The UK:

The Biden Administration is telling our people that they are on their own to get to the airport and they can’t guarantee a flight out if they do get there because they are first come first serve.

The Poles and the British are going in with armed military to extract their guys.

That’s how a country that cares about it’s citizens behaves.

I guess the only people the Biden Administration gives a shit about are the ones that give Hunter sincures.

This is absolutely fucking shameful.

I have a cousin who is a USAF Colonel and commercial airline pilot.

I am honestly tempted to crowd source getting an international cargo plane and some of the former operators I know down in Huntsville,  and flying to Kabul to repatriate our people and a shitload of NODs, guns, ammo.

I’d bet some of the contractors there would pay good money to have their tech and IP recovered.

Seriously A-Team a rescue because our government is just fucking off to nowhere.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “We’re not even leading from behind, other nations are showing us how it’s done in Afghanistan”
    1. Yeah, Americans were happy to sit on their hands and watch the Germans and Russians burn Poland for over two years, even after defectors brought evidence of the atrocities and concentration camps. Not even mentioning what the British and French “did” because it’s not worth the spit.

  1. I just commented in the other post about the Brits going out on rescue missions while we “don’t have the capability”. Shameful.

    Crowd sourcing a cargo plane to go pickup some Americans? I’d be in on that. Probably the best we could do to mimic a “Dunkirk” type rescue from here in the US. Gonna need a lot of help

    1. Once we get over there, I’m sure we can add to our NV capabilities given all the NODs and PEQ-15s that are laying about . . . or that could become battlefield pickups.

  2. My brothers company isn’t waiting around for our “government” to get them out and are sending their own assets to get them. Phuck Xiao. Phuck Milley. Phuck Austin.

  3. But at least we don’t have mean tweets. Never forget, this is all Trumps fault.

    And there are millions of fucking idiots that think this way. Nothing you say to them, show them; nothing will make them not think that. The only ones who can knock the stupid out of them are themselves but some like my mom will never do so.

    Trump had an agreement. Trump had a plan. Biden’s handlers threw it all out because Trump set it up and they wanted to deny him.

    1. There are no Biden supporters. There are only Trump haters. No one can support what this administration is doing to this country

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