Cato Institute gone Islamophile.

It is not a long article explaining why this whole killing and mistreating of non-Muslims is really a recent thing. The author pretty much blames the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for starting the whole thing in 1989. Basically the extreme Islamic thing is not even thirty years old for this senior fellow of the Cato Institute.

Except history is a quirky thing. You see, the Prophet Muhammad dies in Media in Anno Domini 632 and by AD 711, just 79 years later, the Muslims were invading what is now Spain and subjecting is habitants to death if they did not swear allegiance to Islam or they could pay a recurrent “fee” to remain “free” or simply become slaves.

So, unless they want to revise the article and say that in 79 years the Islamic Jurisprudence went for Kumbaya My Allah to Just another bunch of assholes exercising power via religious fiat and military power, I have to say that Cato Institute is looking for a place in the Liberal Democratic Party table.

The Libertarian Movement has died. It is now a Zombie for Hillary 2020.

9 Replies to “Cato Institute gone Islamophile.”

  1. Siege of Malta 1565AD. Turks crucified captured Christian Knights of Malta and floated their bodies across the bay to a Christian fortress. The Knights of Malta returned the favor by loading the heads of captured Turks in their cannons and firing the heads back at the Turkish position. Yeah, RoP.

    1. Nah. Taxes pay for services, at least in theory — and politicians still pay lip service to that idea. Jizya is intended to impoverish and humiliate non-Muslims and make it profitable to convert, and those purposes are quite plainly stated.

  2. The supposed life story of the not-a-prophet Mo is filled with him ordering murders for reasons ranging from not paying him protection, leaving Islam, saying mean things about him, and being Jewish. CATO likely got a big donation from some Muslim government and is eager to toe the line.

  3. Apologists and cheer leaders for islam (which is an existential threat to liberty and freedoms worldwide) are dead to me. I will never read another thing from Cato (not even sure I ever did earlier).

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