First of all, Americans owe Trump a huge fucking apology.

He was right to want to fire Fauci from the beginning.

But the big question is how do we reconcile this against the last 18 months.

Fauci and the media tanked Trump for Biden. Then after Biden tanks the recovery we find out Fauci lied about fucking everything and Biden has to fire him.

But were just supposed to let Fauci’s fucking of Trump go like water under the bridge?

Had America not had Fauci as the de facto president, Trump probably would have won in a landslide.

Knowing this shit a year ago would have prevented the lockdowns and collapse.

Fauci gets thrown under the bus but everyone else who profited gets to keep winning.

This should really cause a tectonic shift in America.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This should lead to one hell of a shake-up”
  1. There will never be any apologies. The Fauci/Biden apologists are out in force defending every flip flop and flub w/ all they’re worth. There can never be any justification for anything Trump did or said.

    They are all mentally ill.

  2. The federal bureaucracy is a freaking disaster. I see no solution other than to fire everyone and start over. And I do mean everyone.

  3. Trump would never have beat the margin of cheat. Sorry, I agree that Fauci actively worked against Trump and that may have soured some of the people, but in any honest review of the election it was never the votes or voters that decided anything. The fix was in and it was a pure con game against the voters. Fauci could have never happened and the Dems would have still pulled enough fake ballots out to win.

  4. Fauci will “voluntarily” retire, take his pension, sell his book, and get a pat on the back for a job well done.

  5. The FBI has been sitting on Hunter’s laptop for more than 17 months, since December 2019. The entire 2020 election cycle was a massive multiprong screw, not to mention the entire fraudulent conduct of the Left for last 5 years.

    Nothing will happen; we are in trouble.

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