Month: January 2023

Would like you help looking for something

Once again I’m about to spend almost $500 on heating oil for a month.

Heating oil is effectively diesel, so right on about $5/gal.

I have a combination closed circuit hot water radiator and on demand hot water heater, so both my house heat and hot water are fired from from the same oil boiler.

I keep my thermostats off during the day, but between the little house heat I try to use and hot water, I’m using just under 100 gallons per month.

I’ve been told that actually that’s pretty good using about 3 gallons per day in winter.

Still I hate the fuck out of it.

Here’s the thing.

I have access to all the free wood I want.

All the free wood I want is used pallets and wooden shipping crates.

I worked in a fabrication shop where our boss burned pallets and shipping crates to keep the shop heated.

It worked, but it wasn’t the best smelling fire.

I want a wood burning furnace that sits outside of my house and blows the hot air into my house with ductwork.

I’ve seen very expensive exterior wood burning boilers that heat water to circulate, but those are clearly primary heat sources.

I want a supplemental heat source.

I want something to heat the house so I don’t have to kick on the furnace at all, or as little as possible.  If u can cut my oil use in half, just as a hot water heater, I’ve come out ahead.

Apparently units like what I want existed but have been discontinued.

I don’t know if they have been regulated out of the market.

If anyone is familiar with what I want or has an idea how to set it up, I’d be appreciative.

I have no shame in heating my house with pallets to save money.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes


Faking people out with a punch as a prank is a stupid fucking game.

You roll the dice that the guy you’re pranking won’t fight back.

This guy played that game and won himself a TBI as a grand prize.

The headache he will have when he wakes up is well deserved.

Things that wouldn’t happen in Florida or Texas


This shit wouldn’t happen in a state like Florida or Texas.

He might get away with it once or twice but eventually he’ll roll snakeeyes and attack a driver with a concealed carry permit and anyone who has ever seen the gene played knows that gun beats pipe.

In a stand your ground state, the cops would take one look at the dashcam video of that guy exiting his car with a pipe in hand and would let the guy who shot him in self defense go.

If it happened in Polk County, Sheriff Grady Judd would make fun of his dead stupid ass during a press conference.

The only people protected by restrictions on concealed carry are criminals like this.

Tuesday Tunes

What was old is new again is a phrase I’ve heard from time to time, be it bell bottom jeans or a dozen other fashion styles. Heinlein mentioned in one story, which I have not verified, that hemlines have a correlation to solar activity.

Music goes in cycles as well. I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing The Wellerman because it seems that every person with a YouTube account that sings has put up their attempt.

Music often has lascivious lyrics. Things that make you go “Say what?” At University I watched Footloose in the theater multiple times. I enjoyed the music greatly. I never understood why her father was upset about her dancing to Dancing in the Streets. Years later I found out it was actually Dancing in the Sheets oh my.

Back before my time there were songs of the same level of suggestion, often a bit more. Go listen to Cole Porters Some Like It Hot.

If you thought the left had a fit over It’s Cold Outside imagine what would happen over this song:

or this one:

Here’s one from them trolling the church:

To finish out our Limelighters retrospect, their take in 1961 of “Woke Culture”.

And the original:

It is the smell of desperation I sense? (UPDATE: Florida Chest Thumpers join Mom Demand in opposition of the bill)

A bill has been introduced in the Florida Legislature which will finally recognize Constitutional Carry as the law of the land. And predictably, the Anti Gun cadre is opposed and the hysterics are monumental, especially because Governor DeSantis had already promised to sign the bill into law even before one existed.

But what is really taking the cake is the hypocrisy of Moms Demand:

Permitless carry is dangerous and goes against the will of law enforcement, Florida voters, and public safety experts who know this bill will only exacerbate gun violence and make it easier for dangerous people to carry a gun in our communities…
Permitless carry also takes away a vital tool from law enforcement to ensure a person carrying a gun in public isn’t a criminal with a dangerous history. Law enforcement across the country, including in Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina have been vocal opponents to permitless carry legislation.


The funny part is that Ohio, Texas and Alabama are already Constitutional Carry states. And how about the gall that after all the years opposing Concealed Carry of any flavor, it is suddenly “a vital tool” for law enforcement?

Florida’s current permitting system is effective. Without requiring too much time or money, our permitting system ensures those carrying guns in public have gone through a background check and taken firearm training.

If you read the above without knowing how they behaved in the past, you’d swear they always favored Concealed Carry Permits and they would never said a word against them.

Concealed carry permitting systems enjoy overwhelming support nationally. The majority of Americans support concealed carry permitting systems that help ensure that only responsible gun owners can carry concealed guns in public.

Really, you lying sacks of excrement? So why you always threw a hissy fit of gargantuan proportions and flatly rejected National Reciprocity of Carrying Concealed any time any of us offered it? Now you believe permitted carrying is a wonderful thing which everybody favors?

Go Home Moms Demand. You are drunk on cheap boxed wine and Xanax. Your time has long expired.

Hat Tip Royko

Update: It figures. The biggest enemies of any Gun Rights advancement in Florida in the past decade had to come up and do their thing: Chest Tumpers attack!


On the police exodus: fuck ’em

In 2018, we saw the Broward County Sheriff Department create a perimeter and fail to respond to a mass shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

In 2022,we watched as 376 police officers of various departments stand around and listen to children scream and die in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

In 2023, we watched five cops gang up on a man and beat him to death after a traffic stop.

The last two mass shooters I read about being stopped were stopped by civilians.  A guy with his CCW in Indiana and a guy with gumption grabbing the shooters gun.

Right now it seems like lose concealed carry laws save more lives than the thin blue line.

So what we have in high profile law enforcement are cops who can’t be counted on to protect children from being murdered but can beat citizens to death over a traffic citation.

If those are the kinds of people quitting and not signing up…

Fuck ’em.

I love one charge against the Memphis police above all the others


2010 Tennessee Code
Title 39 – Criminal Offenses
Chapter 13 – Offenses Against Person
Part 3 – Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
39-13-304 – Aggravated kidnapping.
39-13-304. Aggravated kidnapping.

(a) Aggravated kidnapping is false imprisonment, as defined in § 39-13-302, committed:

(1) To facilitate the commission of any felony or flight thereafter;

(2) To interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function;

(3) With the intent to inflict serious bodily injury on or to terrorize the victim or another;

(4) Where the victim suffers bodily injury; or

(5) While the defendant is in possession of a deadly weapon or threatens the use of a deadly weapon.


These cops are being charged with kidnapping using a deadly weapon for doing this shit while in possession of their police issued service weapons.

For some reason thar makes this so delicious to me.

All the time we see cops get special treatment with respect to gun laws.  The ability to possess assault rifles, high capacity magazines, etc., when they are banned for everyone else.

Here, their possession of their service weapons gets them extra felony charges.

I just fucking love that.