There are a number of people out there that the Democrats hate with a passion. At the top of that list, is of course, Trump. Trump derangement syndrome is so strong that if Trump kissed a baby at a campaign stop the Dems would be calling for his arrest for sexual assault on a child within seconds.

Another is Ted Cruz. I would love to see him as President, I would prefer him to be appointed to the Supreme Court. He would make an excellent Justice.

Other things they hate are any conservative group. Turning Point USA, Turning Points Action, The NRA, Young Republicans, and any other group that has conservative views.

If you really want to see them go of the deep end, combine the two. The hate for Ron DeSantis plus the hate for Turning Point USA and you have a perfect storm of mental meltdown.

So what are they screaming about now? They are screaming that Turning Point Action is holding rallies that will be “Gun Free Zones.” Since DeSantis has been vocal about gun free zones not working and he will be attending these rallies as a featured speaker this makes him a liar.

The Buffalo guy said he wanted to go where he knew there wouldn’t be blowback from people being armed, and so he tried to find a gun-free zone
— DeSantis

Of course they had to lie by misdirection to get to this conclusion. We all know that when we are talking about criminal free action zones/Gun Free Zones, we are talking about areas that have a sign posted but which provide no other real security. Most schools don’t have anything more than a sign plus a sign-in sheet to stop guns from entering a school campus.

As the last poll pointed out, many many people use the “Concealed means Concealed” as their standard operating procedure. No sign ever stopped a person intent on doing evil from doing evil.

The Unite and Win rallies are going to be gun/weapon free zones.

Attendees must show a form of ID that matches their information on the ticket.

Conditions of Entry and Special Events Zone:

  • All persons and property will be searched
  • Be prepared for airport-like screening
  • Audience will be video recorded
  • Rules subject to change without notice
  • No re-entry

Prohibited Items:

  • Bags, backpacks, messenger bags
  • Skateboards, bicycles
  • Balloons, laser pointers, umbrellas
  • Sticks, poles, bats, etc.
  • Food, beverages, containers, water bottles
  • Weapons, ammunition, knives, projectiles, pepper spray, expandable batons, firearms (NO CCW in Event Zone) or other hazardous items
  • Tactical gear including but not limited to helmets, body armor, shields, etc.
  • Signs, banners, flyers, posters, stickers
  • Alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia
  • Amplified sound or other noise makers
  • Animals (service animals permitted)

— EventBright entry for Unite and Win tickets

While we might know or believe that we can bypass airport security, having this level of security is significantly different than just posting a sign.

We saw exactly the same thing happened when Trump addressed the annual NRA meeting a few years ago. Because he was the President the secret service had requirements for the event which included no weapons in the room. They set up all the screening equipment to make sure it was a secured area.

The left screamed about how the NRA wanted gun free zones when it was them and that Trump wanted gun free zones around him while totally ignoring that the rest of the convention did allow firearms as well as ignoring that it was the secret service that demanded a sterile room before Trump was allowed to speak.

If left-wing extremist are speaking, they are lying. It is in their nature.
Firearms banned at events with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has argued ‘gun-free’ zones are less safe

While the article is busy calling DeSantis and Turning Point USA liars, they use a redefinition to tell still another lie:

Research indicates “gun-free” policies do not actually correspond to greater security risks. A review of mass shootings between 1966 and 2016 found that only 12% occurred “in a truly gun-free zone” — that is, one without armed security — and that only 5% took place in areas where civilians were prohibited from carrying a firearm, per researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

They also left out how they got those numbers. From the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research study they are quoting from:

New research on mass shootings involving six or more victims murdered that occurred in the United States from 1966 to through June 2016 contradicts these claims. Only 12% of these shootings took place, in whole or in part, in a truly gun-free zone (no armed security or police or armed civilians) and 5% in a gun-restricting zone (civilian gun possession prohibited). A separate study of mass shootings involving four or more fatalities, that included domestic incidents during 2009-2015, found that only 13% occurred in a gun-free or gun-restricting zone.

Look, they redefined mass shootings to be SIX or more victims killed. That certainly changes the samples.

They redefined mass shootings again to include domestic incidents. Something the general population doesn’t think of as a “mass shooting” and neither of the two definitions used matches the FBI UCI definition.

It is also worth noting that they had to go back to 1966 for their samples. Florida kicked off the movement to shall issue in 1987. More than twenty years after the start of their samples. There were no CCW to speak of in those places. The first “official” Gun Free Zone was created in 1990, nearly 25 years after their first sample.

They also used a definition of Gun Free Zone that it is only truly a Gun Free Zone if there is armed security. For even more interesting numbers in this study by an anti-gun zealot about DGU. The author claims that are only about 100k DGUs per year.

From a 2013 study by the CDC:

Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million, in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “They Just have to lie: When Gun Free Zones are Gun Free”
  1. “Studies, polls and statistics depend on WHO is doing the work and the results THEY want. Even on our side you have to use yer noggin… this is why 85% of Americans no longer trust media. You would think with a number like that 85% of Americans will vote against democrats…. We shall see.

  2. “The author claims that are only about 100k DGUs per year”
    First of all, that number may not be all that far off reality. If you are assuming a defensive gun use includes actually firing the gun, OR the use of a gun showing up in a police report.
    What is ignored is 100K is still three times (approx) the number of firearm related deaths (including suicides), and 10x the number of murders.
    And, if you include all firearm related accidents requiring medical attention, it is about the same. Looked into that a few years ago, and all deaths, plus (per CDC) all injuries add up to about 100K a year on average.
    Which means, if we give the anti gun people full benefit of the doubt, and use the worst possible stats to support the 2nd Amendment people, guns are still safer than no guns.

  3. Hypocrisy is a way of life for leftists. They want all those not a member of the oligarchy to be disarmed, while they have bodyguards armed with fully automatic weapons.

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