Someone in Palm Beach tells New Yorkers leave if ‘woke’

Someone had a warning for New Yorkers visiting former President Donald Trump’s new hometown — leave if you are “woke.”

Palm Beach police are investigating after someone placed fliers over the weekend on New York-licensed cars parked in the wealthy island reading, “If you are one of the those ‘woke’ people — leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere, as will we.”

Remember that I just recently wrote a post about some fucking guy who had the Progressive audacity to leave San Francisco,  because it is a failed city, for Miami but say that Miami is worse.

This is what Red Southern states have to deal with.

I’m learning all about what New Yorkers are doing to North Carolina.

Telling those fuckers to stay out with flyers is probably the nicest way Southerners have dealt with carpetbaggers.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is the way”
    1. Where I grew up, as I recall it was treated as littering because the paper would blow off the windshield, or the driver would brush it off with the wipers if they didn’t see it before sitting down, etc.

      Generally not enforced unless the property owner (e.g. a supermarket) called it in.

      1. Want to prevent the paper from blowing away?

        3M makes a wonderful spray contact cement. Spray the front surface of the paper and slap it face down on the windshield. Also expect to go to jail for vandalism when caught.

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