Tennessee shall soon be covered in snot-dripping zombies caused by the new Delta variant to the Wuhan Flu.

And just like that, a slumbering threat awakens again.

The rate of daily coronavirus infections in Tennessee has more than tripled in the past three weeks – one of the largest increases in the entire nation – as the virus shows signs of renewed spread. The state’s average test positivity rate and count of active infections also climbed sharply in the same time period.

Tennesseans have effectively opened the door for this spread, leaving themselves vulnerable to the return of the virus, by failing to take advantage of vaccines that have been free and accessible for months, said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

COVID-19 infections triple as Tennessee backs off vaccine outreach (dnj.com)

I have seen less drama in a Telenovela’s finale.  Since I got here, I noticed that the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) have been on a bender about the Republican-led State not forcing young ones into vaccination and assorted other “DO THIS OR YOU DIE!” schemes. So basically I am not missing the DeSantis Derangement Syndrome at all but just the same BBQ with different sauce.

Infections mean squat. Anybody who has taken all but an hour of health classes in school knows that. The key indicator is deaths and if they have increased in any significant way and for that, in a very “newspaperish” and traditional manner, you have to go to the bottom of the article.

Fortunately, Tennessee’s increased infections have not translated into a rise in hospitalizations or deaths – at least, not yet. The state is still reporting single-digit hospitalizations and deaths from the virus each day, and these statistics have not increased in step with infection rates.

I have seen plenty of vaccination campaigns in my lifetime. And truthfully nothing so hamfisted and bullying as this Covid Vaccination drive, and I come from a Third World country where the rule of laws was always in the favor of the Government to impose its will on People. All the campaigns were not ordering but inviting people to be vaccinated (or bring the kids to have their series of vaccinations) to a convenient location near them. Sometimes week days were selected with work and school suspended for that day and region so people could attend. there was not a push or a browbeat or an organized campaign to shame people into getting vaccinated: Lots of people came and if you did not, Oh Well, your ass.

But what we have here is simply a push to prove assertion of power. You will do stuff we tell you not because of the “public good” but because they can get away with it, they can go away with proving they have power over you. It ain’t about health but spreading the  plague of little dictators about the land.

If you want to get the vaccine, do so. We got ours. You do not want to get the vaccine? Fine and dandy, we are still friends and we can hang and I am even willing to bet that unless you are past 65 and have managed to screw up your health and are just there by the Grace of God, you have a pretty good chance (98% I believe) you won’t die of this crap if you get infected.

And for those Karens in public service and private life: Shut the hell up and let people be. Stop trying to develop your own little fiefdoms may they be physical or in that sick real state inside your brain.  The laws and regulations you want to impose to control somebody else’s body and health will be used against you in the future because the Robespierre Principle is karma at its best.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on ““ZOMG! Delta Variant is infecting everyone!” (B.S. crosses states lines)”
  1. It’s the same with the Delta variant everywhere. I saw a graph of numbers of Delta cases vs hospitalizations in the UK – infections went from zero to the vast majority of cases, maybe 90% while hospitalizations and deaths plummeted to single digits.

    It may be more infectious but it’s far less likely to harm. If it was even remotely more serious, the hospitalizations would have ticked up.

  2. “Local news” (who are we kidding, they’re all owned by Nexstar and Sinclair and read from the same scripts) has been hammering it all too.

    There are two names that are constantly in the news here. The local state DPH mouthpiece and the local hospital’s equivalent of Fauxi. If I never see those to assholes in the news ever again it will be too soon. They’re apoplectic about the new variant and frothing at the mouth that 70% of Alabamians aren’t particularly interested in being used for long term test subjects.

    I used to stay up on local news here, but they’re no different than the likes of CNN/Fox News/MSNBC.

  3. See what happens when you move?? You infected the WHOLE state. Hahahahaha hahahahahaha.
    It IS fun to watch dems frantically trying to remain relavant.

  4. I think what we’re seeing in all these cases is the fact that most unvaccinated people are young, and they are basically not subject to the more serious consequences.

  5. This was pointed out to me the other day.

    If you surround DEM with panic you get panDEMic.

    And, the folks on the left have capitalized on this virus to an ridiculous extent. Make people afraid and they will hand over their freedoms to you.

    1. Of course they have. It started when the CCP Virus first came out — the Dems immediately latched on to it as their final best chance to get rid of Trump, impeachment and FBI “investigations” having failed miserably. Everything they have done in the year and a half since then can be readily understood from that starting principle.

  6. I have predicted for mnths now (maybe well over a year, but I haven’t kept track) that exactly this would happen. Others have predicted the same; “COVID 19” would evolve into little more than another seasonal cold, little differemt from the hundreds of other coronaviruses out there that cause similar symptoms.
    Truly “successful” viruses in the evolutionary sense trend towards more contagion but less mortality. A virus is more easily spread by someone only mildly sick who continues in their daily life as opposed to those bedridden or dying. High mortality viruses tend to burn out fairly quickly. And coronaviruses are more easily mutatable than most.
    Which lends itself to supporting the theory that it was ultimately intended as a bio-weapon, although I continue to believe that A. It wasn’t “ready for prime time” yet, and B. It was not released intentionally. Initial waves were not as lethal as one might want for a weapon, and Chinese disregard for even their own people’s lives aside, releasing it on the home front for the most effective and deadly waves to hit doesn’t make sense. You don’t nuke yourselves and hope the trade winds carry the fallout to your enemies.

    1. Kermit, I think you underestimate the extent to which communist elites don’t give a damn about the people. Killing off a few tens of millions for what they judge to be a valid political purpose is a perfectly normal and accepted practice among communists. You can prove this easily from the fact they have done this a half dozen times in the past.
      A virus outbreak that killed a bunch of people 2000 miles from Beijing is just not any big deal, nothing that Xi and his partners would lose any sleep over.
      And by the way, remember that the Chinese response to the initial outbreak was to shut down domestic travel very rigorously, while leaving international travel open. What plausible explanation is there for such an action other than biowarfare?

      1. Accidentally downvoted your comment reaching for the reply button. Frigging touchscreens. Please disregard that.
        I don’t disagree with any of your points, except for the fact you don’t set off a nuclear bomb on your own laboratories that made the damn thing and hope the wind blows the fallout the right direction. At a bare minimum, it is wasteful of the initial and nastiest damage; plus, it attracts too much attention to the lab that developed the thing.
        Everything that followed the release – intentional or not – was certainly weaponizing the virus. It would just be stupid to intentionally do it the way it occurred. Far better to have it pop up in multiple locations worldwide simultaneously, or have it appear to originate somewhere else.
        Even domestically, Hong Kong would have been a “better” place to pick as Ground Zero.

  7. Something else to ponder. The CCP had two vaccines going into trials in April 2020. Given the state of CCP science, how plausible is it for them to do it that fast starting from zero in January? In other words, how much of a head start did they have?

    1. I have no doubt it was in development as a weapon.
      I just doubt the practicality of China bombing their biological research version of Los Alamos, Sandia, or Oakridge labs deliberately.

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