Poll after poll and hard voting in Florida giving Trump the win in the last elections has made it clear that the Hispanic vote was no longer joined at the hip of the Democratic Party. It was time to come down on the treasonous spic shits that went to the Dark Side and tag them as Hateful Racist Bastards.


What they’re saying: Experts tell Axios far-right extremism within the Latino community stems from three sources: Hispanic Americans who identify as white; the spread of online misinformation; and lingering anti-Black, antisemitic views among U.S. Latinos that are rarely openly discussed.

Far-right, neo-Fascist Latinos becoming more visible (axios.com)

If you have read the blog for any length of time, you know I have touched on the particular likes-dislikes Hispanics carry within our culture. Yes, they exist, but contrary to what the Axios “experts” say, it is not based on color but Nationality. Mexican and Hondurans look alike, but they do not like each other (The way Mexicans treat Honduran illegals would make most Libs excrete in their La Perla panties), Colombians and Venezuelans have been throwing shit at each other since 1830 give or take a couple of years and Panamanians split from Colombia not because they did not like Cumbia. If you go down the list of Latin American countries, you will find this “dislike/hate” repeated over and over with the exception of Argentinians who pretty much nobody south of the Rio Grande like.

Are there Hispanics that do not like Blacks or Jews? Shit yeah. You just need to traipse to Argentina. Uruguay and Paraguay where there was a heavy German immigration sometime in 1945-46 to find some true haters. The Argentine Israelite Mutual Association was blown in Argentina some years back and although attributed to Hezbollah, the evidence and investigation showed heavy local participation by non-Muslims and the case was eventually botched (op purpose many say) by the authorities.

But what the “Experts” are trying to do is scare the Hispanic renegades to come back to the lettuce patch and be good brown skinned pickers for the Democrats. And if they refuse to come back, they will be tagged as “gusanos racistas” (racists worms AKA traitors) and badmouthed till they are shunned by the community. But as long as the “Experts” continue to shoehorn Hispanics within their pigeonhole of color rather than culture, they will keep failing as we come in may colors, races and religions. Before Jessie Jackson came with the Rainbow Coalition club, Hispanics had been that for over a Century.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Took them long enough to come up with this”
  1. The party of “tolerance “ is only tolerant of those they can control.. we are watching them implode. Clutching the straws hoping to sink We the People with them.

  2. “Mexican and Hondurans look alike, but they do not like each other”
    Hmmmm. You mean, people don’t invariably flock together based on appearance?
    Could this have been the flaw in Putin’s “How do you do, fellow Slavs?” gambit? (Well, that and several centuries of nasty history.)

  3. My experience in little Puerto Rico (CT) is that Puerto Ricans and Black’s hate/dislike each other. It was mind blowing to wify when she first learned how racist non white people can also be.

    That’s softened a bit over the years but still very much there.

  4. DemonKKKrats media puppets don’t care about facts or history. It’s all about the “feelz” so this b.s. article is just example 964,875 of why less and less people trust the MSM in any shape or form.

  5. I’m still waiting for one of these “anti-racist” scholars to tell me exactly what the f—k “white” means. I want it defined in objective, empirical, and falsifiable terms.

    Four generations ago, no one in my family was “white.” Four of my great-grandparents were Polish Jews, two of them were Irish Catholics, and two of them were Scots-Irish Protestants.

    Three generations ago, only a few people in my family were white. My Polish Jewish paternal grandfather and my Irish Catholic paternal grandfather were still “other,” but my Scots-Irish grandmothers both suddenly became white.

    Two generations ago, both my parents were white.

    In my lifetime, I’ve been told I’m “white” sometimes and “Jewish” sometimes. Always based on whichever one is of the most benefit to the “anti-racist” that I’m talking to at the moment.

  6. The Oh-So-Compassionate Woke White CRTheorists just cannot grok that all Hispanics aren’t Mexicans.
    And by Mexican, they think that all of them are illegal immigrants- Including the Tejanos with ancestors who fought alongside Sam Houston.

    1. I once drove team with a Hispanic guy, turned into a great friend. In our getting acquainted period he said he was Mexican. When I asked him where in Mexico he came from, he said he was born in Ohio. I almost ran off the road, staring at him, so he asked “what”? I told him he wasn’t Mexican, he is a damn Yankee. (We both live in Texas, by the way.) lasted five years together and neither wound up in the hospital. LOL

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