I am guessing Shane here does not have TV or peruses news websites because this has been all over Old and New Media.


This is the most historic and gigantic anti-gun control “I told you so” in my lifetime. And I believe most Gun Control organizations are taking a PR sabbatical least they are seen as pro-Russian by advocating there is no reason why civilians should own anything else that a measly double barrel shotgun, peashooter sidearm and a box of ammo. And that only till decided it is time you are to go disarmed “for the good of the community.”

I did make Shane an offer for the uppers as long as they are untouched. I believe he is going to need some cash to continue with his dumbassery and I can get some builds made for a decent price.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “When you are tone deaf to what’s happening in the World.”
  1. It’s the old joke about castrating yourself to stop rapists come to life. A fundamental misunderstanding.

    But wasn’t there some anti-gun twit who was campaigning for some office somewhere that cut up an AR-15 and made it illegal? Made it an SBR or something? That isn’t enough of a memory to find it but might be enough to help someone else remember.

  2. Gun grabbers will call for the Ukraine model. The Gov’t will stockpile the weapons and ammo and if there is an national emergency, the firearms be issued and minimum training provided.

  3. This type of clueless idiot is why Biden got elected.
    One thing the left side of the political aisle has demonstrated, repeatedly, is a complete lack of understanding of how things really work in the real world. They believe they can alter one part of a system without the remainder of the system changing in any way. Right now, no other country is a realistic threat to invade the USA. Sure, some sabre rattling, but no real threats.
    Morons like Shane think that will not change in any way, regardless of how our ability to defend the country changes. Disarm the population? Russia and China will still hold off. Focus the military on pronouns and diversity instead of warfighting? Same thing, all those other militaries will just stand by, and do nothing.
    This is not “tone deaf” it is childlike.

    1. Childlike, yes, provided you’re willing to assume that they aren’t aware of the possible outcome. The contrary hypothesis is that they are aware, and it is what they aim for.
      Along those lines, I wonder if Gerhard Schroder is still a paid Russian agent, or if he has resigned that post. If the latter, I wonder if he’ll commit to donate his blood money to the rebuilding of Ukraine.

  4. Safe Surrender Sites?

    Sounds like an employment or volunteer opportunity?
    After all, most business losses are to employees and insiders.

  5. How about we all set up surrender sites in our neighborhoods? We can decide on which, if any get destroyed, and donate the rest to folks that need guns? Works by getting guns from morons and gets guns to normal folks.

  6. Safe surrender sites? Da tovarisch, come to “safe surrender site” ve vill assure you safe trip to gulag.

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