Senator Dianne Feinstein posted a press release for her support of a bill to ban suppressors.

She wants them removed from the NFA and totally banned for civilian sales.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) joined Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) along with a group of their colleagues to reintroduce the Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act, federal gun safety legislation to ban the importation, sale, manufacturing, transfer and possession of gun silencers or suppressors.

I’m not going to go into the “but suppressors are not that quiet” bullshit because it’s a red herring.

It’s meaningless.

Biden issued an executive order to reclassify arm braces as stocks and guns with braces as SBRs.

Feinstein and her fellow gun-haters want to take you cans.

These are the kinds of firearm accessories that are purchased by a particular subset of the gun community.

Firearm enthusiasts.  Gun nuts.  Second Amendment true believers.

Not just the guy who has a gun and goes shooting every once in a while.

I highly suspect the Venn diagram of guys running braced ARs and cans and guys who love liberty and drive trucks with American flag stickers on them approaches a perfect circle.

They know how the firearm enthusiast community is and they want to punish the shit out of us.  Make us extra double super secret felons, take all the best toys away from us, disarm us the most, because of who we are.

This bill wouldn’t change a thing about violent crime on the street.  They know it.  What it will do is turn lots of gun rights enthusiasts into felons overnight.  That’s the point.

The Left is going gangbusters on creating every possible new law and regulation to crush the shit out of the people that voted and rallied against them for the last four years.

They are out to get us.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “They are really coming after the Second Amendment true believers – now they want to ban suppressors”
  1. Yeah, the number of crimes committed with registered suppressors is skyrocketing, something must be done.🤬

    1. I think I read about one incident a year or two back maybe?

      But yeah, rare as hen’s teeth. I sure am grateful our country doesn’t have bigger problems that could benefit from their thoughtful and measured deliberations.

      1. I am not aware of any killing with a tax stamped suppressor. One SWAT officer with an LEO can on an MP5 and several home built ones. If I’m wrong, correct me, but I was not aware of a single legal NFA an used by the lawful owner in a crime.

  2. Conviently they are also the subset of regulated items that actual exist in a national, computerized registry.

    It is the lowest of hanging fruit. AOWS or DD might be slightly lower simply because id wager there are less of them….

    1. I’ve heard that the database is a complete mess. But that might have been referring only be the machine gun portion.

  3. As noted above, this is just step one. An easy way to move toward full confiscation. Ban the items that are not realistic to use without someone noticing. Sure, have as many unregistered AR patterned rifles as you want, but unless you have a private range, they are just safe queens. Same with suppressors, and next it will be one type of ammo, then the next, etc…

    That is why they are going after the most visible items first. Easy to tell from a hundred yards away whether you are using an AR, suppressor, or any other banned item.

  4. They don’t DARE do anything real against gun violence, because that would require law enforcement action in the inner cities.

    1. Not to mention it would annoy their allies (or bosses).

      The funny thing about this crazy notion is that suppressors are really easy to improvise. The parts required cost only a few dollars. Admittedly, well made long-life ones are more difficult, but not much more so; the only reason US suppressors are expensive is their legal status. In civilized countries they are cheap and readily available as ordinary useful firearms accessories.

  5. I thought it was an Executive Action (no force of law) rather than an Executive Order on the braces?

    Also, I wonder if the push a few years ago for NFA trusts was a way to get a better list for future confiscation?

  6. If ATF wants legal can owners to give up what they purchased legally; it would be a shame for everyone to send them empty two liter bottles… by the roll off dumpster…

  7. In 2017 the amount of registered Silencers was 1,360,023 according to the ATF’s annual Firearms Commerce report.

    As of April of 2020 it is now 2,042,719.

    I think that’s in “common use” for the purposes of the 2nd as stated in DC v. Heller.

    If passed, I’m going to assume that it would immediately be challenged on at least 2nd and 5th Takings Clause grounds if not
    also Privileges and Immunities and possibly the ex post facto clause.

  8. Appatently someone hasn’t gone horseback hunting. I’d rather not spook the 1500 lb animal I’m sitting on whilst taking an elk. Suppressors have good “real world” uses (as if there is even a need for such a justification – 2A says “shall not be infringed.” but you see where that’s gotten us.)

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