Her five-year-old is crying, and the little girl’s older brother tries to calm her down – as a good older brother should – and mom’s response is some woke bullshit about “white girl tears.”

The mother is a psycho who will emotionally damager her children for TikTok likes.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Woke mother convinced to dislike and neglect her own child”
  1. Evil. Suicidal evil on a cultural level. Did this get reported to CPS if family didnt intervene.

  2. Pfft…so much for the nurturing sex.

    Kids have fits. It happens. Could be growing pains, could be hormones, could be she’s not feeling well. It’s her job to discern this. If I’m figuring right, there’s a baby that got up early, and now the five year old is acting out.

    Happens all the time at my daughters. One gets up early, getting the others up, then they’re tired and brittle all day. FFS, I’m a old man grandpa and I know that.

    Bad enough she’s indifferent. Worse, she seems proud enough to tell the world on tik-tok.

  3. (a) where’s dad?

    (b) myself, I’m both proud on behalf of the 11 year old, as well as (lack words) regarding the birthing parent (because this Borg appears to be no Mother), that he is adult enough to nurture his baby sister. (So, NOW I understand why the wokesters developed that particular circumlocution!)

    (c) and, put this little vignette up on social media? OMFG!

  4. Society responding to white girl’s tears? WTF?

    What would this … individual say if she was black? What if her five year old daughter was black?

    I guess the video would be all about how society ignores her little girls tears because of her skin color.

    1. A few things horrify me:

      1) The racism and sexism in her rant about “white girl’s tears”.

      2) Not wanting her son to be protective and caring.

      3) Being proud of her attitude

      On the other hand, “parents” like her won’t be trying to load us onto the trains — they’ll be lifting their own kids into the cattle cars.

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