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I used to wonder, like what would be the sign, how would you know the communists really have taken over, bolshevism is coming, etc , etc… like, how would you know that balloon has gone up?

Joe Blow over at Divemedic’s

First, I do see similarities with what happened in Venezuela with what we are going through here. But if you are looking for specific points in common, there aren’t because every country had/has its peculiarities and the enemies of Freedom tailors the actions accordingly. What may affect an Anglo-Saxon Protestant mind will not be the same as to a Latino Catholic or anybody else. Some will fall faster because of historical traditions of submission or independence. There is no concept of inalienable rights in Venezuela, or pretty much anywhere outside the US so there has not been a long-lasting struggle that allows you to appreciate them.  A flick of a pen and you are no longer “protected” and unable to stand for your life or have the moral back up of millions because that is the way it has been for 500 plus years. Here we are always fighting because we do understand the concept and understand that our falling will come when the Bill of Rights officially becomes the Bill Of Removable Privileges.

Unfortunately, there is never a very specific moment in time or action per se that could be defined as the crucial moment when people went “Aha!” and the veil fell from their eyes.  Sure, you go back and read some books written by historians and inevitably you will be told of that moment may it be the Boston Massacre, El Grito de Dolores, the Beer Hall Putsch, the Attack on the Moncada Barracks or El Caracazo or any other date that is needed to create some sort of starting point to bloviate about some further events.

The truth is whether it be Fascist or Communists, they all took their sweet time working and prepping the ground where their revolution was to grow. Do notice I do not differentiate between one or the other in the spectrum because they both seek the same thing: Be minority with absolute Power; and the rest of the factors in the equation are just ornaments used to disguise the objective.

As for Joe Blow’s question, the proverbial balloon has been up for quite a while and it has been a bunch of small ones, not just huge one painted in reflective orange with big flashing sings indicated “The time has come!”  We as society, under the principle of “we all should get alone and allow all ideas to be discussed over ours” have allowed free floating rights and the overtaking of the moral “airspace” to ideas that have been proven not only wrong, but morally perverse and historically deadly for a long while now. Example: we are even allowing the discussion of the sexual perversion of children by a group of individuals that have sought and obtained the protection of the “law” which previously would have sent them deep inside a deep pit never to surface again.

We have allowed the weaponizing of our Law Enforcement against political foes, may it be a former president or a mom standing against a school board. That did not happen in a short frame of time and some of you may still remember when they were called Peace Officers rather than Law Enforcers and the wording itself should have been warning enough to take pause. Andy Griffith is long dead, Judge Dread is ruling Mayberry, and we are told to deal with it, citizen.  And then we have masses of people politically aligned/created by Fascists Bolsheviks run crazy through cities not only without any fear legal reprisal but sometimes with their protection so we cannot stand against them. Set a block of buildings in fire after you cleaned them out? Almost peaceful protest. Shooting an asshole pointing an AK at you because he was in the approved mob? Arrested, tried and convicted for exercising self-defense and the gall to stand against their right to murder you.

And how about mind-altering drugs both legal and otherwise? Remember when they told us that all addiction and crime problems would disappear once we tolerated/permitted/legalized drug use? Does people openly shitting on the streets, stabbing somebody to get some cash for the next fix or dying of overdose in front of the grocery store seem like a problem solved?  There is no longer a “bad side of town” in Chicago, Pittsburg, San Francisco or Seattle because they are now the bad side of the frigging country.

I don’t believe I have to continue providing examples on how deep we are in the shithole. The problem is we have been too polite and pinched our noses because that is “the right thing to do” and “right” has been skillfully equated with being peaceful and inactive and thus we have refused or feared to take a forceful stand.

I sadly believe there is no way to avoid the upcoming “unrest.” Pretty much what I have left is wondering about the number of bodies that will be piled up and who will be the most ruthless about it, because that will be the side that wins.

There is nobody coming to help us once the shooting starts and there is no country we can escape to as refugees. There is only one America and that is us.

Ain’t I a cheerful Mfer?

Apologies for the ranting.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I read DM’s post last night, I figured you had to be the guy he was talking about. The truly sad part is, that you have been there and done that, and people will still ignore you.

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