We say “an armed society is a polite society.”

Yes, and no.

An armed society is a polite society when it is understood that the people with arms are willing and able to use them.

I gun in the hand of someone everyone knows is unwilling to pull the trigger is useless.  It is an idle threat that can be ignored.

The mob knows this.

Watch what happened in Seattle when the mob came across the armed security guarding a pot shop.


They challenged him and harassed him.


Because the mob knows four things:

    1. The armed guard knows that if he shoots a rioter, no matter how bad the rioter is acting, he (the guard) will face the full force of a weaponized, partisan DA’s office that sides with Antifa.
    2. The armed guard knows that if he shoots someone in Antifa, they have him on video, they will doxx him, and they will probably burn down his house and try to murder him later.
    3. The guard is more afraid of what happens if he pulls the trigger than what happens if he doesn’t.
    4. Because of the above three things, the guard will not shoot.

So the guard drawing his gun us is an idle threat, which is why they have no fear harassing an armed man.  Because he might as well not be armed.

This is another example of what Miguel and I wrote about.

We never expected the justice system to be so stacked against us and the mob be to so organized against us that we couldn’t defend ourselves in the face of a violent threat because the outcome of winning a violent encounter is worse than losing it.

The mob may beat you nearly to death, but if you survive, they are done with you and you probably won’t go to jail.

If you shoot the members of the mob who are trying to split your skull with a skateboard, you will go to jail and/or the mob will come after you later for revenge.


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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Being armed is and idle threat and the mob knows it”
  1. That being said, there’s (probably) a point past which they will not push him, because he is armed. If nothing else, negligent discharges happen, and you can get killed by one of those too.

    1. tell that to Ritterhouse. Although maybe that taught the rioters some lessons, along with the ones it taught the right. it taught us that you WILL be punished for using lethal force, no matter if a angry mob is chasing you down threatening to kill you. But it also taught the left that a person sufficiently provoked MAY shoot the “badass” who’s trying to chase him down, trusting in fear of the law (the same law he is flagrantly violating) to prevent them from using the gun. I guess now it’s a balance: they know that a guy may actually shoot, but they also know that after what is happening to Ritterhouse, the constraints on the armed person are even stronger. But no one can ever tell how they balance out.

  2. So when it comes down to it, if shooting one will destroy your life, and, as a small businessman with everything wrapped up in your business that will be destroyed, then you might as well go all in. Because a man with nothing left to lose….

  3. That is why I have been advising people to get out of those areas for well over a month. We need to consolidate our position.

  4. The left has wanted this. The voters got exactly what they wanted and exactly what they voted for. Part of me does not feel sorry at all for the citizens of Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles etc.

    Only now in these cities Are they finally realizing they got what they voted for and got exactly what they wanted. And they’ll keep voting for those idiots that defend the mob.

    I have said and I will say it again that’s going to get to a point where eventually citizens at large snap and just start murdering these fuckers in large numbers. The state may be fully on the side of antifa But more and more regular people are not and regular people are not gonna be anywhere near as forgiving.

  5. Sounds to me like we’re targeting the wrong enemy. There needs to be and EFFECTIVE mechanism to remove the government actors (Soros-purchased DAs and leftist judges) from their positions of unlimited power. Something that doesn’t require waiting until the next election. Constitutionally that would mean impeachment, but THAT mechanism sure hasn’t worked as intended by the founders.

    Another possibility may be somehow holding the leftist’s propaganda machine responsible for their lies and half-truths (same thing).

    1. The ruling class killed civics in schools long ago. The vast, vast majority of ‘we the people’ now have no clue how the branches really work and do not know their rights.

      With the current level of propaganda nothing will change, I am afraid.

      1. When you say “how the branches really work” did you mean what the Constitution says, or the utterly unrelated reality that has been in place for at least 2 centuries now?
        “Civics 101, 20th century style:
        1. Congress make law-like things that are, usually intentionally, vague and ambiguous.
        2. Unelected bureaucrats make laws.
        3. Bureaucrats from so-called “independent agencies”, a thing not found in the Constitution, make laws.
        4. Courts make laws. Very occasionally they stop a law passed by one of the many other branches, usually for political reasons.
        5. The Fed makes some laws occasionally, but for the most part they only make fake money.”
        I suppose you could teach that. It would show “how the branches really work” but I’d rather not see this in schools.

  6. Judging from the comments above, 1/3 of which (at the time I’m writing this comment) mention the “kill ’em all” concept, which complies with the fictional Hentry Bowman’s statement “after the first one the rest are free.” It’s reasonable to assume that commenters here may be somewhat more willing to express their support of individual rights and liberties than the rest of Gen Pop.

    If, however, that sentiment begins approaching 50% among the general public Things Will Get Interesting; if it surpasses 50% by any reasonable margin the word “interesting” will be an inadequate description.

    I’m well past the point of cautioning the Left about such matters because it’s a waste of time, and, while maintaining my position of “interested spectator” for the moment, I’ll admit to looking forward to whatever Interesting Developments the future may bring.

  7. There’s a solution to the problem of child-rapist, child-murder, terrorist supporting DAs.

    On a completely unrelated note, did you know that the names and faces of DAs of all levels are part of the public record, and that they and their families can easily be researched via anonymous channels?

  8. Hi all Troops!!
    Note so far all this shit has for all practical purposes has precipitated in areas to the NORTH, North West and West of the Geographical area of the U.S. normally called the “SOUTH!!!! You know…. “DIXIE!!!” …
    We’re waitin’ and we ain’t worried about all those “Reasons” those 4 things you point out!!
    People around here have a tendency to be farsighted enough to know trouble before it starts.. and Usually “Nip it in the bud”
    We didn’t go thru the “Civil War” for nothin!!
    An’ down here in the Swamps…
    Our Gators don’t get to be 1000 lbs. by just eatin’ FISH!!!!!!!


    1. I might add,
      Note Graham’s kill House rules!!
      and What Gen. Curtis said,”If you kill enough of them they quit fighting!!!!”

      Too bad George Corely didn’t make the Presidency … Curt. was his VP pick!!

      All gloves are off… no need to handout a 20 question “Questionaire” about what your opponents intentions are?? Ha ha!! You do an’ you drank enough kool-aid!!
      Get yer’ shit together!! Sayin’ “Molon Labe” to the bastards at your door commin’ to take your guns is “WASTIN’ YOUR TIME!!” Start SHOOTIN’ till yer’ DEAD or THEY ARE!!!!


  9. I’m not sure that the action thresh hold is anywhere near 50%. In Northern Ireland, in American Revolution, the active part of the population was not anywhere near 50%, and it was a shooting war.

  10. ‘We never expected the justice system to be so stacked against us and the mob be to so organized against us that we couldn’t defend ourselves in the face of a violent threat because the outcome of winning a violent encounter is worse than losing it.’

    This is what we, gun owners in socialist states, have continuously talked about to everybody who listened. Because this has always been the reality of our lives in the states with anti gun majority mob rule.

    This is what we always said about police and AGs (and local politicians)) , that they will go after law-abiding, not law breakers. It is easier, safer and looks good in reports by antigun media

    Why are people surprised when the rot finally became visible in other states?

  11. Run off any “protestors” in the immediate area then go after the rouge DA’s and judges and deal with any police that have been running interference for these hoodlums along the way. Sound like a plan?

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