I cleaned my house today, like I do almost every Sunday.

One thing that I do is take my toaster and toaster oven outside, scrub them out with dish detergent, and rinse them out with the garden hose.

I then leave them out to dry for several hours in the sun.

They still work like the day they were new.

They are also clean on the inside.  No gunk or crud or burnt on shit.  I hate a gross appliance with old gunk on the inside.  It really disgusts me.

I can do this because there isn’t one single chip or digital circuit in either of them.  Just good, old fashioned analog systems.

I’ve had these for years and they still work after countless weekly washings.

I just make sure that they are completely dry before I plug them in and use them again.

Everything today is digital.

Toasters that have Bluetooth connectivity for some stupid reason.

Give me analog appliances any day, because I can take a garden hose to them.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Why I love analog electronics”
  1. Along those same lines, give me a truck that might have all the creature comforts, but a simple rubber floor! So it can get the same hose treatment. It is a truck after all. Seems that the rubber floor only comes in the fleet/work truck trim level and is quite stripped of niceties these days. Carpeting does not belong in a truck.

    There is a place for digital though. I work as an engineer for a group of radio stations and it sure is nice to wire up a studio with just a couple runs of Cat5 instead of 26 pair cables and #66 punch blocks. Any day I need my punch down tool I count as a bad day.

  2. I think that would be a little excessive for me. I don’t even use my toaster every week. I think the toaster oven is still boxed up and on the closet shelf?

    On the other hand? My sonic care (TM) toothbrush — That does get taken apart and scrubbed with bleach cleaner once a week. Then it gets rinsed and the brush part is set in the UV cleaner I bought last year.

  3. Internet connectivity is part of Agenda21-31 of the un master plan… that way the un can turn everyones thermostat down to 50 degrees in winter time and turn your toaster off so you cant warm up the kitchen.
    I HATE all this new fangled “hook it to the internet “ junk. If you can “control your house from your phone”, so can someone else!!

  4. I’m surprised that the boards (as in the boards the elements are wrapped around in the toaster) aren’t affected, but I don’t know what their composition is. Some sort of mica/ceramic?

  5. LMFAO the first time I saw a refrigerator with a TV in the door.
    Doesn’t look like that bright idea lasted long.

  6. Electronics, in general, don’t mind water. They are washed as part of the manufacturing process. Some components do object; switches are one example. But I have several digital electronics devices I built where I used “water soluble flux” for the soldering, and washed them under a stream of warm water in the kitchen sink, scrubbing with a toothbrush. No problem.

  7. Much of the flux is water soluble these days. Just have to be careful to seal any water sensitive components with waterproof conformal coating beforehand. Some ICs ARE very sensitive to even humidity and must be well sealed. They have to be kept in a dehydrator until installation and sealed immediately.

    Michael D, I used to do the engineering gig for broadcast radio stations years ago. I would still much rather do the 33 pair shielded cable and 66 blocks than to trust fully computerized with all Cat 5 or better. I was using Arcnet in radio stations to connect studios before Ethernet even existed. Works great until it doesn’t (and I am a 67 year old computer geek who loves computers). I may be old school, but until I very recently retired, I was QA with a major repair & refurbishment facility for railroad related electronics and accessories. I have seen which systems are the most error/failure prone. There is a reason that many railroads persist in rebuilding/repairing 40 year old systems/equipment instead of upgrading. The old stuff is much less susceptible to damage. When they do upgrade, that opens another big can of worms.

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