Keith and Jacquelyn Smith danced Friday night at the American Legion on Madison Street in Baltimore, where they had brought his daughter Shavon to celebrate her 28th birthday.
Hours later, about 12:30 a.m., the 52-year-old Harford County man found himself calling 911 and rushing Jacquelyn, 54, to the emergency room. She had been stabbed by a man through their rolled-down car window after giving money to a woman panhandling in the rain in East Baltimore, he said.
Jacquelyn Smith, an electrical engineer at Aberdeen Proving Ground, had her necklace and pocketbook snatched by the woman and the man, who approached under the guise of thanking her for giving the woman money, her husband said. She died two hours after they arrived at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he said.

Woman killed after giving money to panhandler in Baltimore was engineer who had been out dancing with husband

Tis’ the Season. Love and charity should fill our hearts and at ;least for a little while, we give to those in need and substitute cynicism with love for others.

And predators know this. Use it. And in this case, a good-hearted woman paid the price with her life.

Some of us coming from other latitudes are immunized to this kind of ruse since it was a common happenstance in our countries of origin. Back in my youth, it was not uncommon to have your watch and neck jewelry snatched at a red light or during bad traffic jams. You either learned to do without or wear really cheap ornaments. By the way, you were lucky if your car came with Air Conditioner as factory standard, so it was a challenge to keep the windows up in the hot season.

Your car’s window is a security layer. Short of breaking it or threaten to do so with a gun, it will keep most criminals away from you or at least give you a chance to engage in a safety procedure. And as hard as it can be, do not let your good heart override your security. This couple used a baby (fake or not) to make Ms. Smith drop her barriers and the scum killed her.  About the only thing I can think of is to call police and report that the mother and child are in weaving in and out of traffic and you fear for the safety of the baby. If in real need, maybe the cops will see they get sent to a shelter. If scum of the earth, maybe they get removed from circulation.

But sure as hell, Do Not Lower Your Windows. Charity begins at home with keeping yourself unhurt.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Using the Christmas’ Spirit for Crime: They don’t think like us or have our Morals.”
  1. She was not good hearted. She was a fool. This is the weak amygdala of a leftist. They do not have appropriate caution and fear because they see the world as full of resources available free for everyone. In r/K Evolutionary Psychology she is a rabbit. If she was a Wolf, she would still be alive.

    1. Maybe you should rename the name of your blog. Get rid of the “community” part and change it to “lonewolfdon’tneedanybody”
      There is always one fascist with a stupid eugenic comment like this.

  2. Do t give money to panhandlers. Statistically speaking, they earn a better hourly rate than you do. That’s why they don’t bother working.

  3. If you read the book ‘The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics’, you will see that it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Lone Wolf. The Wolf is a Pack Animal. That is community.

    Define what you mean by eugenics. If a person or people do extremely stupid things, and then get killed. If is SELF-eugenics. What I am talking about has nothing to do with some organized governmental group deciding who lives and dies.

    The woman got herself killed because she lives in an environment where she has been trained to be naive. Rabbits are sweet and naive. Wolves are strong survivors.

    The individual story is EXTREMELY sad. But her state of consciousness killed her. She was not killed by my so-called ‘eugenics’ you mention.

    1. We all bow at your perfection…
      If kindness is a weakness in your world, I sure a hell do not want to live in it.

      May the crystal in the palm of your hand never start blinking.

  4. What do you mean by the crystal in my hand? I have never heard of that expression.

    Wise kindness is good. Foolish kindness kills. Big difference. In that woman’s world of kindness, she is dead because she is unable to tell the difference.

    You exaggerate and over-simplify everything I say. Is saying you ‘bow to my perfection’ helping this argument? You resort to mean (unkind!) statements instead of saying something logical.

    Everything is balance: Love with Power. Our society is too kind. That is why Western Civilization is collapsing.

    1. Reference to Logan’s Run (the book was better than the TV series). After a massive revolution against the Old Farts Who Are Ruining Everything, the new way of things is that at birth you are implanted with a crystal clock in the palm of your hand. On your 21st birthday, it turns black- and all good citizens are expected to march off to the voluntary termination centers. Those who try to evade their civic duty by Running are pursued by the Sandmen and executed. The book centers around Logan, a Sandman who has had enough of this shit and Runs himself.

      Miguel, I’m gonna have to disagree with you here. There’s plenty of ways to help the less fortunate- but giving them cash on the street isn’t only hazardous it’s also very counterproductive. Not only are yo likely to be perpetuating a scam (as I’ve personally seen in my hometown), not only does it guarantee more and more aggressive panhandlers, it also doesn’t really help the person you give to get the kind of help they need to change their situation, There’s plenty of clinics, rehab houses, jobs programs, and assistance programs- governmental, private, and church- that actually do some good. Passing out cash on the street doesn’t.

      1. Better ways, yes. But being a heartless fuck and pretty much saying she deserved what she got because she is sheep? That is some cold shit.
        And when people start talking about Evolution applied to SHTF stuff, it scares the shit out of me.

        1. Mr. GFZ, at the risk of sounding argumentative, I (sort of) agree with Mountain Farmer. I do NOT agree that she “deserved it”. rather, what I take from mountain farmer’s comment is that some variety of assault is a plausibly foreseeable consequence of engaging with street people. Being a former big city street medic, these folks are not on the street because the investment banking gig didn’t work out; rather, they have been so maladaptive that the shelters booted em, and nobody will hire them due to the aforementioned maladaptive behaviors. So,it should be no surprise to find violent assault to be common among this demgraphic.

          So, do not engage. This woman’s mis judgement cost her her life. That is sad, tragic for her loved ones, but not unpredictable. “Nice” folks, often are vulnerable.

          Yes, my kids esteem me to be the most cynical person that they have ever met.

  5. A lot of “ homeless” make more money than you do,and its tax free. I have a buddy who is director of a homeless shelter and he told me lots of them are just free loaders. Give at your own risk.

  6. Back when I was going to be a psychologist, we were required to volunteer at the homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

    Lots of mental illness in the homeless population.

    A recurring problem was the people who didn’t technically NEED the help because they were homeless by choice and this was their means of making a living. No luxuries, but completely off the grid.

    A subset of these “fine” folks hovered outside the edge of the charities waiting for a generous soul to wander in with handouts. They were predators disguised among the needy.

    It was possible to ID who’s who once you’d been there a few days, but it’d be hard on a “just passing through” basis.

    You’ve got to balance your generosity with caution knowing that while 6 in 10 who’ll accept your charity are grateful for it, there’s 1 who’s waiting to take everything you have while your guard is down.

    Even worse is one of those 6, whom you’ve dealt with peacefully many times, can turn on a dime and become the one who’s trying to kill you for trying to help. Remember what I said about there being a lot of mental illness in the homeless population?

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