They will not use inflation to force me to give up meat and eat this plant based abomination.

That is the plan, of course, to stop us from buying gas and meat and other things by raising the prices until they are unaffordable.

I will not eat bugs and fake meat.

I swear that if they make meat unaffordable I will refer their bodies into animal feed and raise my own meat to eat.


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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “I will resort to cannibalism before I eat fake meat”
      1. Or, as I call it, “vegetarian once removed.” Could also be “meta-vegetarian,” depending whether one uses the American or British pronunciation of “meta-.”

      2. I am a total vegetarian. I just like my vegetables processed into tasty meat animals, more efficient that way.

  1. Us *kulaks * and other *hoi pelloi* will have to eat soy based protein and near meat for whatever causes our betters are championing, they will eat the real thing. It is nothing but gourmet elitism driving this. The cloud people want to increase the chasm between us and them to drive the point home.

  2. I see your vow to always eat real meat as the logical extension of your “woodchippers for pedos” policy. Are you running for office? Do you need campaign workers?

    1. “A brisket on every table, every pedophile in a woodchipper, and make gas $1.59 again. Vote J.Kb. 2024.”

      What do you think about my campaign slogan?

  3. One of the biggest ‘fake meat’ companies is Morningstar Farms. So it’s literally from the Devil.

    Nope. No fake meat, no enhanced meat. What in the world of chemistry do they have to do to vegetables to simulate meat texture and meat flavor? And they call this crap ‘better than meat’?

  4. All these “vegan” are fukkin fruit cake crazy… they freak out when you cut down a tree but rip living plants outta the ground and eat them…. Dont like meat??? Dont eat eat it and SHUT UP. Im 58, I dont need some snot nosed teenage something tellin me how to live..

  5. Food inflation is actually good news for the plant-based food market.

    I’ll bet.

    Suppose in your supermarket, plant-based meat substitute (PBMS) costs 40% more than the equivalent meat it’s intended to replace.

    Now suppose the cost of meat doubles. What will happen to the cost of the PBMS?

    (If you said, “PBMS will still cost 40% more than the real meat,” you’re on the right track.)

    However, the cost of production for PBMS won’t have gone up much. The manufacturers will get a massive financial windfall with very little increase in expenses.

    Food inflation is very good news for PBMS producers, indeed. Doubly so since the current food inflation is caused by government-induced “shortage”, not any actual shortage, but but any meat shortage serves to eliminate PBMS’ competition.

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