has to wonder how many others like that are around.

    1. From personal experience acquired in the early 70’s, a freaking boatload of assucking morons are running the military, especially since Obozo’s purge of said military.

    2. A standard military force is only about 10% people who fight, rest are support. A resistance/gorilla force is 50-90% fighters. (conservative estimates to give generous benefit of the doubt, cheating both ways) Therefore a 1/3 force is much more effective.

      Also I am quite sure that the Generals are aware of how effective personally held guns are against an organized force, and with that you can tell who are for our freedom, and who are looking to be the boot forever stamping down on us.

      1. Let’s also not forget the simple truth that a significant plurality of the Afghan Army are, themselves, members of the Taliban.

      2. There are also several other tribal militias. I guess the ordinary public is disarmed, but those militias are not. They could rise again, as they did in 2001 (the WSJ has an op-ed about them in today’s paper).
        If it is true that most Afghanis don’t want the Taliban to run their lives, all that should be necessary is to put weapons into the hands of ordinary citizens.

  2. As i said before, to say nothing of the people who work in the dibs and would not take kindly to military action against civillians…

    1. The patriotic service members are being discharged as fast as possible, being replaced by fellow fascists.

  3. America has not fought a war since 1865 where our domestic military manufacturing capacity was vulnerable to attack.

    1812, not 1865; The Confederate military never made it further into United States than Gettysburg, VA, in 1864. The Confederacy lacked the manpower and the opportunity to ever posed much threat to our domestic military manufacturing capacity at any point in the war as the vast bulk of our military industrial complex was located in New England and New York.

    During the War of 1812, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland had the capacity, the numbers, and many opportunities to attack our munitions manufacturers… But they didn’t. They were never as invested in the conflict as the Americans were (for us, it was a nation defining major war, for them it was a minor skirmish during the midst of the Napoleonic Wars). They did pose a major threat to our maritime industries, that wouldn’t be matched until the era of unrestricted submarine warfare in the 20th Century.

    1. Yes, but I assume he was talking about the Confederate manufacturing capacity, which indeed was badly wrecked during the war (and also didn’t amount to enough to get the job done).

  4. As time goes on, our military will likely be less and less a force around the globe, and like China and North Korea, will be mostly focused on being a domestic force to keep Americans in check. Anyone who thinks this a fever dream need only look at how these current military leaders have acted towards right wing journalists and conservatives in general since Beijing Biden was installed. This said, I guess we should be glad they are idiots.

    It won’t be tomorrow, and it might not even be in the next few years, but I have a feeling before our lives are over, we’ll see active duty military deployed against American citizens on American soil. Hope I’m wrong.

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