Month: October 2023

My latest Twitter (X) peeve.

The latest dumbassery plaguing the Brid Channel is posting a video with something seemingly controversial and asking a dumb question as if soliciting opinion like “Is this justifiable?” “”Did he do right?” or some other similarly idiotic query.


And in case they kill the video, here is a copy.

And, of course, it is not self-defense but a double homicide. And about 99.99% of the comments reflect that view with the exception of 4 that we may see going to prison in future cases.

The dumbasses… they are out there.

They fundamentally don’t believe civilians should defend themselves

The Second Amendment is about the right of the people to have the weapon necessary to defend themselves.

As we’ve know for a long time, the Left does not believe in the right to personal defense.  They believe a monopoly of force belongs to the government.

They have resisted concealed carry, stand your ground, and other laws that protect the right of the people to self defense.

The believe this so strongly, they don’t want civilians to be able to protect themselves from genocidal terrorists.

US threatens to stop supplying rifles to Israel
Diplomatic spat prompted by social media images of minister handing guns to civilians

The US has threatened to stop supplying rifles to Israel after their national security minister was seen handing them out to civilians.

The diplomatic spat was prompted by images on social media of Itamar Ben-Gvir giving rifles to community security squads across the country, according to Israel’s daily Haaretz.

The images appeared to show Mr Ben-Gvir distributing the arms at political events in Bnei Brak and El’ad, two towns near Tel Aviv.

After several days of diplomatic exchanges, Israel committed to distributing the weapons only through its police or army, although politicians can be present when they are handed out.

A state department spokesperson said: “President [Joe] Biden directed his team to ensure Israel has what it needs to defend itself, consistent with international law, and we are actively providing additional security assistance to the Israeli Defence Forces.

I like Ben-Gvir.

‘Carry a Gun, It’s a Life-saver: Ben-Gvir and His Wife Boast of Dramatic Expansion in Israelis Carrying Weapons

Last week, the Knesset National Security Committee approved National Security Minister Ben-Gvir’s proposed amendments to gun license regulations so that the conditions for obtaining a license are more lenient, amid the ongoing combat in the south.

That’s good move.

He also bought 10,000 rifles for civilian security, which prompted the Biden Administration response and above article.

If Israel is going to arm civilians, the Biden Administration is going to stop that shit.

Now the Biden arms export bsn makes sense.  They wanted to pur in place a system they could use to squeeze Israel’s balls.

This anti-gun, Jew-hating sons-of-bitches.


Tuesday Tunes

(Don’t you hate it when you forget how many days a month has? I do. I accidentally scheduled this for tomorrow)
This has come across my music feed numerous times. By the time Tuesday rolls around, I’ve forgotten what it was I planned to share with you.

I remembered enough to go find it.

We are the only ones professional enough…. The whole kit and kaboodle version.

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WTVF) — Mt. Juliet Police alerted Metro-Nashville Police concerning a male suspect who they say stole body armor, rifles and a car, according to authorities.

Upon new information from the Smyrna Police Department, the items were stolen from Smyrna Police on Sunday, Oct. 29, when three vehicles were targeted and burglarized at an officer’s residence.

On Monday, Oct. 30, MJPD were alerted to a stolen car by license plate recognition technology. Police chased the suspect and attempted to stop him in Providence MarketPlace, but the car fled and led them on a pursuit down S. Mt. Juliet Road to the Antioch area.

Mt. Juliet police chase ends unsolved after man stole body armor, police rifles (

This reads like a bad GTA fan fiction tale, only it is real.

And according to other source, we are talking plural guns and body armor that were inside the vehicle stolen from the officer’s home.

And that is why they get ignored when they pontificate about gun safety.

Things are getting stupid

New York City:

Hateful teen shouts ‘I will kill you, Jew’ at 9-year-old boy at NYC playground

A hateful teen threatened a young boy with a knife and yelled “I will kill you, Jew” in the latest antisemitic attack in the Big Apple, police and law enforcement sources said.

The sickening scene unfolded at a playground at KIPP AMP Middle School and MS 354 Monday evening in Crown Heights, according to the NYPD and the victim’s mother, who said her daughter was also targeted in the attack.

Police and sources said the man also screamed “Heil Hitler” at the boy, but Sundroy, who was at the park with her six children, said that was actually directed at her daughter.

During the attack, several people also shouted “Allah Akbar” in front of the children, according to Sundroy and police sources.

The initial attack occurred shortly after the family arrived at the park around 6 p.m., according to Sundroy.

Ithaca, New York:

Cornell on high alert after hateful messages threaten to ‘slit the throats’ of Jewish students

Cornell University was put on high alert after a series of “horrendous, antisemitic” messages — including threats to rape and gun down Jewish students and even behead babies — were posted on a public forum, school officials said.

The upstate New York Ivy League school said campus cops were taking precautions — and had alerted the FBI to “a potential hate crime” just days after “F—k Israel” graffiti was also scrawled on campus sidewalks.

The “series of horrendous, antisemitic messages threatening violence” had specifically named 104 West, “the home of the Center for Jewish Living,” university president Martha Pollack said Sunday.

The vile threats were made throughout the weekend on Cornell’s Greekrank forums, which rank fraternity and sorority chapters, according to the student newspaper, the Cornell Sun.

One of the posts called for people to follow Jewish students home and slit their throats — while others called for female Jewish students to be raped and for Jewish babies to be beheaded in front of their parents.

Breaking 911 posted screen grabs.


Seattle, Washington (also posted earlier):


Harvard Square, Massachusetts:


This are getting stupid fast and it’s only going to be a short matter of time until ot goes from threats to violence, because the threats are not being dealt with seriously enough.