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First: where did the people in the New Yorker get the grenades? OK, never mind that.

I think it is not coincidental that the covers come from New York City.  The media from the Big Apple has gone from their morally superior stance to annoyingly pushy and now is reaching open aggression in some cases. Even the New York Time & Taco Stand broke a 95 year tradition and published an editorial in its front page.

Why? They are angry and they are afraid. Angry because their holy message is not going through. It is not impacting the way it used to be, reshaping what the country was supposed to think. We are frigging New York City! We mold this country as we see fit! Even Fox News works out of our blessed city, how dare you ignore us!

And because we ignore them and do not goose-step to their beat, we are the real enemy, not the Jihadists. In their mind, they can make a deal with the Islamic terrorists and live happily ever after, but we must be defeated and brought under because we dare to break with their Narrative, flip them the finger and go square dancing.

And they are afraid because they see themselves becoming irrelevant. There was a time when the media would wait for the NYT to be published so they would know what to write about or cover in the morning shows. But now, information is at the touch of a keyboard or an app on a smart phone and no longer is filtered by what some journalist in the Big Apple writes or blabs in front of a camera.

When I found out that something was happening in San Bernardino, I opened my scanner app in my phone and located the SBPD scanner feed. I was not alone but joined close to 16,000 other listeners on that particular app alone. I heard the confusion and anger of the cops, how they were processing the incoming info, how they rushed to different places where the tips were saying the Terrorists could be found. I heard the name Farook Syed mentioned several times. And I heard “Shots fired!” and the detonations in the background, it was chilling to hear the shots and the vices of the cops setting the perimeter and requesting the Bearcats and indicating how they should approach the SUV. I heard one officer getting a visual of the terrorist inside the SUV and announcing that he had an AR strapped to the chest and was still alive.

It then struck me that there might be something on TV and indeed there was the usual chopper images with the incessant drone of the idiotic Talking Heads blabbing just to fill air time, but disconnected from what was going on at street level. I eventually muted the TV and kept listening to the scanner to get a clearer overall picture. The news media was easily 20 to 40 minutes behind what we were listening live, they were not only late, but wrong, annoying and eventually irrelevant on that tragic day.

What they really should be afraid of is obvious but they don’t see it: NYC is a soft juicy target for hits like San Bernardino. They just don’t see it because they passed a law restricting guns with the assurance that they were now immune even though the violent crime rate went up after the passage of the SAFE law. And I am not saying that other cities would not be targets, but the terrorists are not stupid and they rather shoot and bomb the hell out of Broadway theater showing the latest musical than taking a chance in a movie theater in Ft Lauderdale or Fort Worth where there is the chance that some pissed off citizen decides to shoot back at them before they complete their Holy mission for Allah.

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Enough said. It is Saturday, go shoot some targets.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “When ink smells like anger and fear.”
  1. I was right there with you listening live on San Bernardino Systems 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 live while watching the “live” TV coverage. The outright speculation and inaccuracy of the media was exasperating. Now, the full court press for gun control is on so the left “does no let this crisis go to waste”.

  2. I did exactly the same thing. Headphones on listening to the feed via Scanner Radio on my smartphone, with the TV on but very low volume.

    The talking heads were as useless as they were intolerable.

  3. How irrelevant is the NYT? They are publishing gun control articles from mother jones. The MJ store asks why shooting tracker (web site) changed the definition of mass shooting down to four people involved. They had to ask that question? Reddit and tracker plus the rest of the gun control cult were not getting the proper results from their efforts and had to jack up the stats to insight fear and panic. That is why tracker decided to change what a mass shooting is for the whole of the US, the gun control cult still controls the language. That maybe more dangerous than gun control its self.

    1. I have M768 Police Scanner 5-0 Radio for Windows Phone. Android and iPhone have also several. From what I’ve seen, they are free which means adds so go check which one is best.
      Be advised that you may not hear a particular PD or FD well, but that could be their own radio systems rather than the app. Down here MDPD radio sucks but Broward County Sheriff comes in loud and very clear. Test with different PDs. Chicago’s Police Zone 8 usually comes very clear too.

  4. Tom Scott’s Thinking Digital presentation this year was about how the internet has made news media as it was for most of my childhood obsolete:

    And let’s not even get started on Bitcoin, including a TED talk where the presenter sent bitcoins across the world in the middle of his presentation.

  5. NYT: No longer fit to line your birdcage. We should drop it on ISIS as an inhumane war crime atrocity.

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