Here we go again with the NRA bashing. Somebody said that somebody in Texas said that the NRA is going to back some representative that they don’t like or belongs to a party or another that does not like and the blogosphere once again is filled with NRA-Sucks posts even though the NRA has not issued yet a single report/support for anybody for the upcoming November elections. But let’s not get the facts get in the way of a well traveled post that can generate thousands of hits, shall we?

Since facts are out of the way, allow me to explain my reasons why I won’t support the NRA anymore:

  1. Somebody told me that the postman that delivers the mail to NRA HQ is a junkie for Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, notorious anti gunners. How can the NRA allow somebody like that into their office space is unforgivable.
  2. My hairdresser posted in her Facebook Page that the NRA endorsed Che Guevara as Governor of Puerto Rico. Since my hairdresser is puerto rican, it must be true.
  3. The NRA failed to stop the appointment of the City of Davie’s new Dog Catcher. He’s been to know be anti gun and comment about the need for sensible gun control.
  4. The NRA also failed to stop the Obama Administration from passing the Health Care Reform, bailing out the Car Companies and stop Global Warming. You know the NRA is in cahoots with the White House!
  5. The NRA is doing a damn thing about lowering the price of ammunition. I am sure they are getting money on the side from the ammo manufacturers against us poor shooters.
  6. I emailed the NRA last month demanding they pass Open Carry in the State of Florida within 30 days. Not only they haven’t done it, but they haven’t even bothered to answer my email.
  7. The NRA should focus more on Second Amendment issues and less on hunting.
  8. The NRA should focus more on hunting and less on Second Amendment Issues.
  9. I feel that my $35 a year NRA membership should include free guns, free range time and a date with Angelina Jolie.  I think they are wasting my money.
  10. I won’t support the NRA because it is the latest meme/trend/ Net fashion thing to do. Common sense has nothing to do. The truth even less.

There… I can breathe now knowing that i have satisfied the thoughtless masses. I shall now return to the logical areas of my brain.

PS: If you think I wrote stuff over the top and hard to believe,I actually saw a demand on a private forum of somebody who this morning posted another bashing to the NRA and calling for an immediate boycott of Ruger Firearms because of long time deceased Bill Ruger ‘s letter supporting the Clinton AWB and High Capacity Magazine Ban.  Shit you not.  Reason had left the building.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

32 thoughts on “Why I hate the NRA (Not really but let’s jump in the bandwagon for a spell)”
  1. On the Ruger boycott thing I can’t agree with you more. Yes their owner supported an idiotic magazine size restriction… when he was alive. He’s dead now and obviously (to anybody with a brain at least) no longer running Ruger. Ruger has released plenty of Bill Ruger Unapproved guns including their AR-15 clone, LCP, and LCR. You can’t hold an entire company accountable for the actions of one man who’s no longer with the company (or living).

  2. Nice. I’ve been trying to convince various people not to throw hissy fits because the NRA didn’t do their personal bidding. I love your response to it.

  3. Tam:
    As you should, but I am talking about the rape-pillaging-burning mentality that some have right now and based on internet rumors or pure malignant BS started for whatever selfish reasons by people who say are on the side of the Second Amendment.
    And it is getting worse but that is for a future post I am working on.

  4. I hate the NRA because sending them money means I can’t also send money to SAF, GAO, politicians I support, or any other organization I please. I’m a little confused as to how they’ve locked me out, but I know for sure that I can’t donate any more money and that it’s NRA’s fault.

  5. So someone says that the NRA is “going to” back someone. Where “going to” means not right now but will in the future. Your response to that is that those concerns are unfounded because the NRA has not endorsed anyone yet.

    The logical part of my brain says that argument does not make sense.

    Though I do find it logical to caution people when they are given tales of what some person or organization did or didn’t do without knowing for sure where the information came from.

    There actually are legitimate reasons for people to complain about the NRA.

  6. “So someone says that the NRA is “going to” back someone. ”

    In this part of the swamp we call that “rumors. The NRA has screwed up before and will screw up again, but I am against this cybernetic lynching just because some find it fashionable to call themselves by Low Fat Milk numbers and that they do not compromise….or achieve a damn thing anyway.

    NRA-PVF does not do the announcements till October IRRC. Till then the only thing we can do in both sides of the issue is speculate and guess. Launching venomous attacks just because is just stupid or there are some sinister intentions behind.

  7. OR

    There are legitimate reason to hate the NRA.

    For example:
    The NRA tried to kill off the Heller case. Pretty serious considering the impact that the case has had on Second Amendment litigation and rights in this country.

    Then, they’ve tried SEVERAL times (some successfully) to kill off key Second Amendment legislation in the state of Georgia.

    So yeah, it’s easy to put up a straw man argument about how you “hate” the NRA, but really there are tangible reasons to invest money and effort into more effective organizations that don’t fight against my Second Amendment right at the state level. Like

    In short Miguel, read more – post less.

  8. “The NRA tried to kill off the Heller case.”

    What? They hired the guy with the bad haircut and air nail gun in No Country for Old men to go after Alan Gura? A flock of Ninja Assassins assaulting the offices of the Second Amendment Foundation?

    Or how about saying that the NRA had serious doubts that SCOTUS would have rendered a decision in favor of the 2A and had serious discussions with SAF about it, which was the real thing happening at the time and not an evil conspiracy as many try to portray it now.

  9. Maybe I should have been more accurate in saying what the NRA actually tried to do, but the issue is still the same. Saying the NRA *just* had serious doubts and *just* tried to talk it out is being disingenuous about what really happened.

    “Gura says the NRA had feared an adverse Second Amendment ruling and had earlier filed suit challenging the D.C. handgun ban on different rationales. The organization sought to consolidate both suits, which Gura interpreted as an attempt to thwart his Second Amendment arguments. He called the NRA suit “sham litigation” in 2003 court papers. Source –

    The NRA tried to forcefully combine the two cases without the consent of Gura or Levy. Rolling the stronger Heller (Parker) case into their weaker case.

    “Even after the D.C. Circuit ruled in March, says Gura, the NRA lobbied for legislation to repeal the D.C. handgun ban as a way to keep the case out of the Supreme Court. “The NRA was adamant about not wanting the Supreme Court to hear the case, but we went ahead anyway,” says Gura” Source –

    “For reasons that remain unclear, we faced repeated attempts by the NRA to derail the litigation. … Enter Congress and the NRA. First, Reps. Mike Ross, D-Ark., and Mark Souder, R-Ind., introduced the D.C. Personal Protection Act. Then, on March 28, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, followed suit in the Senate. Both bills, pushed hard by the NRA, would repeal the D.C. gun ban. Ordinarily, that might be a good thing. But passage of the bills would kill the Parker litigation. It isn’t possible to challenge a law that has been repealed. Source –

    So you have both of the top lawyers in the Heller case publicly stating the NRA tried to effectively kill off their legal efforts on two fronts. First, the NRA tried to forcefully combine their case with Gura’s because they did not want a challenge to reach SCOTUS at the time. Second, when it looked like that failed, they tried to have members of Congress introduce legislation that would kill off a legal challenge by way of making it moot.

    If anyone had a better perspective on what was happening to the case, it would be Gura and Levy.

    I get it. You like the NRA, and that’s fine. Just don’t try to rewrite history because you support them.

  10. Matt, there you go again with the kill thing.
    When you equal disagreement with “kill” you are contributing to the unnecessary amount of rubbish. Yes the NRA did not like the odds and they were wrong. But it is easy to criticize now that they took that stand because Heller did come out in our favor.
    And If Heller would have come out the other way, the NRA would still be criticized for not stopping Gura and SAF. And I do recall clearly that NOBODY (and that includes Gura) was sure of the outcome prior to presenting the case to SCOTUS and that only after Judge Kennedy started drilling the other side is when hopes were raised…. and those were Gura’s words in a Guntalk Radio interview right after Heller.
    It is not what it did or did not do, it is the amount of bullshit generated by a shitload of people that have not done one single iota for the Second Amendment but developed a pair of blogging testicles to badmouth the NRA.

  11. About 2 weeks ago I contacted Mike Piccionone (sp) from Guns and Patriot’s webpage to attempt to discover the logic of why the nra still will not confirm or deny their stand on harry reid’s endorsement. About 2 weeks ago Mike said I don’t have the real story and some day he will give us X-life members(40+ years) the real story. Right now us little people that cannot contribute monthly stipends have to wait while lapierre and the bunch try and polish the image of one of the most corrupt unethical U.S.senators in history of this great nation. Shame on the nra. Their logic on this issue depends on what crystal ball they are using to determine the nov. election. Before cancelling my 40+ year life membership I called-emailed- and finally talked to one director and 1 AZ. rep. Their take is-I just don’t understand the beltway. They have caved again for $ and power. SHAME on the nra.We are keeping our guns without any help from the unresponsive power brokers. good luck

    herk fin Arizona

  12. Did you read any part of my previous post where I provided you primary sources that showed how the NRA actively tried to disrupt the Heller (Parker) cases?

    You’re taking issue with my use of the word “kill,” and side stepping the real issues.

    The NRA did more than just disagree.

    They tried to consolidate the Heller (Parker) case into their weaker case. They also tried to force legislation that would make the Heller (Parker) case moot.

    Please address these two issues before you take exception to my use of the word “kill”.

  13. So what you are saying is that nobody knows who the NRA is supporting for November, you don’t know how the process works, somebody tells you that one day he will tell you something something or another which makes you jump to the conclusion that it was time to cancel your membership?
    Yep, that makes sense….. and explains some stuff I’ve been dealing with.

  14. I said nothing about upcoming elections nor canceling my NRA membership.

    Please address the issues of the NRA trying to forcefully consolidate the Heller case into their own (weaker case) and their trying to craft legislation to render the Heller case (which they did not like) moot.

  15. I was addressing Herk but I failed to make the distinction.
    As for your required answer, It was the safest course of action as they saw it then. Was it the right one? No in light of what it came afterward, but is it reason enough to set fire to NRA HQ and brand members? Neither. But that seems to be the new fashionable thing to ask for. Dumb as shit if you think there is not a single solitary group with the pull the NRA can have in Congress, but the No Compromise club seems to wanna play airsoft with real bullets and they think they can call time-out once things do not go their way.
    In the meantime everybody must be prepared for having loses in court and have a long protracted fight. Some seem to think we will knock down 20,000 gun laws by 2013 when the administration changes. Wakey wakey.

  16. I don’t hate the NRA but i hate what they stand for. Guns are quite possibly the most detrimental invention to curse society. I predict the second amendment in its supposed eliteness will fall at the hand of a well placed bullet. It’s not the latest Internet meme. It’s not the latest fashion. Its murder.

    P.S. Sarcasm *clap clap* Furthering your argument using a clichéd medium really makes you look pro.

  17. They call them rumors around here too. Maybe my point was too subtle… you gripe at other internet postser without giving a link or anything to where these occured. We just have to take your word for it that the guy has no clue what he is talking about. That it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to have in any way received legitimate accurate information on the situation. Perhaps the NRA gave or promised the Rep money and the Rep said he was going to be endorsed at some political event.

    Basically I am as equally distrustful of your claim that he is wrong as I am that he is actually correct.

    And the PS… that is the equivilent of saying someone on the internet posted some old news/information thinking it was still relevant.

    You want to see people posting old information, try asking questions about carry laws. I have seen people answer with something that has not been the actual law in over 20 years.

  18. “I have seen people answer with something that has not been the actual law in over 20 years.”

    Oh hell, I think I mentioned somewhere how old or wrong info keeps coming back because it was the first one our brains absorbed and I have been guilty of that myself 🙂
    We should come up with some funny & fake gun laws just to lighten up the mood around here.

  19. Hello all. Approx 6 weeks ago the nra floated a news leak that they might endorse harry reid. When they received a landslide of negative feedback they stated that they were only testing. Yesterday 8/31/2010 they announced they will not be endorsing harry. @ the same time they are taking members’ money ($5000) to give to harry’s campaign. Harry is the closest thing I have seen to the anti-Christ. He and others have contributed to the breakdown of this great country. After 40 years of life membership I have left and quite honestly with a fair amount of anger. The nra ‘s logic is if politicians are pro gun they will endorse them. Using this same logic if obama was pro gun they would endorse him. I object them telling me I just don’t understand the beltway mentality. Over 40 years I have donated thousands of dollars to the org and they now are still saying they are a one issue organization. The bottom line is that I am asking (almost begging) all of you to call ,write, email the nra & ask them why they would support the ilks of reid. To provide $ to this organization is a slap in the face of millions of people that sent their hard earned $ to defeat people like reid. They are a cash cow with their mailing program but I think they might be trying to milk a bull. Please confirm or deny my statements. If you like harry reid join the nra. Also please confirm and I will be pleased to remove you from this rant. GUNS YES- nra NO. God bless America herk

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