You can tune in a radio station today and listen to most types of music. When you listen you’ll hear “cutting edge lyrics”. Pushing the limits of what is acceptable. Wet Ass Pussy (WAP) won a People’s Choice Award and was nominated for MTV’s “Best Song of the Summer.”

From the 80’s there was “Dancing in the Sheets” (Did you hear that as “dancing in the streets? I did.)

Every wanna be and published rapper can use the “N-Word” as often as they want.

Shock radio is no longer shocking. Comedy where the comic drops F-bombs every other sentence are no longer shocking.

This generation didn’t invent risque or crude lyrics. There are traditional folk songs from centuries ago that are very explicit. If you listen.

Steeleye Span does it in a folk rock style. Maddy Priors voice is still wonderful.

Damh the Bard does an acoustic version.

The song was collected by Frank Warriner around 1930 but there are references going back to 1856.

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