There was a shooting of an individual here in Middle TN. The guy was found by a trooper sitting on a guard rail of I-65 so he stopped and offered him a ride out of there. The man produced a box cutter and thing started to go downhill from there.  After 30 minutes of talking, things came to an end.

This is the video from a witness nearby:


And, of course, the ACLU Light Brigade came out in full force demanding to know why cops did not use the magic bean bags and other perfect “non lethal” munitions. Some even questioned why they just didn’t simply went hand to hand with the guy. I did enjoy the most one guy who actually said the cops had no reason to shoot the suspect and 30 seconds later was demending to know why he wasn’t shot in the leg. Contradiction does not seem to faze this guy.

Metro Nashville released the body cam videos and shit was suddenly different that the initial Narrative was telling us. There had been a mention of a shinny round object in the hands of the suspect, but the media reports failed to mention that it was more tubular than round… and this:.

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If you don’t feel like watching the whole video, go straight to 6:15.

I will call it Suicide by Cop and that is all there is to it.

One of the officers is decommissioned for shooting 2 rounds after the suspect was down. I do believe he is in deep mierda for that. Tennessee Bureau of Investigations will be conducting the review of the event. I do not expect a Saint George of Fentanyl  muck up

Of course, this won’t shut up those who want to raise hell, but it is going to be difficult for them to gain support after the video of the body cams was released.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “What did I say about Police Body Cams?”
  1. All the video in the world won’t stop the cretins, morons, fake media, fascists, the entire clown car crew, from their lies. The ONLY thing slowing them down? He wasn’t a tree climber.
    Quite obviously, the videos have been screwed with. /sarc

  2. After careful cueing, I could see the gun come up in the original video, even without the damning bodycam views.

    Yeah, it would have been nice if they could have beanbagged him into submission with four or five rounds to the torso and face, but he had a pistol in his right hand at his side the entire time, and suicide by cop barely covers what happened. He was a walking justifiable homicide at any point in any video. A gun in your hand when confronted by twenty police officers makes you a threat until you drop it. They could have taken a head shot on him at the 0:00 second mark, and it’s still a good shoot in my book.

    Trying to ding any cop under those circumstances for a “late hit” is ludicrous. Unless his head explodes, he’s not down until he stops twitching.

  3. The body cam views makes the item and its location more obvious, and when you square off like he did, and then draw and point like he did, game over.

    And he was still moving until well after he went down.

    The fact that it wasn’t a firearm means he knew what he was doing, and he wanted the cops to kill him. Achievement unlocked.

    Stupid nutball couldn’t kiss a train or just jump off a bridge, or drown himself, he had to wring out twenty strangers to do it for him. What a lunatic chickenshit.

    1. I will take slight exception to the “kiss a train” option. That tends to do real ugly things to the engineer’s state of mind. Practically speaking there’s no way to stop a train in time if somebody decides to step in front of it or into it while it’s moving; but it’s still going to wring out, as you put it, at least one innocent person.

      1. Not to any notable degree.

        It’s not like the engineer’s got any chance to stop the train inside of a mile, and he isn’t being compelled to act in any way to bring about the death, unlike the cops here.
        2000 tons of freight express is an unstoppable force. And unless the guy walks in front of the whole train, the engineer would probably never even know it happened unless there were other witnesses.

        There’d be a three day search just to find the red smudge where it happened.

        All things being equal, I’d be fine if they all had the politeness to just go swimming out to sea, and just never turn back, or hurl themselves into the Niagara River about 20 yards upstream from the falls, at night, when no one was looking, but they’re almost never that considerate.

        I’m not in favor of state-sponsored euthansia, but we shouldn’t make it so hard for the really determined ones to get the job done. The pedestrian fencing on the Golden Gate, for example, should retract for about 100 feet at the center of the bridge during peak outgoing tides, twice a day, with a handy plaque listing the timing daily at both ends of the bridge, and the Coasties who man the Body Snatcher station at the foot of it should be given a 2-hour meal break at that time.

  4. Well boys and girls, yet once again this video teaches us you don’t draw against the drop and you certainly don’t draw against a 20-deep drop of cops. You’re a daisy if ya do…

  5. Replying to Aesop, for what it’s worth, and not much at that, he may have been about to jump off that bridge when the first cop came up to play good Samaritan. 🙁

    1. Were that the case, he could have simply jumped, and no one would have shot him.
      He’s still a chickenshit lunatic, and the gene pool better for his absence.

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