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“We may not have won the battle of impeachment, but we’re going to win the war of putting him in jail, whatever we have to do, and we’re not going to necessarily play fair,”


50 years ago, there was a respect for the members of the Media. In those 50 years they have managed to destroy that respect and now they are nothing more than over payed propagandists with a a Monday to Friday 30 minute political infomercial.

They want Civil War? They will get Civil War. MSNBC host Donny Deutsch thinks he is tragedy-proof because he is a member of the Media and that gives some sort of voodoo protection. You want to do whatever is necessary and fuck the Constitution as long as you get back in power?

We have the reset button.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on ““Whatever we have to do.” This is how you get a pile of bodies.”
  1. He’s calling for War? One of his buttbuddies better clue this idiot in on something.

    Mike Vanderboegh expounded on Bill Clinton’s Serbian Rules of Engagement back in the mid to late 90s, where “…he (Clinton) decided that the political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings (that’s Mr Deutsch BTW) of his enemies’ war effort were legitimate targets of war.”

    Actually those rules were already basically in place when Julius Streicher , the filmmaker and publisher of Der Sturmer was tried and then hanged by the neck right along with the rest of the NAZI party and German leadership. Yes, he was a die hard NAZI party member from the beginning, but all he actually did was be a propagandist. He wasn’t in the military. He wasn’t in the planning of the Holocaust. He was hanged for what he advocated for, said, wrote and filmed.

    I don’t know if Donny Douchebag has either forgotten the lessons history teaches or if he believes that if he can sweep them under the carpet everyone else will not remember them.

    But he better realize that he’s ‘in it now’. Up to his neck.

    1. As long as the good folks on the right can still feed their children, pay their bills, and save for retirement, nothing’s going to happen.

  2. They don’t care how big the pile of bodies is nor do they care the means of how that pile of bodies got there as long as they are on top with their power intact or more power. To them they view everyone not like them as subhuman or even insects or vermin. This is a collective hive mind that literally wants everyone not in it to die. To put it in perspective far leftists comprise around 8% to 10% of United States population. They are perfectly happy with the other 90% to 92% subjugated or preferably dead. And they don’t care how it happens. We already know that if they had their way they would have all gun owners exterminated. That’s over 100 million people. But they don’t view gun Owners of people. They view us as a roach infestation inhibiting Utopia. We are irredeemable and must be destroyed. To them rounding up the children of gun owners who resist at the public schools and publicly executing them is something to celebrate. It’s abhorrent to the vast majority and if they really actually did that no one besides at 8% would support the government and the government would be dissolved and their members killed for crimes against humanity. However they don’t view anyone but themselves as human. So they don’t see the problem with that. But I’ll take it a step further. To them if The pile of bodies in the United state is 315 million, That other 90% they would be fine by that. Even if it means turning the entire nuclear arsenal inward. As long as the amount of illegal immigrants and minorities irradiated is minimized. Because that is how insane they are. I can’t even figure out what to call that. They also have a complete lack of logic or critical thinking skills or even understanding of consequences. Which makes it all the worse. The problem is by 2026 at the latest these people will be in power. Permanently.

    I say by 2027 at the latest gun ownership in United States will be illegal and punishable by death.

    1. By 2027 guns and gun owners will be illegal??? I dont think so. There are way too many of us. We the People are still doing 2 MILLION plus NICS checks a month. We have massive non compliance in states that pass gun bans. Going “door to door” and taking them? They dont have enough people to do it. When jersey passed the mag ban some were claiming that police would go door to door and take them- i did some quick math and came up with 824 YEARS just for jersey. Live your life, train, carry, be observant, live. Thanks to TDS the libs and media are losing their power THAT is Americas victory

    2. Regarding your last sentence, I don’t believe so. After Trump wins in 2020 but still loses the popular vote that Democrats have stuffed with illegal alien votes, the press to abolish the Electoral College will gain the steam it needs to succeed. This means that shortly after the 2024 election, when an insane Democrat ascends to the Presidency after only campaigning in 5 or 6 metro areas, roughly 30-40 states are going to realize they will never have a say in who becomes President ever again. At this point, all of those states decide it’s time to split off. Hence, the second Civil War begins. By 2027, it will probably be in full swing. I don’t imagine places like Arkansas or Oklahoma are going to outlaw firearm ownership, no matter what the Feds do, especially if the country has fractured.

      Or maybe I’ve just been reading too many EOTWAWKI books. 🙂

      1. The funny this is going popular vote might just back fire on them as well since now you’ll have people like me who live in electorally guaranteed blue state who typically vote third party that now have a vote that actually counts for something. Guess which party my vote would never go for?

  3. This plus the traitor judge that just threw out the Covington suit is causing me to seriously wonder if there even is a future for a ‘United’ States of America.

  4. At some point, it strikes me, a bunch of these “reporters” might wind up being glad viewer- and readership has fallen so much. It means their faces and names are less recognizable to the average person, and while anonymity isn’t a perfect defense by far, it’s not a bad start.

    Most of them will still have no useful skills if everything falls apart; but then, that’s also true for most people (yours truly included) depending on how far, far apart actually is.

  5. Donny Deutsch is — in the words of Michael Bane — “chumming for monsters.” He can proclaim what a horrible person Trump is, as well as how evil anyone who works for or supports him is. He can then wash his hands when, instead just stealing a MAGA hat, some unbalanced Leftist decides to start murdering anyone they think is associated with “evil” Trump.

    The problem with chumming, however, is you never know exactly what’s going to come swimming up out of the depths of Leftism. Wait, maybe that isn’t a problem. Maybe it’s a feature.

  6. A few weeks ago, Joe Biden said (paraphrasing here) that it was time for a “physical revolution” to deal with Senate Republicans.

    A year or so ago, Andrew Cuomo, the dictator of New York, declared NY’s independence from the Federal Government, then carefully explained he meant the Federal Government’s “xenophobic, racist policies”. He almost jumped the shark, but I expect the actual declaration comes after Trump wins in 2020. Granted, Upstate NY won’t play along with him, but I digress.

    So it’s no surprise to me that journalists/propagandists are becoming more brazen as well.

  7. HP: “the press to abolish the Electoral College will gain the steam it needs to succeed.”
    Hmmm. That means the legislatures of 3/4 of the States would have to vote to cede their States’ influence to a few metro areas. This seems unlikely, and methinks the first few votes to ratify would lead to outrage on the part of the voters of those States.
    Either that, or the Revolutionary Council just tosses the whole inconvenient Constitution and replaces it with the Manifesto.
    In any event, voters who live in low-population States should preemptively let their State legislators know their opinions on the subject. Maybe even propose legislation rejecting, in advance, any amendment to eliminate or modify the Electoral College.

    1. You’re right, I suppose I’m being extra pessimistic. My cause for concern comes from certain states and liberal politicians pushing the idea so hard, and some states opting to give their electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote, regardless of how the residents of that state voted. Imagine being a state where Trump wins, but the electors are awarded to the Democrat. I realize this could backfire on these politicians, but what are the chances the Democrats allow Trump to win the popular vote? Maybe I’m being cynical as well.

      At any rate, I legitimately hope this country holds together and the Democrats scale back the rhetoric and insanity. I enjoy my life and I don’t wish to live in a fractured, warring nation.

      1. Don’t fall for their propaganda- the Radical Left isn’t as big as they want you to think it is.
        Boasting about nonexistent Fifth Columns and massive support is a classic trick to demoralize opposition.
        But, that’s the way of Gell-Mann Amnesia. We know we can’t trust the media with… anything. Why should we believe them when they try to tell us they have the numbers to affect a hostile takeover?

        1. They don’t need to be big, only effective in transmitting the message. From the Bolsheviks to the Chavistas: they all were small in number but managed to get to power convincing others to do their bidding..

          1. But don’t forget that most Marxist revolutionaries are scavengers. Someone else does the hard work of overthrowing the previous government, and they come in and overthrow that weak government.

            Note also that the Revolutionary governments are often a return to a long standing political culture. Hitler was born of a desire for a return to a Fredrick the Great or Bismark. Mao was a return to the old conquering & uniting Chinese Emperors. Stalin was a return to Peter the Great via Ivan the Terrible, and so on.

            Machiavelli once pointed out that in the same way a freed animal returns to it’s cage, an unfree people will return to dictators.

    2. The problem, as I see it, is the coordinated efforts to have states cede all of their electoral college voted to the candidate with the most popular vote nationally, regardless of how the residents of that state actually voted.

      Since states are allowed to determine how they allocate their electoral votes, in principle this is a Constitutional way of getting around the electoral college system without actually changing it at the national level. (It’s completely against the intent of the system, but that’s beside the point.)

      This, frankly, scares me.

      1. “… a Constitutional way of getting around the electoral college….”
        Not really… if it’s considered to be an agreement or compact among states, it’s expressly forbidden by Article I.
        Since it’s officially known as the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”, the unconstitutionality is baked into the title.

        1. Yes, but the problem with that argument is that it relies on judges who honor the Constitution, and such judges are about as rare as thumbs on mosquitos.

          1. Yeah; the Roberts Court is apparently cool with capitations (Obamacare penaltax floor for those with no income), so why not interstate compacts? And why not titles of nobility, while we’re at it?

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