Look at this fucking shit:

Countless people bought fabric and sewed it into masks, shipped them to New York to try and help first responders working in an outbreak.

Governor Cuomo sticks them to a wall for a big fucking “this is how much people love New York” photo op.

Those are cloth masks. They are reusable. Why are they not on the faces of New York nurses complaining about mask shortages?

Because feeding Governor Cuomo’s Empire State ego is more important.

Way to make everyone in Middle America feel  like their charity went to nothing.

This.  Fucking.  Guy.

Nurses and First Responders in New York can use the code MASKWALL to get 25% off the price of a pneumatic guillotine.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This is the guy that people think will replace Biden on the ticket”
  1. After 9/11, thee was this fool, self named “NYC liberal” who tweeted (or something) a rant about all “the dirt people”, in “Mudville”, who weren’t entitled to wear a FDNY hat, or tee shirt, or whatever, because they were not worthy. The deplorables (before that particular formulation for the untermenschen was presented) simply did not measure up to the standards of the Cloud People, as manifested by the “New Yawkahs”.

    (Hack, spit!) That, and this, is exactly why there are a number of us who would only briefly be unhappy should a cataclysm wash Gomorrah On The Hudson out to sea.

    And should a Merciful Crom So Grant, take Andrew for a sail, as well!

    1. Yet how many actual Newyawkahs went to the piles and worked their asses off? And how many of those working the piles were from Mudvilles and Dirtopia?

      Seriously. Lots of good honest Gotham citizens sat on their hands while the District People (think Hunger Games…) worked their lives away cleaning up their city? How many ended up with life-ending complications from cleaning up the mess?

  2. OK, playing a bit of devil’s advocate here, but it is possible the masks are not usable for any level of protection. It is possible they are single layer, or some other defect that makes them little more than decorations.

    Then again, what are the odds that people actually took the time to make the masks, package, and ship them, but did not bother taking the time to make effective masks?

    Which of course means the gov. of NY is just another toddler. He wants to show off how cool he is, without regard to repercussions. How could anyone think his actions are anything but reasonable? It looks cool to have this display, right?

    1. Personally i think the nomination will be bought by Bloomberg, i almost think he arranged it this way

    2. The press was saying “even a bandanna is better than nothing.” Even if these were not good enough for first responders, how about giving them to needy elderly so they could go and buy groceries? Anything more useful than keeping a wall from getting COVID.

    3. A simple cloth mask of even 1 layer of cloth is sufficient to protect the individual from moisture-carried viruses, in a normal situation. Those masks could be used by cafeteria staff, or admin people, or stores. People who are in a corona spray (like nurses and other actual touching-patient workers and custodial staff) need the higher protections.

      So, yes, these masks are useful as protection.

      Instead they’re used as theater.

    4. It’s clear that cloth masks are not all that effective. It also seems obvious that they are more than 0% effective.
      However, that is rather beside the point. When the government issues a diktat that all people shall wear masks, then turns around to take donated masks and turn them into an Andy Warhol style display, they deserve only our unlimited contempt.

  3. The whole Dem 2020 race reminds me of a junior high gal who goes from one True Love crush to another with the same frequency as she changes her outfits.

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