The boredom and malaise of unemployment have caused me to become self-destructive.

No, I’m not drinking or doing drugs, but I have subjected myself to more episodes of Deputy.

It wasn’t terrible, for a little while, but then it veered hard Left.

In the episode from two weeks ago (S1E07 Search and Rescue), the Sheriff’s assistant/security detail was injured in a car accident.  At the end of the episode, she comes out as non-binary to the Sheriff’s wife, who is also the ER doctor who treated her.

Whatever.  Except, the doctor says “I know that there are more than two sexes.”  Yes, sexes.  Not genders, sexes.  Since sexual reproduction evolved 1.2 billion years ago, which lead to a greater increase in the diversity of life on year than in the previous 2.3 billion years of asexual reproduction, there have only been two sexes.  This claim is more than just Woke, it is a denial of evolutionary biology.

I’m not chalking it up to an accident.  Shows like this have a team of writers and editors, then the director, the actor who says the lines, post-production editing.  That dialog had to go through a lot of people who just accepted that as fine.

Nevertheless, I persisted.

Last week’s episode (S1E08 Selfless) was insane.  I am writing about it now because of Miguel’s post Liberalism Has RUINED California.

Here is the plot in a nutshell:

A murdered homeless Marine Corps veteran and addict is found in a tent in a homeless camp in LA.  The Sheriff’s best buddy deputy who was also a Marine Corps veteran and recovering alcoholic takes it personally and wants to solve the murder.

There is no twist or mystery to it.  The murdered homeless veteran was a “good guy” who was the homeless camp’s protector.  He was murdered for being a “good guy” by a security guard who worked for a local millionaire developer.  The developer paid the guard to murder the homeless veteran (not knowing he was a veteran) to give the police justification for clearing away the homeless encampment.  The encampment was making it impossible for him to build and was driving away potential customers.

The Sheriff makes it very clear that the developer is the bad guy for building housing that is too expensive, with building amenities like hot yoga studios and juice bars, and that the homeless are just victims.

He literally says “a tent city is just like any other neighborhood.”

The Sheriff refuses to clear the camp and insinuates that an elected city official that asked him to clear the camp is corrupt since he’s on the board of a development company.

During the Sheriff’s dressing down of this city official, he says in reference to a mural of LA’s history in the building, “the Spanish sent forty-four people to start this city, none of them looked like you or me.”

This is clearly implying that the white elected official wants the homeless tent city cleared because they are minorities and he’s a racist.

But more than that, how woke do you have to be to forget that Spaniards are white Europeans?

This is a portrait of Queen Isabella I – the mother of Spain.

When the forty-four Spaniards arrived to found Los Angeles, that was during the rule of King Charles IV of Spain, who was of the Bourbon line.  As in the same royal lineage as the French monarchy.  This is his portrait.

So I’m actually pretty sure that the Conquistadores and Monks who founded LA, were white guys like the Sheriff and the elected official.

It’s an insane bit of reasoning by Hollywood writers, that because they are used to hearing Spanish spoken by their brown Mexican maids, the reverse is true that everyone who speaks Spanish is a brown minority.

But I digress…

So in this last episode, we have been told that drug-addicted homeless vagrants in disease and filth soaked tent cities are our neighbors who are the victims of rich white developers, and people need to get used to the homeless living next door to their condos and shitting on the streets outside their hot yoga studios.  To think that is wrong makes you racist.

Of course, the writers and actors for this show don’t have to deal with this because the homeless live in Downtown LA where they don’t live.  The homeless are kept out of Malibu and Beverly Hills, so they don’t have to see them.

The closest they get is a bunch of paid extras to act homeless on a city street after the police cleared out the real homeless and a bunch of low-level studio workers power washed the sidewalk.

It’s not like the homeless are a problem for them.

Lastly, I’m bracing myself for future wokeness of an unbearable degree.

The Sheriff says to his non-binary assistant that he checked her file and called her former boss to find out why a former Pentagon Intelligence Analyst was in LA driving the Sheriff around.  The assistant was booted out of the Pentagon for some reason as yet to be explained, but the Sheriff wants to give the assistant a second chance.

Knowing how this show is, I’m expecting there to be a reveal where the assistant did something the Left would consider noble but Middle America would consider treasonous, stopping a drone strike on a terrorist cell or some shit like that.

Maybe I should take up heavy day drinking.  It would be better for my brain than this shit.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Woke Hollywood is facilitating the destruction of LA”
  1. OMG, daytime (and most night time) TV will rot your brain faster than day drinking. I was home for just 3 months with a broken foot and Jerry Springer almost killed me. Watching one of the usual ‘I have a secret to tell my lover’ episodes when this (obvious) tranny gets on there and says she wants to tell her boyfriend that she is a he. Out comes some hillbilly looking clod who sits down, and when she tells him that he/she is really a man, the boyfriend blurts out” all this time youze wanted it from behind I though you was just a freaky ho!” That did it, nothing but books and the radio the last 3 weeks. Good luck with your ‘funployment’, as Obama would have called it.

  2. “No, I’m not drinking or doing drugs, but I have subjected myself to more episodes of Deputy.”

    Really? You must really enjoy self-inflicted pain. 😉

    The first 2 options at least would provide you some pleasure, temporarily as it would be, but better than actually making a conscious decision to watch *Woke TV.* Ugh.

  3. So, TDW-Mark II likes her some TeeWee. Me? I’d rather gargle vinegar. I read,Ii write, I surf the webs, and follow blogs such as this.

    My cardiologist tells me that I really ought to avoid pressure testing my coronary arteries, with any sort of frequency. So, no TV for me!

    You have myriad alternatives, including watching the birds in the yard. All of them wiser uses of your time than TeeWee.

  4. Given your newfound devotion to subjecting yourself to the detestable, I shall try to get you a DVD set of every broadcast of The View since it began, and an autographed lingerie picture of Joy Behar.

      1. “I actually watched an episode of the View once.”

        And you didn’t go blind/deaf/insane listening to them progtard harpies?

        [Darth Vader] Impressive… Most impresive. [/Darth Vader]

  5. In 1776 when the Franciscan padres searched for a route to cross the Colorado River to return to Santa Fe, NM, a certain band of indians redirected the padres to a route which would take them to a very dangerous place. The indians purposefully misdirected the padres because they were highly irritated by the ‘white men’. This account was recorded directly from the indians by some in the padre’s entourage who had fallen behind the main party. They were taken captive and tortured during which the indians freely boasted of sending the white men into the hands of death.

    They made it across anyway. Padre’s Butte in present day Lake Powell is near where the crossing took place. Fr. Escalante wrote of this in his thrilling detailed account of their failed journey to reach what is now Salt Lake City.

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