New York Post : Illegal immigrant cleared in Kate Steinle’s death gets time served for gun charge.

And again we see how there are two tiers of justice. There is the kill someone while a felon in possession of a firearm gets you time served (7 years) while a grandmother taking selfies in the capital still hasn’t had her trial and is being held without bail.

The judge warned “this is your last chance. If I see you again…” 5 other times judges said “this is a chance” or “this is your last chance” but because he didn’t end up with the same judge he just got deported.

My prediction is that we will hear about this guy when he kills somebody else sometime in the future.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Two Tiers”
  1. Has Bill O’Reilly been found dead from an aneurism? He was all over this when it happened.

    Sad. Harsh words from the judge….he’ll be back.

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