The Sun Sentinel deserves every award for its coverage of the failures of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, School Board, and the county administration as a whole following the Parkland Shooting.

The latest report really illustrates the level of failure of the county.  I will post as much as I can here, but you really should see the Sun Sentinel’s interactive map of the shooting.

I will warn you, take a blood thinner before you read this.  I will not be held responsible for any heart attacks or strokes had from the following post.

The very title of the report couldn’t make the situation in Broward any more clear.

Two decades after Columbine and five years after Sandy Hook, educators and police still weren’t ready for Parkland.

Brace yourself, there are no minced words here.

Failures by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and school district cost children their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

A gunman with an AR-15 fired the bullets, but a series of blunders, bad policies, sketchy training and poor leadership helped him succeed. Information reported over 10 months by the South Florida Sun Sentinel reveals 58 minutes of chaos on campus marked by no one taking charge, deputies dawdling, false information spreading, communications paralyzed and children stranded with nowhere to hide.

To be sure, a number of teachers and police officers performed heroically. But an examination of the day’s events reveals that the Sheriff’s Office and school district were unprepared for the crisis.

Here’s a minute-by-minute look at those critical moments on Feb. 14, 2018.

A gunman with an AR-15 fired the bullets, but a series of blunders, bad policies, sketchy training and poor leadership helped him succeed.”  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Sheriff Israel and CNN had that two hour hate against the NRA and Florida Republicans.  They knew this from the very beginning but had to set the narrative in their favor.

Security entrusted to unarmed coaches

A campus watchman has a chance to stop gunman Nikolas Cruz before any blood is shed. But he doesn’t do it.

Security monitor Andrew Medina, an unarmed baseball coach, is riding in a golf cart and unlocking gates 20 minutes before dismissal. He sees Cruz walk through one of those unguarded gates with a rifle bag.

He recognizes Cruz as “Crazy Boy,” the former student that he and his colleagues had predicted most likely to shoot up the school. He radios another campus monitor/coach, but he does not pursue Cruz and does not call a Code Red to lock down the school.

Sure, why not?

Medina shouldn’t have been in that job – school investigators had recommended he be fired for sexually harassing students, but district administrators overruled them.

What?  So the first line of defense against a school shooter is a child molester?

Why did the district administrators let him keep his job?  Do I sense something having to do with party politics and the teacher’s union?

Medina is the first of three school employees who fail to call for a school lockdown after learning a gunman is on campus.

David Taylor, the campus monitor who was alerted by Medina, walks into the first-floor hallway toward Cruz, who goes into the stairwell. At that point, Cruz has yet to pull his gun from the carry bag.

Taylor turns around, later telling investigators he intended to use stairs at the opposite end of the hallway to intercept Cruz on the second floor.

The second chance to lock down the school is missed when freshman Chris McKenna enters the first-floor stairwell and sees Cruz loading his gun.

Cruz tells him “You’d better get out of here. Things are gonna start getting messy.”

McKenna runs from the building and informs Aaron Feis, a football coach and campus monitor, that there is someone with a gun.

There is no evidence that Feis, who has a radio, calls a Code Red.

This is damning, considering that Feis was credited for being killed shielding students from the shooting.

Cruz fires his first shots, killing freshmen Martin Duque, Luke Hoyer and Gina Montalto in the hallway of the first floor.

Taylor, the campus monitor, hears gunshots and races up to the second floor. He ducks into a janitor’s closet. Taylor has a radio but does not call a Code Red.

Holy fuck, what needs to happen to have a Code Red called?

School district policies were insufficient and employees were uncertain who could order that the campus be locked down.

Enter the ghost of Kitty Genovese, where everyone stands around and does nothing.

Cruz stalks the first floor unchallenged. He enters no classrooms and shoots through the windows at people in his line of sight.

Cruz kills six students in these classrooms — Alyssa Alhadeff, Nicholas Dworet, Alaina Petty, Helena Ramsay, Alex Schachter and Carmen Schentrup.

The simplest of security measures could have saved lives. But the school district failed to require that classrooms have designated “hard corners” — areas where students could hide outside the line of sight of a gunman looking through a doorway.

Two security experts had advised Stoneman Douglas teachers and administrators to designate these safe spaces, but only two teachers in Building 12 did so. Most classroom corners that could have provided refuge were instead blocked by teachers’ desks and other furniture.

The first 911 caller tells a Coral Springs operator that there’s a shooter at the school. Gunshots are heard in the background.

The repeated failures to call a Code Red become catastrophic when the shooting sets off a fire alarm.

Instead of hiding in their classrooms, as they would during a Code Red, some students and teachers stream out of classrooms into hallways, as they would if facing a fire.

Thus turning the hallway into a shooting gallery.

At the same time, Deputy Scot Peterson – the school resource officer and the only armed lawman on campus – runs to meet with Medina, the campus monitor who first saw Cruz.

Not towards the sound of the gunfire.

I swear, when Scot Peterson dies, I will personally carve “Chicken Shit Coward” above his name on his headstone.

Broward County’s disjointed 911 system slows the law enforcement response.

Because the first 911 call is from a cellphone, it goes to the city of Coral Springs. But the Sheriff’s Office handles police calls for neighboring Parkland, so the Coral Springs operator must waste precious minutes transferring the call to the Sheriff’s Office.

That sounds like a cluster-fuck no matter what.  When seconds count, you get put on hold.

Deputy Peterson and another campus monitor meet Medina, get into his golf cart, and drive toward Building 12.

Athletic director and campus monitor Chris Hixon is already at Building 12. He enters the double doors at the west end of the hall and runs toward Cruz.

Cruz shoots Hixon, who crawls to take cover in a nearby doorway. Cruz finds him about 30 seconds later and shoots him again.

Peterson finally arrives on the east side of Building 12. He draws his gun, but he fails to go inside the building.

Feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward.

Over his police radio he says he can hear firecrackers or “possible shots fired” in Building 12. The statement conflicts with his later account: that he was unsure where the sounds were coming from.

So a lying, feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward, who tried to cover his own ass when asked about his cowardly bullshit.

Feis, the campus monitor and football coach, opens the door to the west stairwell and comes face-to-face with Cruz. Cruz shoots him.

The carnage is astounding on the first floor, where Cruz kills 11 and wounds 13.

Cruz heads up the west stairwell to the second floor but finds the hallway empty.

Some teachers, probably hearing gunfire below, had taken steps to protect the children. They had covered the windows in classroom doors so a shooter could not see in. Some huddle children away from the gunman’s line of sight.

Cruz fires into two of 10 rooms, but no one is hurt.

Finally someone employed by the school does something sort of useful.

Deputy Peterson takes cover between Buildings 7 and 8 as Cruz prowls the second floor.

Feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward.

Instead of confronting the killer, he radios for a nearby intersection to be blocked off.

Only making it easier for the rampage to continue.

He is still the only armed law enforcement officer on campus.

When seconds count, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office phone system is a fucking catastrophe.

Students on the third floor are initially unaware there’s a shooter in the building and are crowding the hallways because of the fire alarm. Now hearing the shots, they begin to run back toward classrooms.

Social studies teacher Ernie Rospierski directs students back into classrooms, but his door locks behind him with his keys inside.

Is this a bad joke?

Rospierski and several students are stranded in the hall.

Cruz is on his way.

Cruz goes up the stairwell to the third floor, where about 20 people remain stranded in the middle of the hallway.

He fires multiple rounds into the crowd.

Geography teacher Scott Beigel is holding open his classroom door. As he ushers students in, Cruz shoots and kills him.

Broward Sheriff’s deputy Michael Kratz heads toward the school.

He stops near the football field, about 1,000 feet from Building 12, to block traffic.

Did he have both his thumbs up his ass too?  This is inexcusably bad for an active shooter response.

Cruz’s assault, which would span 5 minutes and 32 seconds from first shot to last, is half over when someone finally declares a Code Red.

This is surreal.

Campus monitor Elliott Bonner calls the alert after driving his golf cart to the southwest corner of Building 12, where he sees Feis’ body and hears gunshots.

Bonner, who is unarmed, backs away from the scene in his cart.


Deputy Kratz adds to the confusion with a radio broadcast. He says he hears shots by the football field northwest of Building 12 – raising questions about where the shooter is.

So he took his thumbs out of his ass to work his radio and give bad information.

An earlier decision to lock restrooms because students were vaping in them now traps those who try to find refuge on the third floor.

This is turning into a black comedy.  Everything that has happened to this point has made it easier for Cruz to rack up a body count.

They have nowhere to hide from Cruz and his bullets.

Cruz kills senior Meadow Pollack and freshman Cara Loughran outside a locked classroom; they die huddled together. Cruz shoots senior Joaquin Oliver outside a locked bathroom.

Rospierski flees with 10 students toward a stairwell as Cruz fires down the hall.

Two of the students, Jaime Guttenberg and Peter Wang, are hit. Wang dies in the hallway and Guttenberg in the stairwell, but others get away as Rospierski holds the door closed from inside the stairwell to keep Cruz from advancing.

But according to Jamie’s father, Frank, this is the NRA’s fault.

By the time he is done, Cruz kills six and wounds four on the third floor. None of the dead are in classrooms.

All those locked doors were a fantastic idea, the school administrator who made that decision deserves a raise and promotion.

It’s now been nearly four minutes since Cruz started shooting, and deputies Peterson and Kratz are still not going toward Building 12.

The Coward County Sheriff’s Office.

Unable to get into the stairwell, Cruz heads to a nearby teachers’ lounge.

Cruz shoots at the glass, targeting students and teachers as they flee across the campus below, but the glass won’t break and no one on the ground is hit.

My next house is being built with hurricane windows.

Deputy Peterson, over his radio, orders a school lockdown instead of ordering deputies toward the building. He remains safely outside.

Feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward.

Four more Broward deputies arrive at the school, stopping north of the campus.

All of them hear gunshots as Cruz continues to shoot in the teachers’ lounge but remain near their cars just off campus.

Since Columbine, officers are taught to rush toward gunshots and neutralize the killer. But the first Broward deputies don’t rush in.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel later reveals that he personally changed department policy to say that deputies “may” instead of “shall” rush in.

At this point, I think everyone has been going around this issue the wrong way.  Every one of these Deputies, as well as Sheriff Israel himself, should be charged as accessories to the murder of these 17 people.  This isn’t just incompetence, they really helped Cruz kill so many so fast.

Sgt. Brian Miller stops north of Building 12. He is the highest-ranking officer on the scene but fails to take control or move from his car.

Rather than rush in, he takes time to put on his bulletproof vest and hide behind his car on Holmberg Road, not going on the radio for 10 minutes.

Well, the killing was already over, so what’s the rush?

Miller is among eight armed deputies now at the school. All hear gunshots, but none rush to Building 12 to look for the killer.

I guess “shall” means “don’t bother” in police lingo.  How do you get so many people on one department who hear guns shots and decided to do nothing about it?

Deputies dawdle as shots fired

The bold is in the original.

The last five gunshots can be heard on the body cam of Deputy Josh Stambaugh. After parking at Holmberg Road near the scene of the shooting, he retrieves his bulletproof vest from the trunk, puts it on and takes cover behind his car.

Does not one BSO officer wear their armor at any time while on duty?  Holy shit, it’s like unpreparedness is their SOP.

After five minutes there, he gets into his car and drives to the other end of the campus to take a position on the Sawgrass Expressway overlooking the school.

Was he bored?

The final shot Cruz fires, from inside the teachers’ lounge, can be heard at 2:27:10 p.m.

Cruz takes off his rifle vest, drops his AR-15 in a stairwell, heads down the stairs, darts out of the building and runs across campus — all while police think he’s still inside.

A few seconds later, Peterson, still hiding southeast of Building 12, tells deputies over the radio to stay at least 500 feet away from the building.

The feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward Peterson really is an accessory to murder.

Why the fuck was that guy still in charge at the time?

The warning is one of at least two times a Broward deputy urges another officer to protect themselves, not confront the killer.

Though police officers since Columbine have been trained to immediately confront the killer, some Broward deputies at the Parkland massacre would later struggle to recall when they last had active shooter training or details of what they learned.

How many of these deputies are still on duty with the department?

The surveillance cameras in the school are not monitored in real time.

Why not, is that too convenient?

Assistant Principal Jeff Morford and school security officer Kelvin Greenleaf enter the school’s camera room to rewind and review surveillance video, but deputies don’t realize the footage is delayed 20 minutes.

Why is the video delayed 20 minutes?  What good does that do for a surveillance system?  Who thought up that genius idea?  I bet they were also given a promotion and a raise.

Morford relays information about Cruz’s whereabouts to Peterson and other school officials. Cops, believing the video is live, continue searching for Cruz in the building — delaying aid to injured students.

Broward Sheriff’s Capt. Jan Jordan, head of the Parkland district, arrives at the school’s administration building and is quickly overwhelmed as she tries to coordinate officers.

She was just a diversity hire, so her failure to handle the challenge of command was entirely predictable.

The faltering radio system frustrates her. She spends her first seven minutes at the school in the administrative building and then goes to a nearby car to try again with the radio system.


She eventually moves to another area near Building 12, where she takes cover behind a car to meet with officers.

All cowards together.

The Sheriff’s Office fails to immediately set up a command post – just as the agency failed to do after a mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport the year before.

If at first your shitty practices fail, don’t change them when the next disaster strikes.

A Broward deputy asks that the command post be set up to help control the response, but it isn’t done for another half-hour.

“Hey boss, could you, you know, do you fucking job like you weren’t hired just for having tits?”

“Sure, I’ll get right on that as soon as…. who the fuck am I kidding?  How about 30 minutes from now?”

“Sounds great, were just going be hiding behind our cars playing Candy Crush.  Let us know when you need us to do some actual police work.”

The shooting has been over for five minutes before any police officers enter the building.

Five minutes without a shot fired and the BSO is still hiding.

Four Coral Springs officers enter through the west doors, where they see Chris Hixon shot. Two officers pull Hixon out of the building and onto a golf cart. He will not survive.

The Coral Springs PD is actually made up of real cops.

I wonder if Hixon would have survived had he been pulled out five minutes earlier had the BSO not dicked around and instead gone in and done their jobs.

The Coral Springs officers later tell investigators their training was clear – run toward the gunfire.

Coral Springs Officer Raymond Kerner, the school resource officer at nearby J.P. Taravella High School, would tell investigators:

“Basically, what we’re trained to do is just get right to the threat as quick as possible and take out the threat because every time you hear a shot go off it could potentially be a kid getting killed or anybody getting killed for that matter.”

I bet that deal where Parkland gets police from the BSO but fire services from Coral Springs is starting to look like shit.  Maybe Parkland should have agreed to pay for Coral Springs police services too.

Capt. Jordan orders that a perimeter be established around the school – a misguided approach when facing an active shooter.

Before Columbine, setting up a perimeter was standard. After Columbine, police were trained to rush toward the gunshots.

Jordan does not establish a command post or call for officers to go find the shooter.

Capt. Jordan must have some amazing tits for them to secure her a job that she was clearly 19 years out of date on.

Deputy Peterson adds more bad information to a chaotic scene.

Why not?  That’s his job at this point.

Still sheltering by a building, he tells a Coral Springs officer the shooter is on the second or third floor.

In reality, Cruz has been out of the building for more than six minutes.

Aiding and abetting the escape of a suspect.

Broward Deputy William Hanks enters Building 12 through the west doors, one minute and 45 seconds after Coral Springs officers first entered.

I bet the BSO have him a fucking medal for bravery.

About 18 officers, the majority from Coral Springs, head into the east side of Building 12 about this time.

More sheriff’s deputies begin to enter the building as well.

Once the CSPD cleared the scene, why not go in?

Without a command post established, deputies remain confused about who is in charge.

Broward Lt. Stephen O’Neill takes command of the response early on, recognizing the lack of direction from supervisors. He later says Jordan had a “dream-like” nature to her speech and that she “was not engaged with the problem.”

Her tits wrote checks her brain couldn’t cash.

O’Neill works to keep the roads by the school clear for more responding vehicles and to create an area where officers can stage during the response. But doing so also slows the police response into Building 12.

Assistant Principal Morford, in the video room, broadcasts over school radios that Cruz is leaving the third floor and headed to the second floor. Officers believe Morford is watching the video in real time, but in fact Cruz has already walked to a nearby Walmart and ordered a drink at Subway.

Video from Sgt. Richard Rossman’s body cam shows officers relaying Cruz’s movements over the radio and Assistant Principal Winfred Porter, outside with the police, incorrectly confirming the video is live.

I feel like the Benny Hill theme should be playing right about now.

Cruz leaves Walmart and heads to a nearby McDonald’s. He stays there a minute and then leaves.

Three Coral Springs officers reach the third floor and find Cruz’s gun, vest and the body of Jaime Guttenberg.

Deputies in Building 12, still believing the gunman is inside, are experiencing radio problems. Body cam video records one deputy saying he needs to go outside to use his radio.

The radio problems must be the NRA’s fault too.

Cops finally learn that the surveillance video is delayed.

Sgt. Rossman has known it for seven minutes — at a time when every minute was critical — but he has not broadcast it over the radio until now.

 Sure… why not…  I bet he kept his job and pension too.

School Resource Officer Peterson leaves the spot where he has remained sheltered for nearly 48 minutes, watching as other officers enter the building.

Now that the shooter was confirmed to be off campus the feckelss, dickless, yellow-bellied, chicken shit, fucking coward can come out to play.

Almost an hour after the shooting began, officers enter the final room in Building 12.

When seconds count, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office will get to you in 3600 of them.

If this has yet to make you stroke out, keep in mind that Peterson was allowed to retire and keep his pension.  Jordan and her tits resigned and got to keep their pension.  Scott Israel still has his job and if he is removed from office by the incoming Governor of Florida, he will be able to claim that it was out of purely partisan politics.

Not one person who was responsible for this shit show has been fired, and several have been promoted.

The NRA was blamed, and anti-guns bills were passed into law.

The Democrat party still rules the roost in Broward County.

Nothing has changed and I doubt anything will.

The sardonic take away from all of this is, if you want to make yourself famous as a school shooter, just pick a place in unincorporated Broward County to do it, the BSO will make it easy for you.


  1. Considering the subject matter it’s going to be difficult not to be a dick.

    Scott “amazing leadership” Israel is first and foremost responsible for the failure of the BSO response. As sheriff, it is his responsibility to ensure his officers are trained and equipped for the job. He is also responsible for personnel selection and evaluation. I doubt that FDY-BCSFC Peterson failed just this once when presented with a real life SHTF scenario. My guess was that he was known to be a screwup and was assigned to “resource officer” duty to keep him out of trouble and let him get his time in for his pension. As for Capt. Tits, people within the department had to know she couldn’t manage a crisis yet she was promoted to the rank of Captain for political purposes.

    All that being said, and add the multiple failures of the Parkland school system to address the known threat that “Crazy Boy” posed, it is the voters of Broward County who elected the Sheriff and the politicians that tolerated the supreme level of incompetence demonstrated in this event. Will the voters throw the bastards out at the next election? I doubt it. Will the “Sun Sentinel” endorse the same Democrat SOBs that are responsible in any upcoming elections? Probably. But of course it’s the NRA and gun owners who are at fault. Arrgh!

  2. Sheriff Israel is still in control for the same reason this county re-elected Debbie Wassername Shultz after she was fired as DNC chair for lying, cheating and rigging the nomination for H. Clinton.

    This makes me sick. We in Florida had a ton of garbage shoved down our craw due to the complete failures of anyone in charge in the Sheriff’s Office, the School Board and the County Administration.

    Which we all knew within 12 hours of the actual shooting. The in-depth reporting just affirms what was already known by midnight of the shooting, but the fake reporting, the publicity and the angry ‘moms’ were already steamrolling any truth into the swamps.

    Totally makes me sick.

  3. This gigantic clusterfuck could not even be excused “pre-Columbine.” Post-Columbine, with new strategies and SOP to deal with such things, have, as you pointed out, been around for years. The gigantic part of this clusterfuck is not only one coward cop (check), lack of training (check), a dimwitted coach who SAW the shooter, known to him as Crazy, with a rifle bag, and did nothing (check). Officer “maybe I should spend half an hour putting on my vest (check). How about automatically locking everyone in the hallways? (check) And that’s only for starters!
    The school itself has 20-minute tape delays for surveillance? My guess is so that if a school employee fucks up, they have time to erase the evidence. The one cop that knows it’s not real time, doesn’t bother telling everyone else.
    The dumb is strong with these people. It it the heat? The humidity? I guess most of these people are what we used to call “Yankee transplants.”

    Thanks for the post, JKB.

    Although it made me even angrier than CNN and sheriff Bullshit castigating Dana and the NRA.

    It’s the old mantra: If caught in the act, blame someone else.

    I need a drink.

  4. It looks like Broward Public Schools have weighed their Sheriff and his Deputies in the balance and found them wanting.
    The School district is advertising vacancies for “…the new Armed Safe School Officer – Marshal / Guardian Program.

    One could make a comparison to the old saw about closing the barn door after the horses have already run off, but since the odds of lightning striking the same place twice are actually the same as striking once, maybe they’ve had enough fire directed their way to give the Cowards of Broward the heave ho for their school security and decide on doing it for themselves.

    I tried to post a link there but it didn’t work.

  5. Everyone that is armed should be going at the source of the gunfire with this clear set of objectives foremost in their thoughts.

    A. Shoot the bastard.

    B. If bastard is still alive cut off his balls.

    C. Put them in his mouth and force him to masticate his own testicles.

    D. Put 2x hollow points into his cranium.

    E. Put whats left on a fucking spike.

    Am I being unreasonable?

  6. It’s on a twenty minute delay so the school district can cover up all the theft, robbery, assault, and even rape being committed by their students. Which then allows them to grab more funding as a reward for ‘reducing crime in schools.’

  7. Reading this you almost think the whole thing was set up and allowed to happen. Why? Who knows, political? Gun control? Or wanton stupidity.

  8. It has been 10 and 1/2 months and last I heard, all of Establishment Florida are still waiting for the “official report.” That is the excuse you have told me for Governor and Senator elect Lame Duck to do absolutely nothing. No firings, no grand juries, just passing stupid laws punishing legal gun owners and preventing any reasonable practices like arming teachers.

    What is going to happen when a year later the Official Report is issued? Nothing. It will be old news, lessons learned, actions have been taken, ignore it and go away. The Establishment will not do anything, especially the gutless hack Republican Party Establishment. Sheriff Israel, Coward County Sheriffs Office, Parkland School Superintendent, and Parkland Schools will not change. They will mouth a few mea culpas, and just like the Incompetent Broward Board of Elections, nothing will change.

    They didn’t learn from the Fort Lauderdale Airport Fiasco, they didn’t learn from the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, they won’t learn from Parkland.

    Yes, next time some maniac shoots up a school or (God Forbid) a daycare in South Florida, they will make the same mistakes. They have left the same Incompetent Assholes in charge, and no one will rock the boat. Why should they? Everyone keeps their jobs, everyone gets their pensions. Chicken Shit Governors even get Senate Seats!

    So what if a few kids are dead? They never voted for the Establishment.

  9. The problem noted about the cell phone calls normally has two parts, sometimes three: The 911 call will go to the closest political entity to the cell tower you connected to.

    This isn’t necessarily who you need to respond. If not the correct one, there may be a delay while the dispatcher attempts to reach the second agency.

    Here is where the #3 problem occurs: The first one may want to act as a middleman, and control/filter the data reaching the second agency. This is an ego and/or dept procedure. This action is bad. You should be transferred. If they want to stay on the line to gather info for their own officers potential use, that is acceptable. Interfering is not.

    (What the dispatcher may not understand is that this sort of action may result in blowback in their direction. BT;DT I was informed by an investigator that CHP dumped on that local police dept for their dispatcher’s incompetence nearly killing someone.)

    1. Than a smart policy should be that for big emergencies, e.g., active shooters, terrorist attacks, etc. The first department that gets called responds. When seconds count transferring wastes time. Let’s the accountants figure out how to reimburse the responding unit later, get closest cops to the scene as soon as possible.

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