This is how their government is fighting COVID deaths:

This is what we should have done 18 months ago when it became clear that COVID was really only harmful to people under 70 who had severe preexisting conditions and/or obese.

But Big Pharma doesn’t own gyms and gyms don’t own politicians, so our gyms were closed, fast food was deemed “essential,” and we were told to stay home, watch Netflix, wear sweat pants on Zoom meetings, and take a shot (and another, and a booster) to fight COVID.

El Salvador has demonstrated that despite being the home to one of the world’s most deadly and profitable narcotics gangs, it’s less corrupted by drug money than the United States has been by Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “We are getting lapped by El Salvador”
  1. Pretty sad aint it? Political bullshit is more important than We the People… however, some of us saw thru the facade and are living our life healthy and unjabbed… its called Freedom

    1. Forgot to add.

      If this was aired in the US, it would not have these gender conforming individuals who appear rather slim on it. It would have overweight transgenders talking about how inequitable it is for the virus to fat shame them.

  2. I’m not sure the main issue is big pharma. As I see it, the main problem is Democrat politicians. They latched onto the CCP Virus as the magic bullet to take down Trump, and from there as the magic wand to give them unlimited power over the people.

    1. No Trump in Germany – or no political enemy to speak of that could be hurt that way. But they still push the “vaxx is our only hope”-agenda.

      Unrelated: a co-founder of Biontech was just elected into the state branch of the SPD and Biontech sponsored the last general convention of the SPD.
      Also our new minister of health (also SPD) has a history of greenlighting harmful medicinal drugs and fudging studies to benefit said drugs.

      Not everything is a conspiracy pushed by malevolence – that doesn’t mean everything is chance enabled by stupidity, either.

      1. Ok, but Germany is a country like most of the world, without a meaningful constitution and without limitations on state power. Add to that a tradition of totalitarianism going back centuries, and it’s not surprising they’d continue in that tradition. My comment about the “main problem” was for the US.

  3. Bukele has way better PR than our current regime. His Bitcoin rallies are something else. They’re hooking up a crypto mine to a volcano down there to tap into the cheap energy.


    I think i caught the rona on NYE. Spent all of NYD in Bed. Sunday the coughing started. Miserable, foggy headed, runny nose. No loss of smell or taste, No Fever??? I have the options, so I am sleeping it out.

    Definitely needed the cough suppressant! Ribs still ache. Careful not to take Tylenol if the Nyquil already has it!.

    1. Or maybe it is the Flu?
      Or a Cold?

      Not going to wait in a car or outside for hours to get a freaking test.

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