I have read several Tweets and OpEds from people who are supposed to be political and policy experts, all of which are absolutely adamant that Russian incursions into Ukraine under Obama and Biden, but not under Trump, is proof positive that Obama and Biden were tougher on Russia and Trump was just Putin’s lap dog.

See, ackchyually, Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when Trump was President because Putin wanted to go easy on his puppet.

It doesn’t make sense but it’s not supposed to.

This is usually followed up with the accusation that anyone on the right who doesn’t want to go to war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine is a traitor and a Russian asset.


Put a carrier strike group in the Black Sea and watch Russian hypersonic anti-ship missiles sink it in a matter of minutes.

Watch as a squadron of MiG-35s bring down our F-16s and leave us without air superiority.

Watch as their T-95s and T-14s obliterate our armored divisions.

Sure, we will score some casualties too no doubt.

But we haven’t fought a peer-to-peer war since WWII.

Were not used to taking tens of thousands of casualties in a single battle.

To put it in perspective, we lost fewer than 7,000 troops in the 20 years of the GWOT.

There are approximately 5,000 sailors on a single aircraft carrier.

We could lose more personnel and equipment in one day against Russia than in two decades of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Middle East combined.

Live, on CNN.

Fuck it.

I have medical issues that exclude me from the draft.

Let America have the shock to the system of absorbing 10,000 casualties in a day.

Lay that at the feet of the Biden Administration and the experts.

Let them explain why we needed to do that for a country that has virtually no effect on ours, save to pay the President’s crack head son millions in fees.

I hope when the bodies come home the families of those who died take their revenge on the experts pushing us into war.


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By J. Kb

31 thoughts on “To hell with the “experts””
  1. “I hope when the bodies come home the families of those who died take their revenge on the experts pushing us into war.”

    There won’t be many bodies to recover. MIA count will surpass anything from Vietnam.

  2. I think I see who’s putting the words on Biden’s teleprompter.
    It’s Rufus T. Firefly!
    Also, I see that I’ve been pronouncing the VP’s first name wrong the past year or so. I’d been pronouncing it “Cartagia”, but now I see that it’s actually “Jar-Jar.”

  3. I realized last night there’s a simple answer to Putin’s aggression. And it ties into the observation that “economic sanctions” tend to afflict the ordinary people, who Putin doesn’t care about. The answer is to target those that he does care about, or more precisely, those that are the foundation of his power.
    If the west — the UK and US particularly — were to confiscate the assets of all the “oligarchs” (any Russian worth more than, say, $10 million), that would sting. For extra credit, quietly pass the message that we’d consider returning most of it if Putin were sent to the wall.
    This morning I saw the claim that the most obvious sanction with teeth, turning off SWIFT access, has been ruled out because some European countries are worried about not getting paid on bills they have outstanding with the Russians. You have to wonder about people who worry more about Russian silver than about Russian lead. Anyway, the assets I mentioned would easily cover those bills.

    1. pkoning,
      Maybe it will work? Except the Russian oligarchs / gangsters are ruthless enough to use any dirt they have against any European Politician, and hot lead where they don’t. If you threaten to take away the Oligarchs ability to survive, then all bets are off.
      None of today’s politicians seem to be strong enough to stand up to an angry band of overage and overweight Karens, musch less ruthless killers.

      1. Yeah… members of the Overclass have dirt on each other, so going after some of them would launch a game of MAD.
        Besides which, the rules of statecraft are very restrictive when it comes to going after aristocrats. Wholesale slaughter of peasants is fine; Important People are protected by the Rules.

      2. Perhaps. But I would think the SAS could help with that. This is also where my quiet message comes in: it tells the criminals that the low-risk answer is to make Putin suffer an unexpected 9 mm embolism.

  4. John Derbyshire once wrote something regarding military bluffing against China (in regards to Taiwan) that partially applies here. At some point, the Chinese ambassador loses his patience and asks the U.S. Secretary of State point-blank: “How many cities are you willing to lose over this? We ourselves are willing to lose three or four.”

    I think Russia, same as China, are much more willing to accept massive casualties than we are, and they know it.

    1. Yes, but would the Chinese be willing to lose the Forbidden City, the senior officials’ enclave in Beijing? Probably not.
      A MOAB centered on that section would do wonders.

  5. I think the Ukraine thing has served its purpose already. Every document in the US embassy in Ukraine or their office that works with us has been burned. Vastly reducing the list of people linked to money from the Ukraine and “the Big Guy.”

    There may be records here and there, but they’re much harder to find.

    1. They don’t care, it is not their kids if they have any, it will be the “flyover country’s ” kids dying to justify the payout for the clowns pushing for War.

  6. “To put it in perspective, we lost fewer than 7,000 troops in the 20 years of the GWOT.”

    And we lost to a bunch of goat farmers with no navy, no air force, no radar, no electronic warfare capabilities, and no missiles.

    We absolutely have no stomach for a fight with a peer who has been training to fight us with all of those things the entire time.

  7. Russia is merely performing the “Limited Incursion” that F. Joe Biden talked about and he actually excused last month.
    Don’t Worry. Just like that guy in 1938 only took back the German Sudetenland from Czechoslavakia, Putin will only take the Russian Donbass Region from Ukraine. Putin will surely stop there in the face of the mighty united martial power of Europe. that 1-1/2% of GDP military spending by EU NATO has put in place.
    Putin will actually probably stop with the Donetsk Region, unlike the last time when the Nazis swallowed up the entirety of Czechoslavakia in 1938. Just Like last time, Europe held lots of meetings and conferences, then did all of Jack, Squat, and Merde. The only difference is this time we also sent our feckless VP Kamalalala Haris to mis-represent the US.
    Speaking of Parallels, anybody comparing Trudeau, Canada, and their Emergencies Measures Act to 1933 Germany with the Reichstag Fire, The Reichstag Fire Degree, and the Enabling Act?


  8. Russia hasn’t fought a peer-to-peer war either. Keep that in mind.

    That being said, though, I would not care to put any odds on U.S. forces as they stand now. Our generals are too busy playing woke games and pandering to social justice to worry about such minutiae as training, equipment, or deployment.

  9. ” F-16s and leave us without air superiority.”

    Well, I hope we lead with our F-22’s & 35’s. But yeah, if they manage to take out the ~200 F-22’s & 800 F35’s, & then the 200 F-15’s, After they shoot down the 1200 f-16’s they will have achieved air superiority.

  10. Just because these uSA and NATO kept pushing Russia into some kind of action does not mean that Russia should not take action at some point.
    Western Ukraine increased artillery bombing in Donetsk that resulted in thousands to begin busing into Russia for refuge.
    If NATO can split a country to “save” Muslims, what is wrong with Russia saving civilians from Western Ukraine’s deliberate decimation of the people in Donetsk and Lugansk republics.
    What is wrong to not want to live under “democratic” groups such as the bandristas, Azov battalion, the Right Sector? IIRC, the groups that attacked and even murdered Crimeans trying to get home, after the coup.
    We have more real reason to move into Mexico. At least, Northern Mexico.

      1. When I was a contractor for the MDA working on our hypersonic missiles, I was shown what their missiles were capable of.

        We squandered two decades of our military fighting goat herders believing that the major military forces of the world wouldn’t get into a shooting war again. Very much the Pre-WWI attitude all over again.

        China spent that time gearing up to kick our ass out of the South Pacific and take over Taiwan and put the squeeze on Japan.

        Russian was gearing up to reclaim parts of the old Soviet Union.

        We are two decades behind.

        I know. I was an engineer for the DOD trying to play catchup.

      2. Well, he’s not really wrong. The Ukraine right now is no more democratic than Russia and the support of Neo-Nazi groups is a big topic in Europe.
        The slow but steady crack-down against the russian minorities in the Ukraine is also well documented. So, you know, not everyone is a troll just because it goes against your beliefs 😉

        1. No more democratic than Russia? Absurd. Russia doesn’t have elections, Ukraine does. It may not have a Constitution like we do, but neither does Holland.
          Also, Ukraine doesn’t invade other countries, while Russia has been doing that over and over again since at least as far back as 2008. Not to mention that Ukraine does not, so far as we know, conduct false flag operations against its own citizens, the way Putin has been doing for decades.

          1. The Ukraine is horribly corrupt and their not stating the truth a few years ago is one of the reasons we ended up with dumbass in office. To quote Dr. Kissinger: “It’s a shame they can’t both lose”

          2. No false flag operations against it’s own people?
            You do know about the Maidan shooting, right?

            The current ukrainian government is corrupt. Neither of them are the good guys in this.

  11. Well, if we get into a shooting war with Russia and China gets involved, it will at least be darkly amusing watching soy boy socialist millennials get drafted. These same useful idiots no doubt voted for Biden (though we all know they wanted pinko Sanders) and will get to be fodder for the globalist puppet regime currently occupying the White House. “Build Back Better” will take on a whole new meaning when some merciless Cossack bayonets them.

  12. All the warmongering here…

    Russia, Russia, Russia….

    Inflation, Durham, Canadian tiranical “emergency, 2021 3Q increased death in young cohorts compared to 2022, as reported by life insurance companies, CDC refusing to release buster hospitalization data, Ukraine oligarchs buying 12 (or more) still mills in the US with 5+ billion stolen from Ukraine citizens – – all magically disappeared.

    BTW, 65% of US Democrati voters support crackdown and debunking on Canadian truckers…


    P. S. Ukraine prohibited Russian language in Donbass Region. Donbass has never been Ukranian before soviets ‘gifted’ it to the Soviet Republic of Ukraine. And yes, it is Russian genocide there. A lot of friends had family there and had been frantic trying to move them anywhere possible for the last year . But the old people are so damn stubborn and say they are used to shelling and not afraid to die….

  13. J.kb, just to be clear, we did fight a peer to peer war not so long ago, and won. I had a hard time with it, but it did happen.

    Ranking of military might around 1989 was: USA, Russia, China, Iraq…

    Yeah, they were number 4 at the time.

    1. Iraq had a lot of obsolete tanks and inflated numbers. Sure, they might have been “mighty” but ask the french how that worked out in 1940, when they were considered the mightiest military in the world, hindered by slow response, outdated strategies and a strict hierarchy.

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