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This week, one of the deadliest prosecutors in the country accused a murder victim’s mother of not grieving appropriately. State Attorney Angela Corey of Jacksonville, Florida took to the airwaves to say the mother, who opposes the death penalty for her child’s killer, is “more interested in publicity than actually grieving for her daughter.”

Florida Prosecutor Smears Mother Of Murder Victim Because She Opposes The Death Penalty – Thinkprogress.

Damn, how thing change! Once the champion of the oppressed because of her determination to prosecute George Zimmerman for Murder, now she is being vilified by the same left fr her runaway mouth. I have covered Corey before (and stayed the hell away from her  area of operations just in case) and she is the walking definition of prosecutorial misconduct and abuse of power.

About the only good news we can get is that she appears to be all but kicked out of office via elections to be held today in Florida.  I won’t celebrate until the election is over, the votes counted, results certified and no lawsuits are brought forward contesting the election.  I predict she will not go gently into the night and she will exact her fury on others for her electoral loss.

Florida will do better with her out of the State Attorney’s Office.  Good riddance.

Hat Tip. Derek Ward.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey no longer the darling of the Left.”
  1. “I predict she will not go gently into the night and she will exact her fury on others for her electoral loss.”

    Yup. She’ll latch onto some “social justice” cause and then run for higher office.

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