It’s been two days since Texas went constitutional open carry and I’ve heard of no mass shootings, blood in the streets, or guys being disarmed and pistol whipped.

If there were any you’d know because the media would be in a frenzy over it to have something to look at instead of the Biden failure in Afghanistan.

I guarantee if 60% of Texans agree with him, it’s only a sampling of the people who just moved to Texas from California.

I guarantee most Texans don’t care.

North Carolina has permit-less open carry.

I go into the Walmart in my small town and see people open carrying and nobody cares.

This guy cares so much about what you do while walking around not bothering him that he has to post his violent fantasies about it online.

Says more about him than us.

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By J. Kb

28 thoughts on “Awww…. somebody thinks he’s a tough guy…”
  1. Well, he’s wrong. 60% of REAL Texans don’t think the way he does. Good thing is if he tried to pistol whip someone in public, someone else would step in and they wouldn’t be helping him.

  2. Suppose I open carried a revolver, with six squib loads therein.

    And, suppose I carried, as well, concealed, a 16 shot semiauto. With factory hollow points.

    What might Mr. “I’ma Pistol Whip You” do, when confronted by the other, loaded, pistol?

    Ah thought experiments!

    1. In many jurisdictions, this might be considered “hunting over baited fields,” which is often prohibited.(I admit to not knowing anything about Texas hunting laws, except that it seems that feral hogs are open season and no bag limit).

  3. I’m not in Texas, so this doesn’t directly concern me. I don’t open carry, although it’s legal where I live, because I think it’s foolish unless you’re out in the boondocks somewhere where there might be unpleasant critters. Nevertheless, it’s none of my business and I ignore it. But this dickhead has just threatened people with severe bodily harm and helpfully attached his picture. If he actually confronts someone with a modicum of skill it will not end well for him, and he’s just provided legal justification for a claim of self- defense.

    1. I am in Texas and will happily demonstrate for him what happens to pussies that grab someone else’s pistol.

      1. It’s not self-defense if you’re looking for a fight. Stay cool and don’t let the law do what dickheads would like to.

    2. The interesting thing is that I ‘open carry’ but don’t. I have multiple holsters at different comfort levels. For around town I’ll use an OWB holster and a coat/jacket covering *most* of it. If you know what you are looking for you can see the black plastic that covers the barrel.

      By law, that’s open carrying. My state allows it. If my state did not allow for open carry, I would have to be concerned all the time to make sure that at no time does my firearm show.

      In states that only allow open carry, having any part of your firearm covered can be used as “you were carrying concealed, bad boy”.

      In states that only allow concealed carry, printing or the cop seeing any part of the firearm can be used as “you were open carrying, bad boy.”

      There are times when I carry “fully concealed” but not always.

  4. Grabbing someone’s firearm is a good way to get a good thumping at best, and shot at worst. Either way you are going to the ER. How do I know this ? You are not going to steal the firearm and shoot the owner. What is you plan if the firearm owner has a back up gun, a knife, or is hand to hand combat trained ? What if he is with someone else who has a firearm ? What I do know is the owner is going to react violently to your theft of his firearm. You are attempting to steal a firearm and the owner is going to get his property back, and you are going to the ER at best, and maybe even the morgue.

    1. Never mind “get his property back”. The way I look at this: if you try to grab my weapon, I have to assume you intend to attack me with it. That’s justification for defense with deadly force.

    2. If a person attempts to violently take a deadly weapon from a person (lawfully) carrying it, a reasonable person would assume intent to use said weapon, making that person a deadly threat, the law tends to be very lenient as to how a person reacts to a deadly threat.

  5. On the unlikely chance he actually does try to go rambo on someone, this tweet just gave anyone he touches ,or even approaches, an affirmative defense since he stated he’s actively planning on assaulting people and committing grave bodily harm.

  6. I am guessing Tough Guy does not understand the concept of assault with a deadly weapon because if he actually does that, he will be the official bitch of somebody in prison for at least 10 years.

    1. I’m reminded of an excellent saying with many applications, this one included:
      Good judgment comes from experience
      Experience comes from bad judgment

      to which a skydiver (or pilot) might add this addendum which is also appropriate here:
      …provided you survive the bad judgment.

  7. Back when we first got married in 1990, I took my new wife back to the family ranch in Oklahoma to spend a week with the family. On the way, we stopped at a bookstore to get some light reading. While there, she comes running up to me and says “Oh, my God, there’s a guy in the romance section and he’s got a gun!” I went over there and, sure enough, there was a guy there wearing classic western outfit and a pistol in a holster looking at the Harlequin Romance section. I turned to my wife and said “Baby, this is southeastern Oklahoma. Half the people you see are armed, and half of those will be carrying open. The big question isn’t what’s he doing with a gun. The big question is what’s he doing reading Harlequin romances?”

  8. My State has been constitutional carry, well… pretty much since it became a state. Curiously, you do not see a lot of folks walking around with guns on display.

    And, does this Jay guy realize how difficult it is to pull a gun from someone else’s holster? Even if the person carrying the gun knows you are going to do it, and is willing to allow it, it is difficult. Imagine the difficulty if you try to pull someone else’s gun without their knowledge and consent?

    He is not pistol whipping anyone.

  9. First off, if you allowed tuffy to get close enough to you to make a grab for your iron(plastic for glock owners heh heh) then imho you are a dumb ass…
    Be aware. When tuffy gets too close you warn him, either with “the look” or you prepare to be assulted… as Bugs used to say – “whatta maroon”

  10. Does TX have one of those stupid Red Flag laws?

    Because idiots like this love those laws and need to see that law vigorously enforced on themselves.

    Also, if he does manage to take someone’s gun? His possession of someone else’s gun turns it into a deadly serious game of “Smear the __eer!”, with crowd participation likely. Likely armed participation too.

  11. Hahaha…
    This clown has trouble inholstering his manhood.
    Looking forward to seeing his face missing all his teeth and and big ass pistol whipping to his forehead.

    Funny, i see open carry all the time.
    Never fazes me.
    I see people with purple hair and metal face.

    THAT, brings me to Attention.
    That, worries me.
    As do….other things.

  12. I’m going to bet that should he actually see someone with an openly carried firearm, he will do absolutely nothing of the sort he’s so confidently boasting about from the safety of the internet.

  13. It occurs to me that anyone attempting to come up behind someone and grab their gun is perfectly positioned for a really vicious elbow strike to the face and some assorted unpleasantness while trying to overcome a retention holster.

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