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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Hours after police released video of suspected car burglars, officers have identified the two people they believe are responsible.
Surveillance video shows the suspects going through unlocked vehicles on Rappahannock Drive in Northeast Memphis.
Wednesday 18-year-old Hussein Mberwa and another teen were arrested on burglary and theft charges. Police say Mberwa admitted to breaking into 36 different vehicles, stealing cash and even a handgun from the cars.

2 teens arrested for 36 vehicle break-ins, police say

Click on the link and go check the video. Here is a screen cap in the meantime.

It matches what I have previously seen: Burglars look for the easy score, do not care if lights and/or cameras are present. And even if you have an alarm set in your camera, by the time it rings, you check your phone, get up and go up to where your car is, they are long as they average take 39 seconds from opening the door, getting in, rummaging and leaving with the goods.

We need to make this our Gun Safety priority next year. A catchy slogan (No, not Pat Roger’s even though I like it) and maybe see if car safe manufacturers want to join the movement with a code for a small discount.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “I believe the word is out among burglars: People are stupid and leave cars unlocked.”
  1. I can tell you from experience in some areas its better to leave the car unlocked. Of course you can’t leave anything in it but its better to let the burglar rummage through your car than break the glass.

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