Yesterday was a long and tiring day so I went to bed sometime around 8 pm (Senior jokes, I know they are coming.) So, this morning, after my gym time, I am heading home and pull over the gas station just to top off the tank and almost had a fit.

What did our steamed POTUS say during his State of The Sovie Union that made oil companies go “Fuck it, let’s raise prices before he goes even stupider”?

PS: Can we start early voting like in May? I wonder how many more Democrat legislators the urge will suddenly have the urge no to seek re-election and join the private sector.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “What Da Fuq did Pedo Joe say in SOTUS?”
  1. Apparently, Biden timed a release from the strategic reserves with the SOTU speech. About 3 days worth total volume. So a few cents impact over time, maybe a month or so. I think everyone will be hard pressed to see any relief the way oil prices are climbing.

    Meanwhile, there is pressure to stop importing oil from Russia (rightly so), which is a significant source of our supply (news to many Americans, I’m sure). But if we did that suddenly, the prices would crush our economy. If there was a time in history that showed how the Dem energy strategy is a complete failure it would be right now. We have the capability to be energy independent, but Dem policies intentionally prevent us from achieving it.

    Thanks Democrats. If you didn’t exist, no one in their right mind would ever make you up.

  2. I think our gas prices went up a dime overnight, too. This morning it’s $3.60 and I’m pretty sure when I drove by yesterday morning it was $3.50. That might have been Monday, though.

  3. Not sure what specifically he said, but it was definitely NOT “we will increase oil and gas production in the US.”
    He did say that the way to beat inflation is to make things cheaper. To his credit (or the credit of his speechwriters) he did go on to say that US manufacturing, instead of importing will reduce company costs, but followed up with a green energy push.
    The overall message, as it applies to gas prices, was “you’re screwed. Get used to paying a ludicrous amount for fuel.”

    1. Yes, he did say that making things in the USA will reduce costs. That is true in some cases, false in others. As a general claim it’s nonsense. A lot of things are made so cheaply in third world countries that the cost of shipping them here (and import duties where applicable) still outweighs the higher cost of production of those items if they were made in the USA.

  4. It was $4.35 a gallon in Central Oregon Monday morning. Fortunately I had discount code and my truck won’t need gas for at least a month.
    Way to go Joe 🙁

  5. Went from ~$3.51 to $3.79 here overnight.

    Start sending bills to the White House and every politician that promotes ‘green’ initiatives.

  6. As of today (Thursday, 03/03), the cheapest price in our AO (upper Willamette Valley, Oregon) is $4.09/gal for regular. It was $3.59/gal on Sunday (02/27).

    50 cent increase over four days, one of which included the SOTU speech.


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