The Attorney General of the United States is demanding the legal community enforce an executive order that the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional and unenforceable twice.

This should be enough to have Merrick Garland removed from office, but that won’t happen because the rule of law doesn’t matter any more.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This is the guy the Democrats wanted on the Supreme Court”
  1. Wait… I thought Garland was foully murdered by a gang of GOP Senators back in 2016, then spent the next four years and a bit as “the late Merrick Garland.” Did the Deimocrats bring him back as a zombie, or what?

  2. No wonder Obama wanted him on the court. It seems we dodged a bigger bullet than we thought possible.

  3. Time for a Constitutional amendment giving the Supreme Court its own police. Too late for the Cherokee by 200 years or so, but not for the rest of us.

  4. The People’s Courts must be defended from the Capitalist Roaders and the Running Dog Capitalists! To the barricades!

    I am so glad our precious Norms have been restored. Except I never knew our precious Norms wre Incompetence, Corruption, Racism, Treason, and even more incompetence.

  5. In March, 20 GOP Senators voted along with the Democrats to confirm Garland as AG. This is how RINO infested the supposed Right actually is.

  6. While SCOTUS has no enforcement powers per say, they could send their ruling back down to the court it came up from with instructions to issue an order from that Fed court matching SCOTUS’s ruling, and then that Fed court could to pull these people in for contempt.

    Just a thought…

  7. So you’re saying, they wanted someone on SCOTUS that would ignore prior SCOTUS rulings and precedents that protect We the People, and ignore the Constitution in favor of the administration’s partisan socialist agenda?

    This is my shocked face.

  8. So the Govt wants to effectivly “CONTRACT” the entire…Legal Community, AGAINST Landlords and The American People? The Constitution?

    Destroy The Landlords Completely
    The Entire Legal System
    And The Nation
    And The Sacrifices of those before us

    Thats what I Read, Thats What I Hear

    BEWARE Legal Greedals….BEWARE

    You Just Saw What Happens To Those Contracted By The U.S. Gov’t.

    Happy Landings.

    The Elephant in the room, is HUGE.

    imo…If there was a “Doomsday” Clock for this COUP
    I would say WE are WELL UNDER A Minute.

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