6 Replies to “Uninspired as hell…”

  1. Seems to be going around. This is why, no matter how much I write in a day, I confine myself to only posting twice or thrice a day – then I have a backlog somewhere I can call on ;).

    Go perforate some paper :).

  2. Go take The Little Blonde to the range. Or help me figure out Adobe Audition!!! I’m up in WA, no cell service, week internet signal and new audio editing software I can’t figure out!

  3. @Linoge. There is a new S&W 22A demanding I put some rounds through it. Tomorrow is as good as any other day.

    @Gail. Just checked the specs of Adobe Audition. That thing is a frigging Ferrari! Stick to the basics: record the sound, playback the sound. Edit the excess, save every 5 minutes. The rest of the bell & whistles will come up later.
    And it sucks that your “mentor” is from the tape era…LOL

  4. Thanks Miggy, that was my plan it was hard to even find a starting point but I worked out some stuff today. There is very little info anywhere online on how to actually work the darn thing and very few books(1) on this version. Some of the functions are familiar from Photoshop, if that makes any sense. I overnighted a instructional DVD/Book from Amazon, I should get it tomorrow.
    Oh, my mentor, tape? Is that something from the 20th century?

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