If you were a teenager in the mid-1990’s you might remember a TV show called Party of Five.

It was about five siblings who were orphaned when their parents were killed in a car crash, and the eldest, a 24-year-old college dropout had to man up and raise the rest of the kids.

Now, 19 years after the original show ended, it is getting a “relevant” reboot.

So instead of the parents dying, they are deported for being illegals.

I just want to check some facts we can see from the trailer.

For the eldest brother to get legal custody of his siblings, he has to be at least 18 years old, and if they stick with the format of the original show, he’s in his early 20’s.

They apparently live in a decent middle-class house, so they have some money.

The kids are not being deported, so they must be either US citizens or DREAMers.

So… mom and dad have been in the country illegally for 18-24 years and have been financially successful enough to achieve middle-class status, but never went about the process of becoming legal immigrants?

And I’m supposed to have sympathy for them?

No.  Sorry, but no.

You don’t get to skirt the law for two decades and then act like victims when you get caught.

The good news is: this looks like very Woke TV, so it will go broke fast.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This reboot will not generate the sympathy they think it will”
  1. OMG. What a ridiculous premise. Deportation is not going into exile or being thrown into the Abyss. It is not like be orphaned.

    Young children go with their parents and adults do what their status permits in such cases.

    Unless they were sent to North Korea (or maybe Venezuela) those who stay behind can go visit.

    God, Hollywood is filled with retarded screenwriters who are stuck on woke, sequels, and remakes. Never a clever story or plot line from them.

    1. You have not thought this through. Premier episode is the deportation. Second episode, mom and dad are held for ransom by the narcos. That will be the premise of the entire season. Season 1 cliffender is if the parents are “killed” by the narcos.

      Second season premier, dad is found out to be the head of the cartel. Eldest son has joined the DEA in hopes of saving dad. Season 2 cliffhanger is father and son meet in a mexican standoff

      ……. damn, i might end up watching this show!

      1. It speaks to the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood that so much of their output is remaking past films with a side dish of wokewashing. Do they honestly believe that “misogynists will hate this” is an effective marketing slogan?(that was for gender bent James Bond, but nicely illustrates their purblind virtue signalling bubble)

  2. Meh.

    The “original” sucked. I seriously doubt the Woke version will be anything but pure suckage as well.

  3. Watching re-runs of “All in the Family” would be more my style. Except, I would re-watch it as a documentary.

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