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The deceased Kokomo, Indiana, teen was a guest at a home in the 4500 block of West 1300 South Galveston on Thursday, December 4, 2014, when the tragic incident reportedly took place. While several other teens played video games in a bedroom, Young produced a gun, loaded a single round into the weapon’s chamber, spun the cylinder, and held the gun against his temple. When he fired the gun, it launched the sole bullet into his head. The wound was fatal.

via Russian Roulette: Indiana Teen Shot Dead Playing Dangerous Game.

I am sick with the flu and I just don’t have the patience to comment. Snark among yourselves.

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Washington State: More fall out from I-594

So, with the new law demanding record-keeping of all the firearm transactions in the Evergreen State, one would think that the Department in charge of the record-keeping itself would be the proper place to go if you have a question. But that would make sense and the message simply is “You are on your own”:

Initiative 594 – “Background Checks for Gun Sales and Transfers”

The Department of Licensing’s (DOL) Firearms Program is only the record keeping authority, as noted in RCW 9.41 which is the Law Relating to Firearms and Dangerous Weapons. DOL is responsible for maintaining many of the state’s firearms records, including firearm dealer licenses, alien firearm licenses, concealed pistol licenses, ineligible to possess a firearm, and pistol transfers and sales.

This program’s role in the implementation of Initiative 594 is limited to record keeping requirements. DOL cannot provide legal advice or help the public or licensed firearm dealers interpret the firearms statutes found in RCW 9.41 or I-594….

….Please contact your local law enforcement agency if you have questions about firearms licensure requirements, clarification of definitions, violations of the law or need additional information regarding exemptions.

If you are a business owner with questions about the implementation I-594, we recommend you seek private legal advice for your business questions. The Firearms Program staff cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of I-594.

But like in the infomercial “That is not all!” Now, some words from the Department of Revenue:

Does the buyer/transferee owe use tax if the in-state firearms dealer does not collect the tax?
Yes. I-594 does not relieve the purchaser/transferee from the obligation to pay use tax. The purchaser/transferee receiving the firearm must pay use tax directly to the Department of Revenue as follows:
• An unlicensed purchaser/transferee that does not have a tax reporting account with the Department must report and pay the tax by completing and filing a Consumer Use Tax Return. See the Department’s website at www.dor.wa.gov.
• An unlicensed purchaser/transferee that has a tax reporting account must report and pay the use tax on their Excise Tax Return.

The implementation of this initiative is gathering so much trouble, I would not be surprised to see several legal challenges be fruitful in court and eventually disbanded.

It sucks if you live in Washington, but it is starting to provide ammunition to fight the upcoming repeats that Bloomberg and the rest of his Carpetbaggers are preparing.


Fred Grimm: The jury that saved Miami. (Constitutional Rights Be Damned)

The jury decided that the Miami cop was guilty. It wasn’t so much a verdict as a reprieve.

As the Dade County jurors — four white, two black — finished their deliberations on that other Pearl Harbor Day, 25 years ago, nearly everyone in the city was mindful that their verdict carried explosive potential.

Miami’s black neighborhoods had erupted 11 months earlier, after Officer William Lozano shot a speeding motorcyclist in Overtown, killing the young black driver with a bullet to the head. A passenger on the back of the bike was fatally injured…

…On Dec. 7, 1989, apprehension hung over this battered tourist town like a storm cloud — up until the moment the jury said “guilty,” rejecting the policeman’s self-defense argument. Lozano had testified that he feared the oncoming motorcyclist was attempting to run him down.

It was the “right” verdict not because the law was followed, not because justice was served. It was the “right” verdict because we did not catch a riot because people did not like the jury’s decision. It was politically convenient therefore worth the trampling of the Defendant’s rights in order to save the everybody’s plans for the upcoming weekend (I am figuring some Christmas shopping to be done) or maybe just to keep the Black politicians quiet for once.

The tone of satisfaction in Fred Grimm’s column is worrisome but not unexpected. By now we know Intelligentsia has decided that Rights are applied according to which political/intellectual side of the street you are to be identified in and disregarding Equal Protection.

The pre-trial coverage of the case was as bad or worse than we saw with Zimmerman and the constant threat of more riots was told over and over via the news.  Even with such a poisonous atmosphere, the judge refused to move the rial to another jurisdiction and proceeded with the event that lead to the original verdict of guilty.

The Lozano case was appealed and a new trial ordered because the original judge refused to change venue.  Five of the six juries admitted that they were deeply affected by the possibility of riots if they found Lozano not-guilty.  On retrial, the case was so weak, the defense attorney not only trounced the prosecution’s witnesses, he didn’t even bothered to present witnesses for the defense. Officer Lozano was found not guilty.

Constitutional Rights: To be applied as directed by the Selected Few. Isn’t that a scary thought.

That is why you never make a decision under the influence..

Police in Beloit are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they’re asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.

Police Chief Norm Jacobs said he doesn’t expect the phone to be ringing off the hook with requests for police to search their homes. He nevertheless hopes the program will encourage people to think about gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and a home inspection like a vaccine to help build up the city’s immune system.

via Beloit Police Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Their Homes Searched For Guns | Wisconsin Public Radio.

My rationale is that they came up with this idea while dropping shots of the local moonshine, wrote a plane and actually decided to carry it out before hangover set in.

It is either that or there are a some serious idiots running that department.

A story full of lessons.

Neighbors say it was hard to believe the men would try to rob Pooh’s Corner.  The bar is well-known in the area as a hangout for police officers.

“It’s a place you want to go drinking,” Rick Reed said, “because when all the cops are sitting there with guns, you feel pretty safe, or I do anyway.”

via 8 shot during attempted robbery at south city bar | FOX2now.com.

Eight people shot, two dead and a sacred cow torn to shreds.

Conventional wisdom kept telling us “Who could be so idiot as to rob a cop bar?”  We have at least three! Remember the one good principle of Idiot-Proofing something: Somebody will come along and prove you wrong and in a spectacular way.

The perps were stupid, but that did not make them less dangerous.  They walked in the bar, announced it was a robbery and proceeded to shoot a 63-year-old woman in the head.

Shootings are chaotic and messy: one patron responded taking one of the criminals out, but was shot in the leg and two other customers were also slightly wounded.

Nothing like the movies.

The Remington Non Recall

CNBC in true modern journalistic fashion called the Remington settlement a recall and the ball got rolling. Here is the skinny:

HOUSTON, Dec. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On Dec. 5, 2014, papers were filed seeking approval of a proposed settlement of two economic class-action lawsuits of certain Remington bolt-action centerfire firearms that contain either a Walker trigger mechanism, or a trigger mechanism which utilizes a “trigger connector.”

The filings triggered multiple news reports that mistakenly conveyed the proposed agreement in significant fashions that require immediate clarification.

  • These settlements are not recalls.
  • These settlements are not any admission that the products are defective or unsafe.
  • These settlements are an opportunity for any concerned consumers who have the Remington Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, XP-100, 721, 722 and 725 rifles with either a Walker trigger mechanism, or a trigger mechanism which utilizes a “trigger connector” to have Remington install a new trigger.
  • The benefits under the settlement, including the trigger replacement program, will not be in place until after court approval of the settlement and full notice will go out at that time.

This culminates from extensive mediator-supervised negotiations between lawyers for those concerned about the triggers and Remington, who while denying there is any cause for concern, always desires to ensure that its customers are satisfied with Remington products.

A joint press release will be issued to better explain details of the proposed settlement.

For further information, contact: Mark Lanier at wml@LanierLawFirm.com; 800-723-3216

SOURCE Lanier Law Firm

And you can read Remington’s own response here.

Yesterday afternoon, CNBC erroneously reported that Remington Arms was recalling 7.85 million rifles.
This report was fundamentally inaccurate and, once again, CNBC did not comply with the most basic tenet of reporting – fact checking. Even a cursory review of the court filings would have revealed CNBC’s errors.
That said, other news sources picked-up and repeated the misinformation about the proposed settlement.

So basically they are not recalling rifles, the thing is not blessed by the court yet but the number of 7.85 million was too tempting not to be creative about it.

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